The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

YET ANOTHER VIDEO Proving Trump Did Not Mock a Reporter’s Disability

Trump uses the exact same arm motions he used to impersonate a flustered banker, a general, Ted Cruz, himself, and a certain New York Times reporter to impersonate a flustered Donna Brazile:

See the full story proving Trump did not mock a reporter’s disability:

See just the videos:




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  1. Ed

    He imitated Serge. On a different post you showed Serge from the shoulders up conveniently not showing his arms and hands which move in the way Trump mocked. He mocked Serge. Everyone knows it. Trump knows it. Serge knows it.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      The videos show his arm and his arm is fixed and not moving at all. Nice try. A complete and total lie that is easily exposed. Not sure why you bothered.

  2. Barbara Sparkman

    He was MOCKING ted cruz and George stephanopolis. For statements that they made…and then CRUZ AND STEPHANOPOLIS RECENTED….READ, you fool,…

  3. Barbara Sparkman

    CRUZ and STEPHANOPOLIS Recanted…

  4. How the New York Times used the false narrative of “Trump mocking a disabled reporter” to lie to their readers:

  5. Brenda

    And at this point what deference does it matter.

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