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Hillary “Communes” With Dead People? Reason 5,000 for Christians to Vote Trump

Hillary The Conjuring

Just when we thought Hillary could not get any stranger or more repulsive to orthodox Christians we find this. Bill Clinton said the following on October 17, 2012, during the dedication of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park:

A special thanks to the members of the Roosevelt family who are here. And the one who is not, Eleanor, who made sure that the four freedoms were included in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. I know that because, as all of you famously learned when I served as president, my wife, now the secretary of state, was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis. And so she called me last night on her way home from Peru to remind me to say that. That Eleanor had talked to her and reminded her that I should say that.

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Hillary’s Myth: A Gender Pay Gap Based on Discrimination


Speaker after speaker at the Democratic convention have now railed for four days about ensuring “equal pay for equal work.”  This is puzzling since every Democrat in recent memory has vowed to fix this problem in their administration. We’ve now had close to 16 combined years of Democratic presidents since 1992, but still somehow the “gender pay gap” is not fixed. Now Hillary Clinton in 2016 is the latest Democratic nominee vowing to fix it.

But isn’t this the modus operandi of Democrats? They play up problems that only they can solve, but yet they are somehow never solved. For if they were solved, you’d have no reason to vote for them. One of the problems they play up is discrimination. If you listen to the Democrats at the convention, you would think we are living under Sharia law the way they imply companies are blatantly paying men one wage for doing the exact same job and a woman another. But is this true?

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Austin Bay: Nevertrumps Are Living in Neverland


Catholic writer Austin Bay explains exactly where the nevertrumpers break down. His piece on is entitled, “To All the Peter Pan Republicans: Trump Bests Captain Crook Clinton; The businessman succeeds where the GOP has failed.”  If you are a nevertrumper or if you know a nevertrumper, I highly encourage you to read and share Bay’s piece in full here:

Until you do, here are some highlights:

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Hillary’s VP Choice is a Slap in the Face to All Catholics

Tim Kaine

Hillary has selected self described “Traditional Catholic” Tim Kaine. Mr. Kaine is so traditional in fact, that he supports abortion rights, public abortion funding, and partial birth abortion. William D’Antonio, a Catholic University sociologist, described Kaine as a “Pope Francis Catholic.” Thus, we are now thrust back to the days of “Catholic” Pro-Choice New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, who famously invented the position that he was “personally opposed” to abortion, but for “a woman’s right to choose.” This moral fig leaf didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. One cannot be “personally opposed” to the killing of babies, yet not lift a finger to give them any legal protection. Similarly one cannot be “personally opposed” to Hillary, yet not lift a finger to see to it she doesn’t win the Presidency. 

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Get a Good Look at What Life Will Be Like Under President Hillary

Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie on Hillary Clinton’s America and the history the Democratic Party premiers this weekend. I urge you to go see it in the theater both to support D’Souza, an outstanding conservative filmmaker, and to get a preview of what life will be like for you and your family under a Hillary Clinton presidency. If this movie does not convince you to vote against her, I’m not sure what will.

Victor Davis Hanson: Ten Reasons Why Trump Can Win


If you listen to Glenn Beck and other #nevertrump conservatives, you would think there is an ironclad guarantee that Trump will lose. As it turns out, this is wishful thinking on their part.  On July 19, Victor Davis Hanson penned a piece in The National Review. In it he explains why Trump can win. Here are some highlights with a link to the full article below: 

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NRO: Nine Reasons Why Beating Hillary Clinton Trumps Ideological Purity


Although we disagree with Prager’s situational-ethics analysis on certain points, he makes other good points as to why conservatives on the fence should vote Trump in November:

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