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The True Story: Donald Trump Did Not Mock a Reporter’s Disability

At the Democratic National Convention speakers are repeating the claim, amplified ad nauseam by the left and establishment GOP opponents over the past year, that Donald Trump mocked the disability of New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski. This accusation has served as a very convenient tool to both smear Trump’s character and to avoid having to confront him on substantive political issues. But is it true? Here is the story the media is not telling you.

It all started  on November 21, 2015 when, at a rally, Trump said he remembered seeing reports of Arab Americans celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks on rooftops in New Jersey shortly after the twin towers fell. As he told George Stephanopolous in an interview the next day on ABC’s “This Week”:

TRUMP: “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering…as those buildings came down. And that tells you something…”

Stephanopolous and all of the major news outlets immediately denied the existence of any such news reports following 9/11. One paper, the Washington Post, even went so far as to write a detailed article claiming to “fact check” Mr. Trump. After an exhaustive review, the Post lectured that there was absolutely no evidence of Trump’s claim and deemed it false.

Imagine the Washington Post’s surprise when Trump uncovered one of the Washington Post’s own reporters, Serge Kovaleski, supporting the claim in an article Kovaleski wrote for them on September 18, 2001. Kovaleski wrote:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Very embarrassing for the media, especially the Washington Post which had done such a great job scouring news reports after 9/11 that they missed their very own story on the subject. It was in this state of embarrassment that the media was desperate to distract from the matter. The Washington Post ended up finding  Kovaleski, now writing for the New York Times, so he could do damage control. Kovaleski predictably tried to backtrack from his 2001 account saying he didn’t remember the details:

“I certainly do not remember anyone saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating,” said Serge Kovaleski, one of the reporters. “That was not the case, as best as I can remember.”

Enter Donald Trump’s rally in South Carolina soon thereafter. During the rally Trump pointed all of this out and paraphrased Kovaleski’s backtracking as he impersonated a groveling reporter changing his story under pressure. While he did this, Trump moved his hands around quickly, acting flustered.

Soon thereafter, the media revealed still photos of Kovaleski with his right hand in a permanently flexed position downward announcing that he was disabled. The media then shifted from trying to defend their oversight of the 9/11 Post article and instead, with disapproving shocked outrage, accused Trump of mocking a reporter’s disability. Some liberals went even further and freeze-framed a millisecond of the Trump video at the exact moment when his hand went into a flexed posture. Then they dishonestly put this screen capture side by side with a picture of Kovaleski’s flexed hand. Thus, you saw the following photo spread like wildfire over social media with commentary condescendingly and horrifyingly excoriating trump as a monster:


The media’s clear implication was that Trump was mocking the way Kovaleski moved his arms. People watching the clip of Trump’s impersonation only knew that Kovaleski was disabled. Thus, they naturally assumed Kovaleski’s disability must be similar to cerebral palsy where he has limited control of his movements and is prone to have muscle spasms or move his arms in jerky motions as Trump was doing at the rally. This is precisely the image the media wanted in people’s minds. They wanted this to be the story: that Donald Trump knowingly and intentionally mocked the flailing arm motions of someone who can’t control his muscles. They knew this would naturally trigger a visceral reaction of disgust from viewers and outrage amongst the disabled and all decent Americans, many of whom, to this day, think this is exactly what happened. Is it?

What the media did not choose to show you was video of Serge Kovaleski. Notice how the media only showed and still shows photos of him. This was done for a reason. As it turns out, Kovaleski’s disability is a congenital condition called arthrogryposis. Arthrogryposis causes restricted movement in the joints but does not cause spasms or uncontrolled moving of the limbs like cerebral palsy does.To show the depths of the deceit, one CNN reporter explained, while displaying a still photo of him, that Kovaleski, “suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms.” Again, the implication is that Kovaleski can’t control his arms from moving. To the contrary, Kovaleski appears perfectly calm when giving interviews. Thus, if Trump truly wanted to mock Kovaleski’s disability, he would have had to stand perfectly still with a flexed right hand and not flail his arms. don’t believe me? Watch the video:

In addition, Trump used the same flailing arm movements in a South Carolina rally to impersonate a flustered Ted Cruz being asked about waterboarding. To my knowledge Cruz is not physically disabled:

Thus the true story is as follows: Donald Trump embarrassed the media by finding the 9/11 Washington Post article. The media found the reporter who tried to backtrack. Trump impersonated the reporter backtracking. Media points out the reporter is disabled, but only releases still photos of his flexed hand. Public assumes from Trump’s impersonation and being told by the media that he is mocking a disabled man that the reporter must not be able to control his arms and Trump is a dirtbag who hates the disabled. In reality muscle spasms or involuntary arm movements are not part of the reporter’s disability. Therefore Trump could not be mocking a disability that doesn’t exist. Hear Trump respond to the claim below, which perfectly coincides with the series of events described above:

Thus, Trump’s impersonations of a flustered reporter several months ago was turned into a left-wing and Establishment GOP narrative whereby Trump somehow hates the disabled. This despite the fact that Trump has given millions to charities that help the disabled including raising nearly six million dollars for Wounded Warriors just recently, a million of which was his own money. In addition, Liz Crokin, a journalist who covered Donald trump for ten years recalls the following:

In 1988, a commercial airline refused to fly Andrew Ten, a sick Orthodox Jewish child with a rare illness, across the country to get medical care because he had to travel with an elaborate life-support system. His grief stricken parents contacted Trump for help and he didn’t hesitate to send his own plane to take the child from Los Angeles to New York so he could get his treatment…

In 2000, Maury Povich featured a little girl named Megan who struggled with Brittle Bone Disease on his show and Trump happened to be watching. Trump said the little girl’s story and positive attitude touched his heart. So he contacted Maury and gifted the little girl and her family with a very generous check…

Please keep this in mind and spread the word whenever you hear the left continually claim Trump is against disabled people at the Democratic Convention this week.

UPDATED on 7/28/16

It turns out that at the very same South Carolina rally Trump imitated Kovaleski, he also used similar arm and hand gestures to imitate a very non-disabled general who was asked about ISIS. Do you remember the media reporting this? Watch below:

Also, in addition to Kovaleski’s 2001 Washington Post piece, further confirmation of Trump’s recollection came out to embarrass the media. As it turns out, Trump’s story was also confirmed on a local CBS station shortly after 9/11:

…Just a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment the F.B.I. raided yesterday and had evidence removed, there is another apartment building, one that investigators told me, quote, was swarming with suspects — suspects who I’m told were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by neighbors and found eight men celebrating , six of them tenants in the building.

The F.B.I. and other terrorist task force agencies arrived, and the older investigators on the task force recalled that they had been to this building before, eight years ago, when the first World Trade Center attack led them to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, whose Jersey City mosque lies between the two buildings getting attention today. And the older investigators remember that the suspects that eventually got convicted for the first Trade Center case … lived in the building where these same eight men were celebrating the destruction that they saw from the roof. Calling this a hot address, the task force investigators ordered everyone detained…

UPDATED on 7/31 – Angie Grover just released a new video that puts it all together. Check it out.

Addendum – Rebuttals to Common Objections (7/31)

1.) “You should see this guy” is a figure of speech. Trump says it all the time whether he has personally met people or not, based on what they have said or were reported to have said. He also says “seems like a nice guy”, “probably a nice guy” often when he’s asked to comment on someone critical of him he isn’t very familiar with in order to look like he has nothing against them personally. We’ve watched hours and hours of Trump’s rallies. He does this all the time. “You should see this guy,” was referring to what the reporter wrote trying to backpedal from his story that he was about to read (and did read) to the crowd.

2.) “Poor guy” refers to the fact that Kovaleski was then facing the wrath of the left-wing media putting pressure on him to explain his 2001 article lending that appeared to lend credence to Trump’s claims and embarrassed them. They desperately needed him to explain away his previous reporting. This is all readily apparent from the video in context. Trump explains this is what he thinks is happening, in the very video the media selectively edited, right AFTER the impersonation. He explains that Kovaleski feels he has to do this to placate his media friends. But you probably haven’t seen that part have you? Hmm.

3.) When was Trump going to see the reporter on TV on video explaining his story? It never happened because the media (purposely in our opinion) never showed video of the man because they wanted people to think he is spastic. This is what they knew the audience would naturally think if they see a picture of Trump acting spastic and then plaster “Trump mocks disabled reporter” on top of it. The audience would assume Trump is mocking the man’s spastic disability. So, Trump had no opportunity to see the reporter on TV reacting to the 9/11 story.

4.) Even if Trump HAD seen the reporter somehow on video, he would then know the reporter is not spastic, so imitating him as spastic would make no sense. If he really wanted to mock his disability he’d have to have made a fixed tight flexed right hand held close to his body. This is what the reporter looks like in realty. The reporter’s condition prohibits him from moving his right arm to any great extent at all, much less flailing it around. In addition, we’ve shown three videos where Trump is making similar flailing motions imitating someone who can’t answer a question and is flummoxed. This is his standard impression of someone caught trying to answer a question they can’t answer. A new video puts it all three incidents together here:

5.) Opponents say that Trump met Kovelski in the late 80’s when he did stories on him. Trump admits he may very well have met him back then in the video of Trump wearing the red hat that I posted above. Watch it again.  But Trump meets thousands of reporters a week. The number of reporters he had to have met in his life and since the 80’s are astronomical. Not being able to recognize the name “Kovaleski” as someone he supposedly met over a decade ago is totally understandable.  And again, even if he did somehow remember the man, the man was not spastic. Neither were Ted Cruz or the General he imitated in similar fashion.

Look, nobody believes Trump is a saint, but we find this particular narrative the media ran with, after they were starting to come under fire for not being truthful in immediately rejecting Trump’s claims about celebrations in NJ, to be particularly egregious and felt it needed to be pointed out.

Typically if Trump does something politically incorrect he owns it and doubles down on it.  Instead, Trump denies he knowingly made fun of the man’s disability to this day and consistently explains he has no recollection of him. Here is an interview he did on 7/28, just a few days ago where he addresses the issue.

Start at 4:45:

Response to New Dishonest Washington Post “Fact Check” Article From 8/2

Please read by clicking on headline below:

WaPo “Fact Checker” Gets 4 Hillarys for Ignoring Evidence Trump Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability

UPDATE AUGUST 6 – Full Video of Serge Kovaleski Interview:

For those liberals still in denial that the media would lie to them, here is the full interview of Kovaleski. It demonstrates that his disability does not in any way cause his arm to flail or jerk or move in any capacity. If anything, it appears to fix his arm by his body in a bent position. Kovaleski is in the striped shirt:

(Note: On January 19, 2017 we noticed that the full interview footage of Serge Kovaleski showing clearly that he was not spastic, was no longer available on YouTube. The original link was It now says, “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”  We have now replaced the original link to the YouTube video with a another link to the same video found in the New York Times website archives below.)

UPDATE AUGUST 8 – Trump said he saw “THOUSANDS” of people celebrating!

Some of those in denial are starting to nitpick that there is no evidence that “thousands” of people celebrated in New Jersey on 9/11 as Trump stated in his original comments. Trump exaggerating? Shocking! After using the term thousands initially, Trump did not mention “thousands” again to my knowledge. But he did, as we point out in the Stephanopolous interview, continue to insist that there were people celebrating in New Jersey and that it was reported on. He says to Stephanopolous:

TRUMP:“There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.”

STEPHANOPOULOS:“As I said, the police have said it didn’t happen.

Notice, Stephanopolous’ response. “The police have said it didn’t happen.” As in…AT ALL. And this is what the media was claiming after Trump’s statement. Not that there were not thousands celebrating, but that there were NO reports of ANYONE celebrating in New Jersey. This was their position for days afterwards. WaPo even got so confident that there was no evidence, they went and published a fact check article all but saying Trump was lying. This is precisely why it was so embarrassing for the media, especially WaPo when it turns out their own reporter had stated people saw celebrations on rooftops in Jersey City. It was the height of Washington Post negligence and/or complicity in hiding exculpatory evidence for Trump and they were embarrassingly and publicly called on it.

As more and more evidence came out proving that there were indeed celebrations in New Jersey on 9/11, the media, including Kovaleski, retreated into desperately clinging to Trump’s original exaggeration that there were “thousands” of people doing so and trying to say that the exaggeration was not accurate, while never admitting Trump was correct in substance and they were wrong.

Perhaps Trump on 9/11 in 2001 was getting the TV coverage of thousands of people celebrating in the Middle East mixed up with the story he heard about people celebrating on 9/11 in Jersey City. We have no idea. But the only thing that matters for our purposes is that Trump said people celebrated in Jersey City and that it was reported at the time, and the media said, in the words of George Stephanopolous, “It didn’t happen.” Wrong and game over for the media.

Please check out the following article:

9 Pieces of Documentation that Vindicate Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

UPDATE AUGUST 8 – Yeah, but Trump is just mocking a generic disabled person!

This is another response we’ve heard to our story. And it shows that people did not read the story carefully. Our point is that Trump had no idea Kovaleski was disabled at all. Kovaleski claims (and the media just unquestioningly takes his word for it) that he covered Trump in the late 80’s and/or early 90’s. Trump says it’s possible but he has zero recollection of him. As we point out, this is completely plausible as Trump has most likely met hundreds of thousands of reporters since then. Most people can’t even recognize someone they met a year ago, much less almost 20 and most people don’t meet nearly as many people as a famous celebrity does on a daily basis.

Secondly, if Trump is lying and somehow did remember Kovaleski standing there with one arm held fixed next to his chest talking calmly and seriously, it would be ridiculous for him to then deliberately try to mock him in front of millions of Americans by using spastic arm and hand movements which have nothing to do with Kovaleski’s disability. Plus, Trump made similar motions impersonating a flustered Cruz and a General who didn’t know how to answer a question. The common link here is that all three impersonations were of people who were flustered. None had a disability which caused arm and hand flailing. The only logical conclusion is that this is simply Trump’s impersonation of someone who is “flustered.”

Another point is the power of suggestion that the media deceptively used on the public. Every video of Trump was labeled with a prominent title of “Trump Mocks Disabled Reporter” or words to that effect, accompanied by the obligatory still shot of Kovaleski with a flexed wrist. Thus, every single person who viewed the video of Trump with those words was conditioned to believe that he was mocking a disabled person. From then on, even when confronted with contrary evidence, some simply cannot “unsee” Trump mocking a disabled person when they look at the video. They will keep saying, “You can’t tell me he didn’t mock a disabled person! I saw the video!”

For example, take look at the drawing of this young lady with her head turned below:

Old Young

Now it could be said that this drawing is of an old woman instead. But if you see the picture for the first time and it is labeled as, “Picture of a Young Woman,” this is what you will assume and this is what you will see; just like people saw Trump mocking a disabled reporter when the media slapped the label on the video.

As Our Lord said, “Those who have eyes to see, let them see.” And, to turn a phrase, there are none so blind as the willfully blind.

UPDATE – AUGUST 15 – Dishonest WaPo deletes comment providing the videos they withheld from the public.

On August 10th the Washington Post’s Callum Borchers wrote a particularly dishonest piece called, “People love it when Donald Trump makes fun of journalists — except one in particular” . It reported on a recent Bloomberg poll that asked respondents what statement/action of Trump’s bothered them the most. Still waiting for the Hillary version of this? You’ll be waiting along time. Of course, one of the actions the poll asked people to rate was “Trump’s criticism of a reporter that was seen as mocking the reporter’s physical disability.” Note “that was seen as…” Don’t you love it? Who saw it that way? People who watched the video of Trump with the media caption “Trump mocks disabled reporter” plastered on it? The media created the impression that Trump was mocking the reporter’s disability when in fact this was not the case as we have shown above. Now the media is polling to see how outraged people are over a fiction that they created. Pretty neat.

Borchers does all of the misleading things we point out. He has the video of Trump freeze framed at the precise moment that Trump’s right hand is flexed down. Then he has the obligatory still photo of Kovaleski with his right hand flexed, giving the impression Trump is mocking him. Predictably, Borchers does not have the courage to show the public video of Kovaleski, because then it would be obvious to his readers that Kovaleski is not spastic and Trump could not possibly have been mocking his disability. Also, Borchers does not show video of Trump impersonating a flustered General at the same rally he imitated the flustered reporter. Nor was Borchers honest enough to show video of Trump imitating a flustered Cruz with the same type of arm and hand gestures. But the most egregious falsehood Borchers tells is what follows:

Nine months after a rally in South Carolina where Trump contorted his arms in a way that was clearly meant to imitate the effects of arthrogryposis, which visibly limits flexibility in the arms of journalist Serge F. Kovaleski, voters say the incident still disturbs them.

Note: “that was clearly meant to imitate the effects of arthrogryposis.” It’s remarkable how Borchers can read Trump’s mind. But it’s even more remarkable how he begs the question. He simply expects us to take his word for it, that Trump falling his arms and hands was “clearly meant” to imitate the effects of a condition that results in fixed joints that can’t be moved very well at all. However, as we demonstrated above, video of Kovaleski proves that his disability in no way causes him to move in any way similar to Trump.

A comment was then placed in the comments section of the article, explaining these facts and linking to this article and another article on our site with video evidence giving an alternate explanation for Trump’s actions. It was allowed to be posted and then quickly deleted. This demonstrates that the Washington Post is aware of evidence out there that contradicts their conclusions, and that they are willfully attempting to conceal it from their readers. If Borchers and WaPo were honest and truly wanted to report ALL of the evidence for and against and let the readers decide, they would have to include the video of Kovaleski and the video of Trump impersonating a flustered General and a flustered Cruz. Any objective report would include both evidence for and against a certain interpretation of the Trump video.

However, as we have seen, WaPo is not interested in the truth or being objective. The have one sole objective and that is to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. They will stoop to every level of dishonesty including the hiding of facts and evidence from their readers to create the appearance of a story that hurts Trump’s chances among voters. Fortunately, for the public and for the sake of the truth, we are here to expose WaPo’s dishonesty and provide the public with ALL of the facts and both sides of the story so they can decide for themselves.

Update September 2, 2016

Ann Coulter has linked to this article and other similar ones in her latest column entitled, “MEDIA INVENTED LIE ABOUT TRUMP MOCKING DISABLED REPORTER”.

Predictably, the Washington Post’s Callum Borchers responded the very next day with yet another misleading hit piece entitled, “Ann Coulter says she can prove Donald Trump never mocked a reporter’s disability. (She can’t.)”

We immediately responded with a new piece entitled, “WaPo Claims Ann Coulter is Wrong to Say Trump Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability. (She Isn’t.)

In it we, yet again, pick apart and expose Mr. Borcher’s misleading and selective cherry picking of facts in order to present the truth.

The media will truly stop at nothing in this election to see to it that their gal, Crooked Hillary, wins and takes as many rights away from their political enemies as possible. Don’t let it happen! Vote Trump November 8th!

Update September 8, 2016

Two new videos were found of Trump making similar impersonations BEFORE the November 25, 2015 rally where he impersonated the flustered reporter. We summarize all the videos up to this point in chronological order here:

“The first impersonation we found took place on May 17, 2005, a good sixteen years before Trump impersonated a flustered New York Times reporter:

As you can see, Trump has an open mouth and both wrists are flexed downward as he impersonated a flustered version of himself forced to go on a hypothetical vacation. The full clip can be seen here: The clip in question begins around the 8 minute mark.

The next video was brought to our attention by a Catholics 4 Trump reader named Noel who linked to this video: originally posted to YouTube by  All Things Trump on July 1, 2016.

We cleaned up the quality of the video and added slow motion in the version below:

As you can see, Trump once again opens his mouth, flexes his right wrist downward, and shakes it as he imitates a flustered bank president afraid of regulations. This took place at a rally in Norfolk, VA on October 31, 2015, a full twenty five days before Trump would impersonate a flustered New York Times reporter. The full speech can be found here: The clip in question begins at the 1 hour 7 minute mark.”

Update October 29, 2016

Trump making the exact same arm motions to impersonate a flustered Donna Brazile at a rally in Sanford, FL  on 10/25/16.


Creator of Videos Debunking “Trump Mocked Disabled Reporter” Claim Speaks Out!


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    Do you do any fact checking at all?
    Here is going full-on spastic mode.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Yep. Saw this. Trump is moving his arms. What about the guy he is impersonating? Does his condition make him spastic? No. That’s the point. It’s the entire point of the article. Did you read the article at all or just the headline? This is precisely the problem. People see the video and CNN’s intro and they assume what they are seeing is the mocking of a disability when it is not. I also love how CNN’s description says that Trump mocks reporter with chronic condition, leading people to think Trump was mocking the condition itself. The media is so dishonest.

      • Joe Smith

        Come on now. Really? You are going to argue that, the reporter doesn’t spasm like Trump did proves he was not making fun of him, That’s like calling someone retarded but since they are not retarded you are not making fun of them…..

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          He was impersonating the reporter acting flustered, having nothing to do with his disability.

          • Pat

            What a pathetic attempt to excuse his behavior.

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            Jean asks if anyone else would get that kind of leeway. How much leeway are Hillary supporters passing out?

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            Jean–you mean like someone who sold US Foreign Policy to the highest bidder? Or used a sophisticated program to delete emails allegedly about yoga and weddings? Or a Secretary of State who claims to have only received 3 Classified emails during her 4 years in office? Or someone who said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or “The average family of 4 will save $2500 a year on premiums.” You want people who are reaching and excusing the inexcusable–look to Democrats.

          • Terese

            Was Trump quoting the reporter or speaking for the reporter when he said, “aaagh, I don’t know what I said. I don’t remember, aaagh”?

            Clearly, the answer is Yes. Trump is, judging by his own words, making fun of that reporter. He is in no uncertain terms mocking him. It is wrong to mock people, even if you have never met the person. It is NOT PRESIDENTIAL. I don’t want a President who mocks people, disabled or not, and particularly people in the media.

            So, to recap, when Trump went spastic with his arms and waves them about and used a weird voice, Trump was in fact mocking the reporter and in mocking this disabled man Trump chose to use a farcical voice and hand gestures. I would expect a kindergartener to need to learn that this is unacceptable behavior. It doesn’t even matter if the reporter is disabled. Here you have highlighted exactly the reason we can’t have this obnoxious man in charge of the most powerful country in the world. If he can’t be trusted to speak with dignity in his own rallies, how can we trust him once he is President? Short Answer: you can’t! He is so thin skinned that any time he disagrees even in the slightest with someone, Trump chooses to mock and behave like a grade schooler. That is not the poise nor manner in which I expect the President, nor even a Presidential candidate to behave! Thank you for highlighting this series of bad behavior and showing us that it isn’t just this reporter who he mocks, but it is a pattern of behavior that he engages in anytime he feels offended.

            (I will be surprised if this comment gets published on your site.)

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Doing an impression of a groveling reporter vs. Hillary’s crimes? No contest.

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            2.”No words”
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            4. Trump is still a poo-poo head.

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            Trump did in fact mock the reporter, he was mocking the reporters stupidity not his disability. Millions of people mock others in much the same way and they are not mocking anyone’s disabilities unless you consider stupidity a disability.

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            Leeway is given because the alternative is Clinton, lying , cheating , money grabbing from foreign countries that despise the US .

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          Does Curz have the same disability? Because Trump did the same moves when imitating Curz.

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          Catholics 4 Trump,
          Did you see how fast they went to the next thing when the imitating a disability was a lie?

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          Did the article even show a photo of the reporter, NO. If you can’t spot media crap/garbage, you must be the most gullible person EVER. MANIPULATEE.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Our article did better. We showed video and a photo.

          • The media that started this BS wouldn’t show the media guy live because he doesn’t have palsy! They show a still where his hand is bent next to his waist. The guy even stated he wasn’t mocking me. Or else he would be very still because I don’t have palsy. Media making him out to be a heartless person and he’s not. Read all of the article and go to the special websites for clarification. Then you’ll have the truth.

        • Bob Williams

          Also in the article, Trump used the same gestures regarding Cruz backtracking on issue.

          And mocking others is stock and trade for progressives including Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Biden…

          • Tom

            That’s right Bob. Mocking others is also quite common among the members of the media. Anyone remember how Bob Dole was mocked for having a lame hand and arm? An injury acquired while fighting for this country! The ones who do it the most are usually the most sensitive, even when it isn’t really happening.

        • Frustrated

          Did you even watch the little videos that went to the article? WAKE UP!!!!! Hillary will destroy our freedoms, and you’ll let yourself be brainwashed by a lying ad! Shallow shallow shallow!

        • Frustrated

          Yawn. You obviously did not take your precious time to watch all the videos with the article. Please do before spouting any more lies.

      • TiredoftheBS

        Liberals can’t handle truth and facts, it’s like pouring battery acid on them. Especially when the truth and facts dispute their LIES.

        • Lynn

          Speaking of lies, how is this explanation (and the media leading up to it) any different than the multitude of videos, stills, and memes edited and used by Trump supporters to vilify Hillary Clinton?
          It seems that the media and the Trump campaign (primarily Trump himself) go to great lengths (look how long this article is!) to justify and explain away anything that he does that is not looked upon favorably while at the same time, these same people are making every effort to do damage to Clinton in the eyes of the public.
          I just don’t see the difference and truthfully, I’ve yet to see either one of them acknowledge any of the distasteful things they do.
          Donald Trump has spent almost a decade defaming Obama, and now that his run is coming to an end, it’s time to attack the next person.
          I don’t agree with a lot of what democrats or republicans do in regard to the presidential campaign but Trump is just as big of a liar but folks will forgive his lies as soon as he stands up and says it was not what he meant or it was sarcasm, or “whatever”. I don’t get it.

          • Kelley Shiveley

            And Hillary is an angel … right?

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            When someone lies about not being responsible for the Benghazi attack is a bit different than saying oops, I forgot?or I don’t remember.

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            Not surprising you “don’t get it”. I’m making the same moves as Donald, as I read your post.

          • TruthNLogic

            Hillary is not vilified by her critics. Hillary is a villain. She is vilified by her actions- you have only to do very little independent research to come to that conclusion. Obama is also in this category with a slightly different style of evil. Articles like this are not excusing anything. They went to great lengths to show solid EVIDENCE/FACTS- in video form!!!!!! that show how what he said and did was not what the media like Nation Becoming Communist network or Clinton News Network CREATED. Every week, we are seeing new crimes from the Clintons- crimes- not politically incorrect speech.

          • Frustrated

            Hillary in the third debate refused to say that she would uphold our Constitution. Trump immediately said that he would. Trump wants to restore religious freedom of speech. Hillary said “churches must change their beliefs” to suit her agenda – including partial-birth abortion. A lot of Americans are brainwashed right now, and they better wake up fast!

          • john

            The difference is:

            The things said about Trump are make-believe lies that never happened.

            The things said about Hillary actually are the truth and happened in real life.

        • Danielle Case

          Yeah, we believe in stuff like science and math.
          Before this election cycle I would be happily chat with someone who was a Repibkican and have discussions on opposing views. This hot mess is steeped in racism, xenophobia. If you’re okay with that, then you are defiant a racist and complicit. The GOP isn’t that Grand anymore. It’s deeply fractured and you can’t control your crazy. And if can’t control your crazy that means you have no leadership, thereby how are you going to lead the country? You want change? Fine. But don’t settle for this charlatan DT, and don’t try to make excuses for all the sorry, un-American things he’s done. This country serves so much more than this crap. You guys want to win at all costs, even at the expense of the country. Shame.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            The left simply slings insults and never debates the merits. Only way they can win because they lose on the merits. Hence Hillary and the media are running on lie after distorted lie about Trump’s non existent “racism” and “xenophobia” and hating the disabled while no serious issues are debated and we are distracted from the fact that Hillary is a serial liar and lawbreaker and left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi after blaming it on a video.

          • Kelley Shiveley

            And Hillary is an angel … right?

          • D. Shea

            Obama has destroyed this country and Hilliar will continue to do the same. You talk about un-American, do you know what that means? We do want to win because we want to save this country from any more damage. We need to be a strong nation once again. We want to make sure the government doesn’t make the American dependent on said government. At least Trump just has a big mouth, that’s his only flaw. Hilliar is a cheating murdering liar and that’s being nice. She is pathetic!!

          • Thom458

            Danielle, I would say since you believe in “stuff like science and math” you should vote based on more than just a vagina. But good for you for believing in stuff like science and math. 🙂 I would ask you to define racism as believing in border control is not a racist subject. What un-American things have Donald Trump done? Please elaborate, too many socialists/democrats spout this and don’t seem to be willing to provide facts of it. That was clever how you inserted a k in republican, does that make you feel good? Too bad you know don’t want to discuss with those who don’t walk in lockstep with you.

          • Ted

            D. Case: Do you really think a third-party candidate could win? It would be a first in American history. One of the two candidates will be elected, legally or by fraud. Or do you have a secret solution that you’ve kept secret?

          • Ahuh

            Replace Trump with Hillary and then try not to call yourself a hypocrite liberal.
            Trump will ” disrupt” the corruption, on both sides and stop the clinton cash train for at least four years. America needs to regroup. Complain about the government we all do, and then you argue to keep exactly what we have by voting for her. Insanity has a definition look it up.

          • Eyes Wide Open

            There was zero mention of either racism or xenophobia in any part of the article. It helps to be able to read and understand written materials when forming a rational and intelligent response. The same goes for the issues. For your convenience I am including this tip. Read beyond headlines. They are designed to draw in readers and viewers. The content comes after the headline. It is also extremely helpful to understand how the U.S. government is structured and how elections work. I’m guessing, based on your response, that you went to public school. Good luck with that.

        • Sickofthelooneyleft

          Or like throwing water on the wicked witch of the west. Come to think of it. never saw Hillary out in the rain.

          • Frustrated

            One of her closest firmer confidants said he used to put her on a plane every 4-6 weeks so she could go to a “witch church” in California. He also said she smells like rotting meat. Any water, anyone?!

      • John

        So your on,y argument is that Trump moved his arms instead of keeping them still like the reporter’s? That’s a pretty weak argument

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Trump didn’t mock a disability. That’s the ballgame.

          • Patrick

            Here’s a real fact check. Learn from it. (Biased Snopes link removed)

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            First see here:

            Second, their title is a perfect example of the dishonesty I point out in my article.

          • Steve swartz

            You have to change the name of your group. After reading through your comments I can’t find a single indication that you ever know what being a Catholic means. You are giving real Catholics a bad name. As even the Pope has pointed out, there is nothing even a little Christian in Trump’s ideas, statements, or actions. We are not about hate or walls. We are called to build bridges instead.

          • Mary-Joe

            as a Catholic I really don’t understand how you can support Trump. Do you know what Jesus preached? What Pope John Paul the Second preached, what the current Pope Francis is trying to do? Love each other. Strive for social justice and care for our community. Meaning help each other. The poor, the disabled. Do you even go to church? Who is your parish priest? This makes no sense. All of you Catholics for Trump write to the Pope see what he says.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Trump’s policies are more closely aligned with Catholic principles, especially on the non-negotiables.

        • What do you call it when Trump did that with Cruz? The worst thing handicap people want you to do is treat them different

        • Michael Wheeler

          Can you folks not read? Trump used the same gesture when immitating three different people. One was disabled, the other two were not. How can you say he was singling out the disabled reporter? You guys have selectively put blinders on!

          • Marcy

            What he was showing was someone being frustrated! As atraditional Catholic senior rasing 3 grandchilden l can tell you l often ” throw up my arms in frustration and yell Aaaaahhh!!!
            I wrote for a newspaper back in the day when leaving out words or pictures that would change the whole story was a big NO NO! Truth was what mattered back then! No so in todays media! It is controlled by big money, one political party, and George Soros is behind it all!

          • Tom

            Marcy, Unfortunately George Soros is far from being the only one behind the media control. He may be the richest individual backing it, but this administration is using money provided by the American people fund all the propaganda. Read “Stealing America” by Dinesh D’Souza to get a bigger perspective. It is SCARY!!!!

      • Timothy Wade Corder

        They didn’t read the article, just the headline. Why? Because anti-Trumpsters are happy believing and perpetuating the lies that make him look like a bad guy, and also because they, like many people, have an attention span that is less than that of a goldfish. He IS vindicated, and putting their fingers in their ears, and their heads firmly up their own asses won’t take away from that fact. Go TRUMP!!

        • Kelley Shiveley


          • Justin

            You make me sad. Pure ignorance. You’re on the wrong side of history Kelley. You may not be bright enough to realize it now, but maybe someday.

          • Thom458

            LOL Kelley, I wouldn’t put too much stock in Justin’s comment. He is a ‘sad’ person.

      • Annabanana

        You’re kidding right? Donald Trump IS making fun of a disabled person. Shame on you. Christians near and far recognize a God of LOVE, not bitterness and hate.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Please read the article.

          • Jay

            I don’t think you are this monumentally stupid. I believe you are fully aware that the excuse you are making for Trump is absolute BS and you are just pushing your pro-Trump agenda regardless.

            You are dishonest, not an idiot.

            But we all know Trump was mocking the reporter simply by holding his hands in the pose that he did. The motions and stupid voice he made were not accurate mimicry because he was mocking, not mimicking. He was purposely presenting an unflattering caricature.

            Any four year-old can tell you he’s making fun of the reporter. It’s a fact, readily apparent to everyone.

            Even you.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Thank you for your liberal/ Christian charity, Jay! No, I’m not stupid. That is why I can clearly see from the evidence presented that Trump was not mocking the man’s disability. Was he mocking a reporter backpedaling on his story? Yes. But not his disability.

          • J.T.

            Even the picture in your article shows what Trump was doing. However, if you’ve decided to support and defend every lie he tells, you will go down just like he will in history, as a liar and a hack with no credibility. Remember all the propaganda that certain “news” outlets printed for Hitler, you are now in the same category of journalistic treason.
            Trump openly mocks his followers for being stupid enough to believe him and defend his every offensive move. He said he could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and his supporters wouldn’t care. I’m starting to believe him on that point. There really are people who will try to pretend something never happened even when it is clearly documented by video evidence. What would he have to do to get you to admit that he is a divisive, lying, narcissist?

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            He’d have to turn into Hillary.

        • joni

          Video proof is shown that he is not mocking. Watch it. Choose to research both sides and then make an true informed decision. That is what a real scholar is taught is higher education.

          • Brad

            Liberals could care less about the actual facts and/or anything having to do with reality. They’re obviously solely concerned about their crooked, anti-American agenda.

            The entire scenario was presented (100% factually) so that even a 4-year old could easily recognize that under no circumstances whatsoever was Trump attempting to make fun of, or emulate anyone.

            The sickening fact that there are still several of you liberal idiots ignorantly refusing to accept or even acknowledge factual reality says just about all anyone really needs to know about the mental disorder commonly referred to as liberalism.

            You can makeup your own opinions (as wrong as they might be), but you can’t make up your own set of facts. And the simple fact is that Trump never did anything even remotely resembling the mocking of a disabled person.

            Now you all can slime off to your next completely fabricated blatant lie. Because God knows the liberally-biased, ultra-corrupt media will never, ever run out of fresh lies to feed the unknowing American public.

            They need to start putting the members of the corrupt media in prison for crimes committed against the citizens of the U.S.

        • Auntmimi

          Read the whole article and watch the YouTube. Trump is not making fun of Serge, the reporter. He was upset with him because he wrote the article about the Palestinians celebrating in NJ. George Stephanoupolis interviewed Trump and said that Trump was mistaken when referring to that article because Palestinians were not celebrating in NJ. Low ‘n behold, the reporter Serge, who is not spastic at all, but has a shriveled hand from birth, took a job with another newspaper and never owned up to the fact that Trump actually had read the article hat he wrote. Trump saw him at a Trump rally and he was angry, understandably so, with this reporter. Read the more exact article and watch each YouTube before judging Trump on this.

        • Thom458

          Annabanana, did you bother to read the article? God is love and truth, reread the article and see if you are believing a lie. Please don’t be a vessel for spreading the lie no matter what you think of Trump.

        • Michael Wheeler

          Can you folks not read? Trump used the same gesture when immitating three different people. One was disabled, the other two were not. How can you say he was singling out the disabled reporter? You guys have selectively put blinders on!

      • Claire

        You are completely out of your mind. I am a Catholic, and know pretty much for sure that the Jesus I follow isn’t cool with mocking the disabled, which is clearly what Trump did. You should be ashamed of yourself for validating this kind of behavior.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Read the article.

          • Nathaniel Foreman

            I read the entire article and even watched all the videos.

            I’ll even buy into the idea that he wasn’t mocking the reporter for being disabled (although only Trump would know if he was generally mocking a backtracking reporter in general, or mocking a disabled reporter by making a generalized “disabled person” motion as it was a mock and not an impersonation). Ultimately, however it doesn’t matter. So much time and effort was spent writing this article to “prove” that he wasn’t mocking a disabled person and was just mocking a person in general, as he had mocked several other people throughout his career, including before being a presidential campaign.

            But I have a question, and it comes from an undecided voter with issues with both candidates who is also an atheist-leaning agnostic who isn’t extremely familiar with the Catholic faith. It also comes from a person who isn’t trying to make some kind of cheap jab as a form of political position.

            But, maybe you could explain how someone who so openly and often mocks people represents the values of Christ and Christianity in general that would instill in someone the effort and time put in to create an article (as I am not familiar with the rest of your website nor its contents) that basically, at least in my viewing, defends this type of behavior in someone running for such an esteemed and important position, both domestically and in the increasingly complex and tense foreign affairs of the world?

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Let’s say your mother is about to die. There is one doctor who can save her. You meet with him and find out that he has routinely mocked people. You turn him away, scolding him for his “unchristian” behavior and watch your mother die.

            With all due respect, this makes about as much sense to us, as your question here. What in the world does Trump impersonating flustered people who are against him have to do with saving millions of innocent lives and saving Christians from the coming persecution of their religious beliefs? If Hillary wins, our enemies control the Courts, Presidency and it’s game over. The courts are lifetime appointments and Obama has already had 8 years of appointments. This is life or death for Catholics. This is our view.

            When you have an option who pledges to fight for you and to stop your certain political death in this country as well as to protect your unborn children, you’d have to be a masochistic, evil, or a fool not to vote for that option.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            As for the article, it is a matter of justice. The media was clearly dishonest and lied about what happened and withheld exculpatory evidence from the public. To this day Hillary puts out ad after misleading ad making people think he mocked a spastic man when they have never been showed a video of the man by the media. Nor have they been shown Trump’s using those motions to impersonate flustered people including himself since at least 2005! What the media did in this case should be criminal and it was worth every second of effort to make sure they were exposed and the public knows all of the facts.

        • caz

          you didn’t read the article or view the videos….

        • to bad your a Catholic. The Pope is full of it. Trump did the same waving of the arms when imitating Cruz. I also did the same thing to you. How do you feel. Do you want everyone to feel sorry for you because I through my arms up in the air imitating you

        • Thom458

          Claire, please reread the article. I hope you are following the Jesus who is pro-life and the includes those He knows in the womb. Don’t validate the democratic platform that it is okay with you if they support pulling the limbs off the unborn and vacuuming their brains out. We won’t get into how much a fully-intacted murdered one brings in money for research, so yes, not all of them are pulled apart.

          • Mary-Joe

            All I know is that pro-life people should spend their time and energy INCREASING maternity leave for women, and topping up their salaries when they have to have babies and running FREE daycare so women would not have to make this horrible choice. Pope JOhn Paul the second said it best, “the question is not pro life or pro choice, the question is what kind of society exists where a woman feels abortion is her only choice.” So y’all Catholics need to open up a daycare for free or elect someone who will truly PROTECT the unborn and their mothers so they can be good mothers and nurture communities so there are communities. Seriously…seriously. Look at what you’re saying. Go and ACT and run a daycare. That would actually HELP people like Jesus wanted.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Trump is for paid maternity leave, Hillary is against. More reason to vote Trump.

        • Michael Wheeler

          Can you folks not read? Trump used the same gesture when immitating three different people. One was disabled, the other two were not. How can you say he was singling out the disabled reporter? You guys have selectively put blinders on!

          • Leslie Nichols

            Liberals refuse to see the facts. Trump said he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability, he would never do that. I believe that. The tapes show how he mimics another person. I don’t like it. Do I do it? Yes, certainly in my tone of voice. Liberals will not concede. They can’t. It’s blank vs white. I don’t like the way Trump presents himself sometimes. But Hillary allowed 4 Americans to be killed in Benghazi blamed it on a video, told the family it was a video, yet today says the family misunderstood. And then there is… Her list of criminal acts against the people of the USA preclude her from being the president. Yet, she is the Democratic nominee.

        • Brad

          You either can’t read, or you have some form of considerable mental problem(s).

          It could not possibly be presented any clearer. The corrupt, liberally-biased media was blatantly lying, as usual. What part of that INDISPUTABLE FACT are you not actually getting through your thick, empty skull?

          Have someone else read the article to you out loud, extremely slowly, with several pauses in between the sentences. Listen closely and take notes if necessary.

          However, you’re going to need to remain in a somewhat semi-conscious state for the 5-or so minute duration of the article.

          Now go give it another try. We are all with you. We know you can do it!

        • Peter Rutt

          I was born Dec. 20, 1965 with a birth defect affecting my body from the waist and below. I “must” use a wheelchair fulltime. This was not the case until I started jr college. I walked with leg braces and crutches through elementary school. I only used the wheelchair to go through sidewalks and stores. Muscle atrophy from the waist and below. Then, the development of epileptic leg tremors and “abscence seizures” (I only know that I and just experienced major seizures when someone tells me immediately after.)

      • Jen

        Since the name is this organization is “Catholics for Trump” I have to ask, how do you think the Pope feels about Trump’s behavior? Whether he knew the reporter was disabled or not, do you think the Pope or Jesus Christ himself would condone such behavior? Mocking and disrespecting others doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

      • DLeigh

        Let me ask you this … Should ANY Presidential nominee be mocking ANYONE in child like behavior poor in ANY way???? If your father acted this way, making fun, making idiotic faces, saying he wants to punch and slap people who don’t agree with him or “like” him, asking advisors why can’t we use nuclear weapons … Would you be proud of him???? And Ryan’s by him??? a
        Would you make the suggestion … Hey Dad!! you really should run for President of the United States of America. You’d make a great President!!!! ???????????

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Kaine mocked Trump. It’s all part of the game. Hillary is a crook and corrupt and supports abortion.

          • Kelley Shiveley


          • Kris

            Hillary not only supports abortion, she claims it’s ok all of the way to the ninth month! In this country if someone murders someone and she is pregnant they are charged with two counts of murder so how can we allow abortions??? P.S. I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary so no, I am not taking sides. Just stating facts.

        • So it is okay for Hillary to flash how rich she is and make me feel bad because I am poor. Or worse yet, I am so embarrassed of Hillary pretending she is a woman to become president. So sad

        • Thom458

          DLeigh, I would check if you could delete your comment. It is childish and only shows you didn’t understand the article’s points.

        • Michael Wheeler

          Can you folks not read? Trump used the same gesture when immitating three different people. One was disabled, the other two were not. How can you say he was singling out the disabled reporter? You guys have selectively put blinders on!

      • Pat

        They don’t care about the truth – smear people they don’t like – to sell a story – like this one – I can’t stand dishonest media – may they all meet their maker and rot in hell one day…. they do a terrible disservice to people and our country – the Media is dead and so is the NY Times…….


        Not to mention that Trump when manic does this quite often. It means absolutely nothing other than demonstrating the absurdity of the situation he is describing. And, at this time he was describing the said Kovaleski’s backtracking on what he said soon after 9/11 and what he was asked to say or repeat now, about what he said back then. The man backtracked, obviously because what was said then, was OK, but not now. Someone, obviously, had his back against a wall. Personally, I remember reading about those who were observed celebrating while the towers were coming down, not only in NY, but all over the world. So, yes, it happened or did according the the news at that time. If it was truth then, it’s truth now. If it was a lie then, it is a lie now. You can’t change one with the other. I know what I heard.

    • Kim L.

      Really? Because Trump made the EXACT same hand movements when talking about Cruz and waterboarding!

    • Wondering about members of the democrat party which promotes aborting the disabled and forcing all of us to pay for it.

      • Edward Winn

        Check the law. You don’t pay for it.

        • Jurinne

          The Democratic Party platform includes unlimited abortions up to birth with full taxpayer funding so they are “free” and overturning the Hyde and Helms amendments.

        • DAle

          Check again, it’s payed for by YOU through TAXATION!!!!

        • Ihatelibs

          Soooo planned parenthood doesn’t perform abortions?

        • Mike Harris

          Check the law? Are you for real pal? That is the dumbest statement I have seen in a very long time. Edward you officially take the cake. You have once again proven how flippen stupid and ignorant democrats are. It is a proven fact Planed Parenthood is funded by tax payers money. What the hell do you think the argument is about to stop funding them? Jesus you liberals are something. Sanctuary cities are in violation of federal law Edward, does that mean they don’t exist? You are a piece of work Edward.


          You are truly uniformed if you believe Fed money does not pay for the abortions at Planned Parenthood, even if they say that Fed dollars are not used for abortions they perform, that is a lie. Even if the funds are used to help keep the lights on, you are still supporting abortion with Fed money. Planned Parenthood is a self reporting institution big money, lobbyist powerful organization, it is no match for the unborn, They make most their profit in the taking of the unborn.

          • Mary-Joe

            Federal money pays for the billion dollar industrial military complex which kills hundreds of innocent children every year. and I KNOW that the CAtholic church is against that – what about looking at that….the money from the military could finance free daycares and maternity leave….how about that kind of revolution. That would be a real CAtholic Move. Amen,

        • Thom458

          Edward Winn, don’t look now but …..
          But that is okay, the democrats applaud your support no matter what.

        • CherDash

          Check the comment. “Promotes” is the operative word. And the dems ‘do’ promote it.

      • Trisha

        It’s not “promoted”. It’s legal. Republicans are against abortion but they do nothing to support a disabled child so they can grow up in an inclusive, supportive society. You can’t say you support something & not follow it all the way through.


          Republicans out give Dems in charitable giving 4 to 1. I know these facts are pretty pesky little details, I’
          ve also heard that we like children to go hungry.

        • Thom458

          Trisha, what hogwash. So if I am not supporting disabled people or older humans who are past contributing monetary value for the good of society at large you can support the murder of them and tell me I have no cause to object? Nonsense, that is a worn-out, nonsensical argument.

        • Michael Wheeler

          Trisha, you have no idea or proof to say Repubes don’t help support kids rather than having them aborted. I know hundreds of Repubes and conservatives who help and always will help. You won’t focus on a child being torn apart in the womb, but you will distract from that fact just to blame someone else. If you’re blaming someone else for the abortion being needed, it’s because you know it’s wrong but you don’t want the blame. Everything is someone else’s fault to you folks!

      • J.T.

        Well, if they are born, the Republicans certainly no longer care about their life. You guys are only probirth, not prolife, and Trump has always been pro-choice.

        • Thom458

          J.T., I know Hillary will only nominate judges for the Supreme Court who support abortion. I can still hold out hope that will not be Trump’s main litmus test. Don’t kid yourself, the democrats’ one-issue criteria above all for the Supreme Court is that one believes it is okay to dismember the unborn.

        • Michael Wheeler

          “Certainly” my a*#! You are a walking excuse bucket!

    • David wachtel

      Here is a problem this biased article faile to mention. Yes, there were a few people on the roof top celebrating- they were Israeli exchange students having a party unknowing what happen in NYC. I there were hundreds and thousands of Muslim celebrants why absolutely zero photo or video evidence? Why no police report of the crowds. This article is a blatant set of lies. Trump has no class and you can spin it anyway you want but it is true.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        Citation for that? Also look at the other reports the Breitbart article points out.

        • Joe

          C’mon. If you want to be taken seriously do not reference Briebart nor FauxNews. They are bullhorns for the GOP. And the more you absorb their garbage reporting, the less credible any of your arguments become.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            They are two of the few remaining refuges of truth as the rest of the media is completely in the tank for Hillary. Every source out there that you would deem “trustworthy” is biased. I judge sites on their content, not their name.

      • Thom458

        David, where did you read about hundreds and thousands? Are you spinning a little there? 🙂

      • Michael Wheeler

        You can research this and find the news reports telling it all. You folks are lying to yourself and don’t even realize it. That’s a psychological problem. I didn’t see locals celebrating, but I saw videos of hundreds in the Middle East who were smiling and dancing in the streets. Not hard to figure those who share the ideology of killing infidels were joyous at the thought that almost 3,000 infidels were killed. You progressives are naive morons.

      • Brad

        Little Empty Headed Liberal Davie:

        Just for the sake of it, go back and watch the video (preferably in super slow-motion and with both eyes open) and try your very hardest to catch the part about American Muslims participating in a “pre-planned” celebration of the destruction of the twin towers, somehow prior to the event even occurring.

        More specifically, the actual segment of the news report that states there were numerous Muslims, on numerous buildings (roof tops) who had with them an architectural model (a 3-demension model) of the twin towers. Whom all had obviously received word beforehand of precisely what, and precisely when it was going to happen.

        Now try to actually think and ask yourself how else could they have possibly known of what and when the attack was planned for if they had not been previously notified of such?

        And, for what other remotely possible reason would a group of suspected Muslim terrorists have/own/give a crap about a scale model of the twin towers. And for what possible rationale would they actually take it up on their roof with them?

        And yes, there are existing police records indicating precisely the same thing occurred. It’s what Rudy Gualianni was specifically referring to during his numerous interviews.

        So please tell everyone who’s the liar is again. But you’re going to need to stand in front of a mirror first.

    • Mari

      It’s CNN, enough said…Trump was not mocking the disabled. Take your blinders off and stop spreading hate.

    • D. Wells

      Do you even read the articles you comment on?

    • Winston Smith

      The man is not spastic. That’s a fact. Unless you can show me a video proving otherwise. But you can’t, if you could, the video would already be out there.
      If the media were honest people, we wouldn’t need to fact check them. But who are the fact checkers anyways? The media will say this thing or that thing. All the fact checkers do is put, “really” in front of that. As in , “Really, this or that thing. No, no, no, really now, this or that thing is true. I’m serious now, this or that thing is true/not true.” What a joke.

    • Terese

      So, basically, this article says that Trump did not mock the reporter’s disability, he was simply just mocking the reporter and that Trump has a pattern of obnoxiously mocking people when he disagrees with them.

      Basically, if I were to repeat what someone said in a disagreement, and I changed my tone of voice and threw my arms around in an attempt to look stupid, I might be considered immature and rude. But, this person seems to think this is acceptable behavior from a Presidential candidate.

    • Yeah. This was addressed in the article. So were many instances of Trump using the same motions to describe people who were flustered for one reason or another. You have been duped, and seem like a sheeple.

    • If any of us, ever believe anything we see, read, or hear on any media source again, we are stupid. They have proven once and for all, that they are deceptive, underhanded, self righteous, self exalting, and full of lies and deceit. Shame on them, but shame on us, if we continue to believe them.

    • Steven Evers

      Except the reporter isn’t spastic now is he? Everybody, including you left that out. Start telling yourself the truth, it’s good for the soul. Fact is it was smear job from the media. Donald Trump may still very well be, or have a despicable character, but this story was a fabrication form the start.

  2. “What the media did not choose to show you is video of Serge Kovaleski” followed by a video only showing the reporter from the shoulders up. They deliberately edited out the portion of that video that shows the reporter’s hand, which is in the position that the still pictures show. (The link to the full video is below). Talk about the media trying choosing what to show…

    • Jon

      Absolutely NO spastic movements whatsoever. In control of both arms and movements therein. Shameful CNN!

    • Jessica

      The point was that if they showed a video you would see that he doesn’t make spastic movements and his arms are very still; which you can see in the full video you sent. And if you read the article and watch the video of him mocking Cruz it shows the same thing. I’m no Trump fan but I really think the media tries to make mountains out of molehills. If you had seen the full speech without being told “the reporter he’s talking about has a disability” would you have assumed “hmm…the reporter he’s talking about has a disability?” Doubtful. But we’ll never know now.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        Exactly. Thanks.

        • Claire

          You’re so stupid.

          • Thom458

            Claire, is that nice? It really adds nothing to the discussion and reflects badly on you.

      • Jim

        The fundamental issue is one of disrespect. Trump is disrespectful of others, time and time again. Someone who disregards the dignity and worth of others, as Trump does, should not be president of our already great nation.

        • Trump4President

          The fact of the matter is is that Trump was disrespected first. If you want respect from someone you earn it.

        • Brad

          Actually, the fundamental issue is one of reality, the truth and the facts.

          So please provide everybody here with several examples (even a single example) of Trump factually being disrespectful to anyone other than certain members of the ultra-corrupt, wholly liberally-biased media.

          We’ll wait…

        • Dave

          Jim: “Someone who disregards the dignity and worth of others, as Trump does, should not be president of our already great nation.”
          Should someone that calls people that disagree with them a “basket full of deporables” be president?

  3. Not sure if the video link worked…

    • Jonathan

      I watched the entire video you linked and I did not see the reporter flailing his arms about uncontrollably at all, which was the point of the article and the video…..

      • Vickie

        I read the article and I understand that the point was about the reporter not having spasms. It just seems hypocritical to show a shortened video in an article that talks about the media choosing what to show. If the point of the article is spasm vs no spasm (which it pretty clearly is) then why edit out the part that shows his arm? It looked to me like the writer was trying to mislead us into thinking the reporter doesn’t have a visible disability. Just saying that it seems deliberately misleading when there was really no need to do that.

        • Jonathan

          I can see the purpose of leaving the arm out of the video, which this article clearly states IS disabled and does not try to hide that fact, may have been because it showed enough to demonstrate the point, that there was no flailing of the arms as Trump did in his statement. There was no need to include the entirety of the lengthy video to make the point.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            The photo in the article shows his hand. This is a desperate claim by Vickie. Does she somehow think he is jerking his hand around beneath the camera’s view? Is this how desperate she is hoping the media was not dishonest in this case so she can keep on believing Trump is a monster who mocks the disabled? Fits well with her narrative but unfortunately it is not true.

            Vickie and liberals like her are lazy and don’t want to do their own research. A simple Google search would have found her the entire video with his hand fixed just like I said and like the picture shows. She and other libs probably did find it and then said nothing because it simply proves the truth.

            For any still doubting here is the full video. Kovaleski’s disability at NO TIME makes him jerk or fail his hand or arm. It stays perfectly still by his body.

            I’m going to post the full video in the body of the article, just so there will be no excuse.


    • Liz

      Not a Trump supporter here, but I did watch both videos, and to me, it appears they chose not to show portions of the interview that showed Mr. Kovaleski with the person interviewing him (so as not to confuse pepole about which one he was? ). He also was not the one speaking in those portions of the interview. They showed only the portions that were Mr. Kovaleski, which happened to be only chest up.

  4. This doesn’t make up for the fact that he blatantly makes stuff up about people, and repeats it in public like it’s true. Ted Cruz’s dad and the JFK assassination? REALLY? And still talking about it, even after the convention? That’s just ridiculous.

    • Janet

      Trump is out to be President the trueth is spoken!Ted is a little guy that can be addressed after Trump becomes President.The trueth was spoken about Teds father its the current investigators job to sort all that out. Right now all focus is on crooked Hilary!!! She rigged the democratic vote she won’t be doing the same this November!! Trump train get on or get run over!!!

    • sarrask

      It gets complicated when you change the topic to Cruz’s father. But, remember that Cruz had both his wife and father actively campaigning for him. Heidi was doing rallies by herself, and Rafael was doing the equivalent of rallies in churches. It’s not like Trump was talking about someone sitting in a rest home all day watching TV. Here’s the clip in question. Note that Trump is counter-punching against Rafael’s attack, where Cruz Sr makes a religious argument that voting for Trump would result in America being destroyed. So if the media is reporting on Rafael’s attacks, Trump was asking why they hadn’t also mentioned the story about Rafael himself. If Rafael hadn’t attacked Trump, Trump wouldn’t have mentioned this.

    • Auntie Em

      Kind of like you are doing right now…. You don’t know the facts you are passing the Clinton buck…talk about ridiculous.

  5. S

    People need to read the entire article and watch the clips then comment.

  6. littlemike

    There is no getting away from the fact thart the Democrats are liars and so are the media stooges that prop them up.

  7. littlemike


  8. Mark L

    Catholics4trump: are you REALLY trying to defend Trump by saying he didn’t accurately act out the spastic movements of the NY Times reporter? I’m mean, come on! What a pathetic attempt to justify what cannot be justified…

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      No. Did you read the article? I’m saying he wasn’t trying to act out any movements of the reporter. He was impersonating a generic flustered reporter, just like he impersonated a flustered Ted Cruz and flustered General. Just added a video. Check it out.

      • Claire

        Haha seriously? You can’t possibly be that stupid

        • Brad

          Yet, without even realizing it, you’ve demonstrated an indisputable level of willing ignorance.

          It’s unfortunate that you are unable to see it, because it truly is quite astonishing. Even for a liberal.

      • Sharon Wignall waters

        I am very happy I was able to see your reports and videos. It is VERY informative and shows facts that we won’t see by the liberal media. It is so very very clear and obvious that Mr Trump was NOT mocking the reporters disability at all. I read Every word and watched everything explaining how it all started and played out. Great job showing the facts and truth!!! Doubters and judgers need to see. ” There’s none so blind as those who will not see”.

    • Michael Wheeler

      You obviously haven’t watched the videos of all three gestures with all three people. You should look at it before commenting in imaginary empiricals without evidence. Pure standard progressive behavior!

  9. Bob

    Well, that video does show the full disability, but no spasms or apparent non-intentional movement, which is what the democrats continue to lie about. Another Fail.

  10. Francine Haas

    It seems the reaction of Trump to someone who won’t speak the truth or can’t remember, are one in the same. Trump is a very unique person. He’s got a huge heart, but he doesn’t take bull from anyone…and he’s not politically correct enough to not speak his mind.

  11. Bobbie Lynch

    point taken about there being 2 sides to every story..Media doesn’t like to be fair…Fair is usually boring and factual..Not much sensationalism in facts!!!If the media really wanted to help this great county,they would be unbias,report facts,and cover both parties fairly ,in order for we voters to make a wiser decision ,instead of it being a popularity contest..As sensitve that I am to Special Needs people,even I wondered what, the other side of the horrible mockery was all about…They need to quit insulting our common sense and start presenting a real game plan from both candidates..Tired of the bull***…..Tired of he said,she said.. Tired of fading promises…either you can lead this great country or you can’t….God Bless us all…USA,all the Way!!!

    • Debra

      You know it shames the memory for the media from years ago the ones that died and would of died before they would print a lie!

    • Dale

      Check your “facts” the Presidential election is NOT “a popularity contest”, the “popular vote” has NOTHING to do with who ends up in office, only the votes of the Electoral College are counted toward actually putting a candidate into that office!

  12. Bobbie Lynch

    country not county,ooops,sorry typo.

  13. TheOnion

    Wow, this is some of the best post-modern satire I’ve ever read! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work in the future. I’m still laughing, that was nicely done.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      It’s all factual. I hope you’ll take the time to read the article in full.

      Also, please let me know when the Onion is going to start showing some objectivity in their political satire.

      • Hannah

        Thank you for this article. I have mixed feelings about Trump and wood hate to think he would sink so low as to impersonate a disabled man. Thank you also for staying calm in the comments.

  14. Patricia Kay Kosovic

    I love the reference to Trump flailing around like someone with cerebral palsy. I have cerebral palsy, and know a number of people with cerebral palsy. The majority of cerebral palsy people do not fail unless there are other neurological and skeletal-muscular conditions involved. I do however hold my right hand much the same as the reporter does. Trump was mocking a disabled person, the reason is immaterial. He acted the fool much the same way the kids I grew up with acted 30 years ago. Just shows his maturity and feelings towards someone he sees is lesser than him.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Patricia, I am sorry that you have this condition and my heart goes out to you. But Trump was trying to impersonate a flustered reporter. He was not imitating someone with a spastic sort of disability and this is what the media implied and I think it was dishonest. Trump impersonated others using the same motions. As for cerebral palsy:

      “Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common type of cerebral palsy. The muscles of people with spastic cerebral palsy feel stiff and their movements may look stiff and jerky. Spasticity is a form of hypertonia, or increased muscle tone.”

      • Jean

        If he was “imitating a flustered reporter” as you say…then you need to listen to his speech as well…pretty sure “flustered reporters” don’t talk like they have marbels in their mouths…some people afflicted with CP can sound like they do however. My dad was a cradle Catholic and was as Democrat as the day is long and even HE woudl be embarrassed by you.

    • Viviana

      Amen , God bless you.

    • Hyseed

      I’m sorry Patricia. I too am someone who is disabled but it’s profound hearing loss in my case and still many people think I’m dumb and I hate not being treated as normal. Getting to the point of this article: I think the media is being unfair. Literally I wanted to get the other side of the story because I just don’t trust the media. Also I’m not perfect and I don’t expect Trump to be perfect but in this case I think it speaks volumes that they didn’t show Trump using the same movements to talk about Cruz or anyone else. They didn’t talk about Trump supporting Megan. The only feeling I get from cnn or anyone else who doesn’t like Trump is that he is rotten to the core. But that just doesn’t sit right with me. Yes he can do things and be brash and seem harsh but I don’t think it’s in his heart to be wrong. My feeling is he REALLY CARES and in fact most people do but you can’t see that without context and actually knowing the guy not just what the news gives you. Unfortunately all I hear is negative things about Trump and millions of people are going to vote based on only side of the story.

    • Sharon Wignall waters

      I was enlightened and informed by looking at all the facts/videos presented. Mr Trump was doing a gesture , which he is shown doing in other speeches the very same way, about persons who are flustered and maybe not being truthful or remembering what they’re saying, etc.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        Exactly. Thank you Sharon for getting it.

    • Brad

      Hopefully the majority of other cerebral palsy suffers haven’t also entirely lost their ability to read and/or understand plain English.

      Because nowhere in any of the above-provided evidence does Trump EVER make ANY type of reference to, nor even attempt to somehow emulate anyone with any type of disability. You’re either simply making stuff up, or you didn’t comprehend the information provided.

      Hopefully, you’ll eventually regain the ability to truthfully comprehend facts, regardless of the source.

      God bless you.

  15. Liz

    Stop cherry picking and give your readers the whole story. Regardless of who said what and when, Trump and Kovaleski knew each other well…

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      They did not know each other well, look at the third video.

  16. Catholics 4 Trump

    Mocking a groveling reporter, but not a disability.

  17. Mary

    This is both appalling and disappointing. I expected much, much better from people who belong to a Church that promotes the dignity of every human person.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      How about dignity for Trump against slander? Or does it not apply to him. And what about dignity of the unborn his opponent promises to kill?

      • Jim

        I am pro-life and anti-abortion. However, I would find the anti-abortion discussion and stance from the Catholics more authentic and genuine if there was equal fervor against capital punishment.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          The problem is that capital punishment is not intrinsically evil like abortion and is permitted in principle as a matter of self-defense (defense of the society). See Aquinas.

          • Joe

            Thou shall not kill. Look it up, I’m sure you’ll find it. Baby or adult, applies the same way.

          • Tim

            Joe the 10 Commandments say “murder” not “kill” though some versions use the word “kill” the Hebrew word implies violent, unauthorized killing, i.e., murder. Look it up.

        • Thom458

          Jim, I am both anti-abortion and anti capital punishment. I hope you don’t use your argument about some’s discrepancy in support of both to justify voting for the democratic platform of abortion.

  18. Edward Winn

    Catholics 4 Trump. I’m Jesuit trained. There must be some other Catholicism because the one I know and practice would never support a demagogue like Trump

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Does your Jesuit Catholicism teach that you can actively or passively assist the Queen of abortion who is anti-homescholing and anti-religious freedom to be president? I remember when the Jesuits used to be Catholic.

      • Marie Therese

        You don’t seem very Catholic to me. We are not called to generate anyone, but to love. I see no love in you.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Thank you for reading my soul. Heed the words of Pope Francis who said: “Who am I to judge?”

          • Jean

            You might want to heed those words, too, “there but for the grace of God go I”…you are doing a LARGE amount of judging in here sweet pea. Pot meet kettle.

      • Edward Winn

        I’m anti homeschooling myself and a woman should have the right to choose. So yes no problem.

        • Herb Tarlik

          The question wasn’t about you, Edward. It was about Jesuit Catholicism. We know where you Leftist loons stand.

        • May

          Yes we do, as taxpayers, pay for abortions and due to Obamacare It has gotten worse..

          I am a health care worker and pay attention to this issue.

          Abortion IS NOT healthcare.

          • Giovanni Villella

            Agreed but abortion is a done deal have you not seen his statements on 60 minutes …

        • Thom458

          Edward Winn, if the unborn is a woman would you support her the right to choose? And why on earth would anyone be against someone wanting to teach their own children if they are qualified to do so? That smacks of fascism.

      • May

        Yes we do, and due to Obamacare even more so.

        I am a health care worker and pay attention to this issue.

        Abortion IS NOT healthcare.

        • Giovanni Villella

          They see it as cheaper then the kids on the system. Sadly that’s of course how it is and how they see it .. pay for an abortion or all the medical bills and welfare and food stamps

      • Dee

        Where did the church stand on the Bush call to war with Iraq? Capital punishment? Torture as interrogation? Government assistance for the poor?

        Seems there is more than one issue (abortion) in this world. I see abortion-only Catholics as buffet Catholics far more that those who support social justice issues. Home schooling is a man made issue…the church operates within nations and we are instructed to respect the laws of the land. We have so many options through tuition credits and home schooling that aren’t going anywhere due to a federal presidential election. We have every right and duty to provide our children with Catholic teaching, but we are also in a nation with a clear constitution and a history of both religion and religious freedom.

        The church teachings of social justice, charity, and respect for fellow man are much louder than an issue in abortion that has not been impacted by conservative presidential leadership. The case that informs constitutionality has been upheld with conservative appointed justices. To me, it is an important issue but not one that pragmatically is changeable, and is used as a pawn for very secular political desires for conservative leadership

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Abortion and euthanasia are non-negotiable as is the right to educate one’s own children as Catholics. Hillary is against all three.

        • Thom458

          So, Dee, you are okay with the aborting of those God knows in the womb? I hope you don’t use your arguments of other issues to support abortion. I don’t have to stand before God and answer for you but please be sure others aren’t steering you wrong. James warned us about following the world. That is the main thing. Some Germans at one time may have felt the same about the smoke coming from over the hill, ‘what can I do about it so I won’t worry myself about it.’

      • michelle georgevich hellgeth

        I nrrd to join your group. You know Catholic educated adults speak a different language. I did not know you were out here.

      • Sunny

        Jesuits are the extreme liberals in the church! We call them extream liberal Catholics and they are not unlike the liberals running the country today… And it is so sad that our Pope is a Jesuit as well, and he is turning Rome upside down!

        • Dee

          So you question God?

          That is a dangerous slope you are on…my Catholic church teaches of Papal Infallacy. Seems you are questioning God’s selection for Pope.

          Papal Infallacy doesn’t turn on and off. Much like there are other issues the Pope and church have with American policy than abortion (which a president cannot directly affect, and has been upheld in its root decisions by conservative-appointed courts). The church is also anti -torture as interrogation technique, anti death penalty (and strongly so), pro immigration (Trump’s wall is a direct affront to the church position) , and is anti-war in Iraq.

          Seems to me the buffet Catholics are the abortion only ones (euthanasia is not a presidential platform plank nor is it possible without Senate approval, nor is it an issue at this time, and home schooling is at the state level, not federal, and IMO an affront to Catholic education). Now, questioning the Pope, the church leader selected by God with papal infallacy?

          At that point, you really aren’t a Catholic. You don’t say a Pope is failing. God picked our Pope…I trust Him over your politics

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            The Pope never said you can’t vote for Trump. Vatican clarified his answer later because the reporter who asked the Pope the question loaded it with inaccuracies.

          • Joe

            The pope is infallible only when he speaks ex-cathedra, which has happened about four times (the immaculate conception being one example). So no, not everything Francis says reflects the word of God. Did God himself, through Saint JP II The Great, allow for priest molestation’s to be covered up? No. It was JP II, as a human, who orchestrated that. Follow God as a Catholic, just look fot guidance from the clergy all the way to the top. They are all humans. And God inspires the interpretation of issues through the bishop of Rome.

          • Thom458

            Dee, I am not a Catholic but are you sure you understand their teaching of the papal infallibility? Neither here or there for me, I go by the Bible and ask God for wisdom. I think one pope decried the social justice warriors in the church who espoused the liberation theology. Very evil stuff, that.

    • Jesuit trained? In the U.S.? This could explain the problem of preferring a rabidly pro-abortion Democrat to Donald Trump.

    • Dave

      This website is run by members of SSPX.

    • Timothy Wade Corder

      No they only have loyalty to one demagogue, and that’s the Pope, who is nothing more than a NWO HACK, and a hypocrite who calls Trump a non-Christian for building a wall, while he, himself, lives behind the most impenetrable wall mankind has ever built. Stop throwing words around to describe Trump that have nothing to do with him at all.

    • Raeford B.

      Edward, You say you were Jesuit “trained”! It does not say you Learned any thing, nor what you believe. I have to think that your training was wasted!

  19. Suzanne

    How do you know it’s not true I’ve heard another post saying it was true.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Have you read the article? Read it, I just updated it.

  20. Edward Winn

    It actually explains why I am wise enough to see Trump for what he is a pathological liar and a sleaze of the first order.

    • Joe veritas

      Hillary lies all day and you bash Trump for telling the truth.
      How can you face yourself? Hypocrite

    • Timothy Wade Corder

      You think it shows that you have wisdom because you can believe and help spread the lies you have been fed? You are showing the exact opposite of wisdom, and a complete lack of discernment. Trump is the only one telling the truth and the only one speaking from the heart. If you want to talk about pathological liars, this article should be about Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

    • Linda

      You see Trump as a liar but blind to Hillary’s lies? Makes sense to me.

    • Thom458

      And, Ed, that is how many would also describe Hillary. ??? Now let’s be wise and vote for the one that we can at least hold out hope will not use pro-abortion stands for the litmus test in appointing Supreme Court justices. I know Jesus said let the little children come to Him but I am sure he didn’t mean for the democrats to help them along in that way.

    • Brad

      While essentially anyone anywhere can very easily provide almost endless valid examples of Hillary lying about just about any and everything. I would like to see some (perhaps just one or two) legitimate examples of Trump factually lying, and/or acting in a somewhat “sleazy” manner. You can even define what’s considered as being sleazy.

      Since you seem to be so positively negative about Trump, you should have no problems whatsoever with providing numerous legitimate examples.

      We’ll wait..

  21. Judy Hughes

    Media most of the time doesn’t tell or want to show the positive. They mainly want to spread the negative; especially when it comes to politics. If you want good news coverage watch Fox News; not CNN.

  22. Liz

    You really should take down this entire post because it violates the ninth commandment: Thou sadly not lie.

    • Liz

      Sorry–Thou shalt not lie.

      • Herb Tarlik

        Liz — Either you didn’t read the entire article or you are a complete idiot or you are a liar yourself.

  23. Bud

    It’s clear everyone has made up there minds on who they support. It’s fun to watch people express their opinions and make their points just short of name calling. We are divided in half. Not down the middle but from side to side.

  24. Edward Winn

    A Trump supporter can’t be the best judge of liars or they would not have been taken in by Trump. He’s an ignorant, egotistical, vulgar, and completely false. Since you like video watch the video of him discussing how he met Putin in the green room at 60 minutes and got along very well. That’s pathological , a clear sign of mental illness. Trump and Putin were on different continents, never even in proximity. Please explain this one away. I’m waiting!

    • Herb Tarlik

      Let me get this straight . . . you’re a Hitlery supporter calling TRUMP a liar ? ? ?

      You must live in an alternate reality.

    • tom brest

      where did u see that, give the connection

      • Brad

        Eddy saw that imaginary video in his non-existent mind. Therefore he actually won’t be able to show it to anyone else… less Spock is in the house.

        We’re waiting for the real life existing proof (video).

        Not really. People with functioning brains don’t typically wait for something they know for certain does not, nor ever existed.


    • Linda

      I would say, that you are speaking of Hillary. Please post proof of Trump saying he met Puttin. Please show proof of anything you stated, make sure it’s not from a corrupt bias news media. As far as liars go,I think Hillary has everyone beat. She has met Puttin, uranium remember? Watch Clinton Cash.

  25. Ken E.

    When my wife sees someone lying, she opens her mouth, sticks her finger in front of her lips and makes a puking sound. Trump should learn to do that, only offends the lier! Mr. Winn show me where in the constitution, it gives anyone the right to kill the unborn. Or the right to lie. I remember when one swore on the bible to tell the truth and the whole truth when giving testimony. Seems we keep taking away rights every day replacing them with socialist, left wing dogma. Worse than Nazi “rights”.

  26. tom brest

    trump said he was not mocking someone with disabilities, he even said that he had true compassion for folks with disabilities. in the one clip he said over and over that he would never do anything to harm someone with a disability! come on people, a guy has a true heart of compassion. i believe the media is maligning him.

  27. chris

    give me a break!
    i am disabled and this did NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL.
    he was NOT making fun of him disabled, he did not even know he was at this time.
    the guy was acting stupid…
    he deserved being embarrased.


  28. Edward Winn

    Still waiting!

    • Lorraine Rivers

      How you can consider yourself a Catholic and still support a lying and corrupt abortion lover like Hillary is beyond me. Shame on you!

      • Jean

        Who are YOU to judge who he votes for…it’s none of your damned business.

    • Thom458

      Ed, Iol, Hillary feels your pain.

    • Brad

      So are we.

      You’re the Nut Job who flagrantly lied about something you imagined. You claimed Donald Trump is supposedly acting like you, delusional. You also claimed that this was also supposedly video-taped somewhere, sometime.

      All you need to do now is show something even remotely supporting your blatant lie/delusion, or whatever mental issue you are obviously suffering from.

      If by any chance Trump had actually really said or done anything even remotely similar to what you are ignorantly claiming, it would certainly be all over the liberally-biased, unbelievably corrupt national media.

      So where is it?

  29. Hello,

    I am the creator of BOTH videos that exonerate Trump. They are on one of my youtube channels seen here to which I hope you subscribe.

    We created these videos back in November to dispel the lies, fraud and dishonest propagandizing of the issue by both the mainstream media and opponents of Trump including the hapless #NeverTrump klan.

    As any clear thinking individual who’s watched the video can see, this was a case of manufactured outrage. However, it has become more important in recent days as the Clinton camp has sought to make Trumps supposedly ‘mimicking’ or a disabled reporter the centerpiece of her campaign on why Donald Trump is not fit for office.

    She mentioned this in her acceptance speech in Philadelphia at the Democratic Convention and everyone knew what she was talking about. Or, at least they thought they knew.

    What’s been bizarre to me is how many people still refuse to believe the truth, even after seeing the video. These are people so blinded by ideology and or pure hatred, they they won’t even believe their own ‘lying eyes.’

    I want to personally thank you for your exegesis on this subject. It is very timely considering the Clinton Strategy and one of the most exhaustive breakdowns I’ve seen.

    To those people who refuse to accept reality, the question still remains –

    Why did the mainstream media never show actual video footage of the target of Trump’s mocking.

    Isn’t that a reasonable request. We know everyone has heard the story a million times and saw the dishonestly photoshopped side-by-side photo strategically selected to deceive as many people as possible.

    But why not video. That’s the only question to ask people who still inexplicably doubt that they were tricked by the media.

    As for how to explain what happened, here is the best we’ve come up with –

    Donald Trump does an impression of Mick Jagger.
    Liberals find a guy who moves like Tony Bennett and say…
    ..You’re MOCKING him!

    We have read so many wild explanation for how this video does not exonerate Trump, we’ve created a Top Ten List of Excuses which you can see at the top of our comments section. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so bizarrely disconnected to reality.

    This entire episode is illustrative of that biblical notion that some people would rather chose to believe a lie. I see a few of those people have chosen to comment here was well. Always mind-blowing.

    I want to thank you again for putting this out there and hope you will join me in spreading the truth far and wide.

    It can absolutely sway this election.

    Many people, myself included, would have a very different view of Donald Trump if, in fact, he had mimicked a man’s congenital disability.

    The truth is however that he did not.

    NOTE: You can reach me by commenting on either of these two videos –

    1) Media Fail: Reporter NOT Spastic-
    2) VINDICATION: Trump Mocks Army General w/Same “Spastic” Moton –

    There’s also a playlist:

  30. CK

    If you believe he isn’t mocking that the specific reporter, isn’t he certainly mocking disabled people in general? And isn’t that at least equally as despicable if not more so?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      No, he’s not mocking disabled people in general, unless Cruz and the General are disabled too.

      • KAG

        I don’t think you understand how mocking works. His go-to impersonation of someone he deems feeble and flustered is at the very least inspired by someone with cerebral palsy. That is a problem, irrespective of the target.

        • Catholics 4 Trump


          • KAG

            “Sigh….” is the best response you can come up with? Your argument is that just because the people Trump made fun of don’t have cerebral palsy it’s okay for Trump to use an impersonation of someone who does to make fun of them. The mind boggles.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            He wasn’t making fun of someone who has CP. Even the media doesn’t claim he does.

  31. anonymous

    Good job, well sourced. Impressive effort. The biased media doesn’t like anyone doing their job for them., or exposing their faults.

  32. Katherine

    So, in conclusion, Trump makes fun of people with AND without disabilities as though they have spastic cerebral palsy. Catholics can now vote for Trump with the comfort of knowing he is an equal opportunity offender. Thanks for that.

    This particular conservative, Catholic isn’t soothing her conscience with some false pretense about who Trump is or is not. If I can bring myself to vote for him, I will only do so to avoid “her”, but I’m well aware that there will be terrible consequences for giving that pompous, arrogant, childish, windbag the most powerful position in the world.

    A chastisement is coming, and it’s coming regardless of which of the two fools becomes president.

  33. Anonymous

    Edward Winn explain why terrorists are messing up europe and why Obama is allowing it. Why Obama wants terrorism here.

  34. LDSang

    You know, the Nazis had apologists too.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Yes, you can see their tactics still alive at CNN, WaPo, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSLSD, etc. etc., as we point out in this very piece.

  35. D.E. Thomas

    “Since you like video watch the video of him discussing how he met Putin in the green room at 60 minutes and got along very well. That’s pathological , a clear sign of mental illness. Trump and Putin were on different continents, never even in proximity.”

    If you believe that Trump lied, and that being a liar disqualifies him from the presidency, you must also believe that Hillary is disqualified from the presidency:

    (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton said she “misspoke” last week when she gave a dramatic description of her arrival in Bosnia 12 years ago, recounting a landing under sniper fire.

    Clinton was responding to a question Monday from the Philadelphia Daily News’ editorial board about video footage of the event that contradicted her assertion that her group “ran with our heads down” from the plane to avoid sniper fire at the Tuzla Air Base.

    Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for rival Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign, said the Bosnia claim was part of “a growing list of instances in which Sen. Clinton has exaggerated her role in foreign and domestic policymaking.”

  36. Edss

    Most moronic argument ever. Since he didnt make the exact movement it doesn’t count? This motherfucker should be burned alive.

  37. Billy Heath

    I would vote for a 3 legged skunk before I voted for the lying, underhanded, back stabbing , thief, unethical Birch,
    we already had a Clinton impeached..they stole furniture and paintings on their way out then….what’s wrong with this country.?…how do you forget that.!

  38. James Smith

    All of you are going to burn in hell for supporting such a greedy and dishonest man. You might as well help the Antichrist himself get elected. Oh…and don’t forget God himself will hold you accountable for looking the other way while your priests molest and violate young children.

  39. L J Michelich

    Catholics4Trump should be ashamed for supporting a complete wretch of a person like Donald Trump, and trying to defend his despicable campaign.
    God will have a special place in Hell for you all.

  40. lyn

    Donald did mock this reporter. But he did it like I would have made fun of my sisters, brothers or a close friend when they did something stupid. Not to be taken seriously.. I didn’t think of anything more. This subject is over rated…. I say get over it… too many others important issues to cover. No apology for being Human. If he can’t be a good reporter then this is how we react.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      He mocked the reporter, but not the reporter’s disability. Key difference the media was hoping we wouldn’t notice.

      • Robert Beeson

        Here is where your argument falls completely apart: From your own words, “People watching the clip of Trump’s impersonation only knew that Kovaleski was disabled. Thus, they naturally assumed Kovaleski’s disability must be similar to cerebral palsy “. And yet you can somehow impart to Trump the knowledge of the true nature of Kovaleski’s disability, and extrapolate from that he was therefore not mocking him. I call BS.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          No, I don’t impart any knowledge to Trump about Kovaleski. I’m saying Trump had no idea who he was and did not know he was disabled at all.

  41. Excellent article, Catholics 4 Trump. I personally am very against Trump, but I love truth and legitimacy. You have exposed one of the media’s lies to me. There are still dozens of reasons to detest Trump, but now I have one less.

    BTW, you imply that Trump has no problem with disabled people and offer this donation as proof. Trump may or may not have a problem with disabled people; I have no idea either way. But the donation certainly doesn’t constitute proof. It was made very recently and was more likely made for damage control than genuine concern.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Look at the examples of things did for the disabled before the donation that are in the article. He has also made plenty of donations before the latest one to the vets. Thank you for the response and having an open mind.

      • Edward Winn

        I saw him going on today about all the ramps and special elevators he builds today. What a joke. They are required by law. What will his next moronic brag be about? I can hardly wait?

        • trumpt blast

          Edward what the law requires is a minimum base what a builder does starts at base and makes better !!! Like wider ramps so two can pass with ease gentler slopes to easily a wheelchair operated by hand !!! The base is not always the best way to go just like following the base building codes is not always the best design that’s why so many architects required a plus 10 on specs !!!

      • Edward Winn

        The latest donation that he had to be forced to make. He has a long history of writing checks with his mouth and never making the donations.

  42. Jerrie Girand

    It is no surprise that George Stephanopolous would be mentioned in this post. He is such a disgrace to ABC and to the journalistic world. He donated $75,000 to Clinton’s campaign so you cannot expect him to be fair for Trump for anything. But then, most media, especially the big anchor people, are in Clinton’s pocket. George is probably being promised a job in the Clinton administration. So many others have been. New York Times and Washingrton Post are out to get everybody that does not conform to their thinking. Their Communistic thinking.

  43. Jerrie Girand

    You said (this site) said because I really do not know who you are, but you said I had already made a comment like this before. You people are liars, I have never made a comment like this before, and especially on your site. You just do not want anything said that is against the propaganda you are trying to spew.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      What are you referring to? We did no such thing.

  44. Kelly

    Really…The Revolution in this country needs to be us marching on the media..They are instigating all of our problems…There are no journalists just lies…Wanna bet a couple of million people baring down on the alphabet news, CNN, and now Fox News the establishment Republican channel won’t make a statement you are surely wrong…A news reporter and his wife left and became nurses..They both used to be people you would see reporting the news…They couldn’t stand the lies so they changed their careers..They couldn’t live with themselves…It is these lies that generate the hate, anger, division…This is just the beginning…The ride will be rough…but we can prevail…Above all turn the crap stations off…Don’t watch..Don’t participate..

    • Kim Longley

      Donald Trump would love the media if they would keep their mouths shut everytime he makes a BUFFOON out of himself. He USES the media every five minutes to twist it into making his point, keeping the people off point and evading the real issues and more importantly SOLUTIONS- that make sense

  45. Edward Winn

    Any questions? Can’t wait to see your nonsense excuse. It should be very amusing.

    Trump is a vulgar moron completely unsuitable to be president.

    What do you say of him stating that he would order the military to kill the families of terrorist? I actually listen to the soulless troll so don’t tell me about context or media spin. I hear him say this crap as he says it.

  46. Edward Winn

    More nonsense from the sleaze in chief.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Has a “relationship.” Yeah, a paper relationship with his government to make sure everything was ok for his pageant in Moscow.

      This entire narrative is bogus. The media is desperately trying to create a story out of Putin to distract from the fact that the DNC leaks exposed the organization in collusion with the media, as well as bigots in the DNC and an orchestrated plot to defeat Bernie. Wake up.

  47. Edward Winn

    Hyde amendment. Pay attention to something other than fox news

  48. Edward Winn

    “Obama is allowing it”. You ARE mentally challenged so I won’t debate you. I was trained better than that.

  49. Edward Winn

    Planned parenthood is funded for health screenings, cancer prevention, birth control. Not abortions. Hyde amendment. Btw your sleaze bag used to support planned parenthood.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      PP performs not one mammogram. They also shift money around. The money they get from the government means they cam spend more money on abortions. Check your facts.

      • Mike Fair

        I worked for Planned Parenthood. They provide breast exams and set up the mammograms for women who otherwise couldn’t get them. PP does more for women than you could imagine.

        • Kim Longley

          That is so very true. and sense the repukes dont want anyone to have inexpensive health care, Planned Parenthood can help

  50. Edward Winn

    No it isn’t.

  51. Bobbie Lynch

    Dale,the” popularity” vote was in satire,of “special interests groups that are expecting a favor for their “donations”..Leaning towards Trump,because I believe Obama’s administration has divided this country ,and I was one of the stupid ones that gave him 2 chances to get it right.. Hillary lost my vote when she used the mothers of “victims” of suppossingly police violence,to gain votes.What about the Police families that have lost loved ones?? Let’s encourage bad behavior,and waste even more taxpayers money to bail out questionable lawsuits…No,Trump is not always “politically correct”, but with the right people in his cabinet to help direct him,I have to believe he has the best interest of all of us,hard working taxpayers,in mind. I need to believe that he wants to rebuild our country up,and start letting other countries stand up for themselves ..I agree with his points in the “no free lunches for loafers.”.And illegals.,need to follow our laws/rules or go back to where they came from.I can be tracked by the IRS,and I’m ok with it..Politically Correct?? in my opinion that phrase almost fits the definition of an oxymoron…God bless us all…

  52. Alan

    Very good article. Trump did not mock the reporter’s disability but he did mock the reporter just as he mocked Ted Cruz and the general who commented about ISIS. So if we remove the word “disability” then the story is true. To “tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner” is not a trait I would want in a president.

  53. Katherine

    Edward Winn,

    The GAO (Government Accountability Office) acknowledged that the ACA does, in fact, fund abortions. I have attached a link to that report. Not only that, but one of the very first things that Obama did when he took office was repeal the “Mexico City Policy”, which prohibited US tax dollars from being spent on abortions overseas. The Hyde Amendment is useless.

    Planned Parenthood claims that only 3% of their business is abortions. That is like a jeweler saying that only 3% of his business is selling diamonds. That may be true from the standpoint of services offered, but the largest portion of his income comes from the diamond sales. The same is true of PP. Abortions are a small percentage of services offered, but an overwhelming percentage of their income. PP also plays with the numbers to widen the gap of these percentages. If a woman meets with a PP consultant, gets a pap smear and receives birth control, PP doesn’t consider this one appointment, but 3 separate services. You should also google Planned Parenthoods revenue and ask yourself why they need federal funding (a.k.a. your tax dollars). Last year their tax report showed they made $127 MILLION DOLLARS in revenue in excess of expenses.

  54. Michael

    You’ve really touched a nerve here, C4T! The fact is that people who have already made up their minds to hate Trump (or anyone else) for whatever reason will refuse to see the truth of this issue regardless of how plainly presented. This is because to look at it objectively and acknowledge that they’ve swallowed a lie would mean that they have to re-examine their beliefs about who this man is and their reasons for so vehemently hating him.

    High profile public individuals from celebrities to politicians are closely and carefully scrutinized every day and in every detail of their lives. Such scrutiny of ANY individual, be it you, me or anyone reading this, would, from time to time, reveal untruths (intentional or otherwise), words spoken in poor judgment/taste, missteps, errors, lapses of judgment, stupid decisions, etc. Of course, it would also uncover moments of kindness and tenderness, words perfectly spoken and perfectly timed, humor, strength and courage. Your opinion would be shaped only by which set of attributes you choose to highlight. As much as we all like to hold ourselves up as the shining gold standard of righteousness by which all others are to be judged and next to which all others fall woefully short, the fact is we are ALL fallible and fall woefully short of the shining gold standard of righteousness. We all have our warts (metaphorically speaking, of course). Unfortunately, all too often, we are only fed the portions of the scrutiny that the media wants us to see to propagate the opinion that they want us to have.

    • Dave

      Michael, he makes fun of people. He can’t communicate in complete sentences. He’s inarticulate. He has no concrete ideas on how to help make America great(er). He has no moral core that I can discern. Can you? Where is it? Why isn’t it front and center in his campaign? Are you telling me that you look at this man in his gilded palace with his plastic women and see a guy who inspires you, who fills you with hope that America will be the greatest nation on Earth, bar non, forever? That he can do it all by himself? (That’s what Caesars say). C’mon, man. Stop being intellectually dishonest here. Grow up.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        He’s not Hillary and will appoint judges that won’t persecute Christians and propagate baby killing. Game over.

        • Jim

          Catholics4Trump, I wish you had the same passion for all human life as you do for the unborn. I share your concern for the unborn, but what about the rest of the human race?

        • Jean

          There is MORE to this life than abortion…good grief…is that all you can prattle on about…what ELSE is this orange faced Cheeto going to do for YOU?

          I’ve been a Catholic for 57 years but YOU have made me rethink my whole faith in one night. You should be proud. I have never been more ashamed of my faith in my life.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Any faith that tells you it is morally acceptable to vote for Hillary is one that is not worth having.

      • Michael

        Seriously, Dave? You read my comment and THAT is what you took from it? Your reply is nothing but assumptions about my beliefs based on based in your own bias. Where in my statements about the universal fallibility of man and the refusal of haters to admit when an argument is well-founded did you read that I “look at this man in his gilded palace with his plastic women and see a guy who inspires me, who fills me with hope that America will be the greatest nation on Earth, bar non, forever?” Is there anything in my comment that indicates that I support any candidate other than the fact that I looked at the author’s article objectively and pointed out that those who oppose its assertions will refuse to so look at it? And you, who project preconceived notions on me so you can condescend to me from your imagined moral high ground, are going to tell me to stop being intellectually dishonest and grow up? YOU assumed that I support Trump. YOU assumed that I am deluding myself. YOU assumed that I was defending Trump. YOU demeaned yourself to nothing more than name-calling and finger-pointing. Try this simple exercise: re-read my comment without your political beer-goggles on and try to see anything other than an objective statement about the condition of mankind. It’s people like you who make me miss the art of intelligent conversation.

  55. JT

    This is the most stupid and poorest excuse for a defense of this pathetic, egotistical, ignorant, sub-standard of a human being. “Catholics 4 Trump” huh, Trump is the best that Catholics can do?? I doubt it! This organization had better wake the fuck up! Because if you all think that this shit-heel of a man gives a damn about Catholics, Baptists, Methodists or any other religion for that matter you’d better wake your asses up! And for him to go after a Gold Star mother of a soldier killed in action, just goes to show how much of a piece of gutter shit he really is!

  56. Koch Industries for Pres, 2016!

    How could Trump either accurately or inaccurately portray (or even comment about) one of half a billion reporters Trump doesn’t recall?

  57. ” This is because to look at it objectively and acknowledge that they’ve swallowed a lie would mean that they have to re-examine their beliefs about who this man is and their reasons for so vehemently hating him.”

    Well put! This is exactly what we see on my channel where the videos are hosted.
    You can see it manifest as the unhinged haters are already trying to change the subject to the next (also manufactured) outrage!

    In the matter of the disabled reporter, the Trump haters, bought a lie.
    Simply put, they were snookered, bamboozled, tricked, and suckered.
    And, what they fail to realize is that their continued obtuseness in the face of undeniable plaintive evidence says far more about THEIR character than it does of our next president – Donald J. Trump

    PS I encourage all those who still refuse to believe their ‘lying eyes’ to come visit. We have a committed crew waiting in the comment section that will make their stay…er…unforgettable!

  58. Sunny

    Excellent article! I plan to share this with many DJT groups and put this lie to bed once and for all! Excellent facts and the videos prove the lies that were told by the media! Don’t mind the trolls and shills here, the article more than proves its point. Liberals can’t face the truth. The truth to a die-hard liberal is like throwing holy water on a vampire!! Thanks!

  59. Amy

    How can Catholics morally try to make mocking anyone ok? So he mocks everyone with the same motion…..when is it right to mock anyone? You would make a better case by recognizing honestly Trump’s faults, while highlighting what you honestly see to be his advantages, although I don’t believe him to be our best choice.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      He was being animated at a rally and impersonating a reporter backtracking. I don’t think it is that big a deal in a political campaign. Tim Kaine mocked Trump at the DNC. Did you see that? It’s expected as part of the theatrics.

      • Kenneth Sandale

        “He was being animated at a rally and impersonating a reporter backtracking.”

        The reporter did not backtrack.

        ” Tim Kaine mocked Trump at the DNC. ”

        Do you understand that it is different to mock quirkiness than to mock disability?

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Yes. And Trump didn’t mock the reporter’s disability.

  60. Really

    Wow! Just…wow! Do you guys actually believe what you write in these articles? Oh thats right, virgin birth, man returns from the dead, imaginary boss in the sky. Trump is probably the most believable thing you’ve seen in more than 2000 years. This guy has a recognized and diagnosable mental health condition and you continue to double down on the ceazy notion that he will be good for the country. How, in any right minded way can you believe that.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      So you are outraged Trump mocked a reporter and then you come on here and mock the religion of a billion Catholics. Perhaps you share Trump’s “diagnosable mental health condition.”

  61. Kristen

    Alright. So, he didn’t mock his disability. He just mocks people in general. It’s that supposed to make it better? Is that supposed to make him a better person? It really doesn’t when you take into consideration the other things he has done. He is still a bully, he is still an asshole, he is still under qualified to lead this country, he still uses fear tactics to get people to support him, he still has no actual plan to “make america great again, ” and he is still an abomination of a human being. He is a sexist pig who supports hate and sexual crimes against minorities and women. This new information does not change the years of belittling comments directly to or in regards to women and it does not change the more recent remarks in regards to current issues and mass shootings.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      At least you see he wasn’t mocking the disability. Thank you. As for the rest, think what you want of him, but he does not support hate and sexual crimes against minorities and women.

  62. K.

    Don’the try and tell us he didn’the do it. I saw it when he initially do it. Who is lying here! Other people saw it too!! Get real!!!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      But WHAT did you see? That is the question. Read the article.

  63. thicker

    You are going to regret your position of support for this racist, misogynist coward.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Hardly. He is neither a racist nor a misogynist. The man has women in the highest levels of his companies and has raised great daughters. He is not a racist at all and to say so is calumny. There are people of all races who like him. And there is no way he can possibly be worse than Clinton who will expand abortion and persecute Christians as well as change America forever through the Courts. And that doesn’t even count her corruption.

      • Isn’t it amusing that the ones saying this about Trump don’t know him & in many cases haven’t even met him? Yet, EVERYONE who has met him, worked with/for him or just Known him personally, ALL say the Opposite!! Lolsmh (<can I lump all that together? Because I'm Doing it, lol!)

    • Nobody said they were supporting You, douchebag! We’re talking about the next president, Mr. Donald J. Trump! (So please, take your cowardly woman-hating racist self out of here since you only hate Trump because he’s white, good luck to ya, lol!)

  64. skraf

    No fact checking Trump paid web page! The writer of the story in the Post was writing about Isrealis that had gotten pulled over, not Muslims. And yes, Trump was making fun of that disabled journalist.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      New York Post, “Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.”

      He was imitating a backpedaling journalist. He was not imitating any disability.

  65. Dave

    Does is bother any of you supposed Catholics that Trump makes fun of anybody? He’s running for president. Time to grow up. Oh, and he said women should be treated like “shit.” Um, is that Christian? I’ve always said Catholics should be at least a little bit Christian. But what do I know? I’m only Catholic.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      He’s not Hillary and will appoint judges that won’t persecute Christians and propagate baby killing. Advantage Trump.

      • Kristen

        You must be absolutely joking. How dare you even begin to insinuate that the Christian faith is “”””persecuted”””” to even a fraction of a degree compared to other faiths. A huge chunk of Trump’s campaign is dedicated to the persecution and denial of rights to an entire faith based on the actions of radicals who have clearly demonstrated that they are not truly part of the religion, just as Christians have done for hundreds of years. As for Trump himself, he does support crime. What was his response to the mass shooting in Orlando? “I told you so (paraphrased).” What was his response to women who are raped in the military. “That’s what happens to women when they serve with men.” There is also plenty of documented proof of his sexist attitude and outlook on women. Including during his recent rallies and campaigning. Also another thing to point out, you know what I have searched high and low for? Documented violence at a Sanders rally. Could not find a single thing. He sure does not support violence. Meanwhile at Trump rallies silent protesters who do nothing but stand and silently shoe their non support for him are thrown out all the while verbally and physically assaulted by his supporters at almost all of his larger rallies if not most of them in general. He does not condemn their behavior. That is disgusting and reprehensible.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Kristen, please try looking and reading non-left wing news sources just for a day. Christians are by far the most persecuted in the world. It’s worse now than in Roman times. Hundreds of thousands are being killed in the Middle East by practitioners of the region of peace. His response to Orlando was to make people safer by not importing terrorists. He’s not pro-rape (can’t believe I need to say that). And if the hired rent-a-thugs who beat Tump rally attendees in San Jose senseless doesn’t convince you who is starting the violence, I don’t know what to tell you.

          • Kristen

            Clearly you do not look directly into the things that trump has said through print and video. He openly blames women for rape in the military. “Appreciate the congrats for being right… blah blah blah.” First of all, the Orlando shooter was a hater of the LGBT community, not a member of ISIL. So, not only was trump completely wrong, he showed not a single ounce of compassion in regards to the lives lost due to hate. You clearly haven’t looked at any other trump rally besides the single one that made the news because some trump supporters got hurt. They don’t show on the news the trump supporters who physically and verbally harass non supporters, which has been done by the hundreds and thousands. Trump also has years of documented proof through video and print that he is a sexist pig who belittles women. If you refuse to read those things, you are just ignorant.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Do you look at Hillary through the same character microscope you look at Trump? You’d rather elect someone who has pledged to encourage baby killing to make $ for her Planned Parenthood donors than someone you think is a crass boor?

            Trump has women in the highest levels of his companies and has raised outstanding daughters. Rent a mobs had open season of violence on Trump supporters. One black Trump supporter was shot! People were beaten and had things thrown at them. Trump supporters have shown far more restraint than maybe they should have considering the abuse they constantly take for simply attending a rally. Paid protestors go there and agitate and become violent trying to shut down their free speech. This is true fascism.

      • Wow, you’ve struck a tender nerve by the crybaby libtarded trolls you’ve attracted, kudos! You could slouch along hunched over, & Still be head and Shoulders above these douchebags! Keep up the good work!

      • Tony

        So as long as he’s not going after me and my tribe, then who cares, right? That always works out well.

  66. Dave

    Oh, by the way: there is nothing in the bible that suggests Jesus was a republican. Nothing. Could you imagine JC sitting down with DJT? What on earth would they have to say to each other? So, my point is, even though you feel obligated to vote Republican because you’re catholic and someone told you that you have to vote republican, you can think instead about JC and the moral character he had and ask yourself who the best person might be for the presidency. If the answer is “no one” then stay home and don’t vote.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      I seem to remember Jesus sitting down and eating with sinners and tax collectors. Others were scandalized.

  67. AnikaDiva

    Phew, I’m so happy you cleared that up for me. Thank the lord there are catholics in the world “hellbent” on reminding all of the stupid liberals that our brains simply cannot understand the true power and awesomeness that is Trump. I can’t believe I ever had my own opinions, thoughts and beliefs. I mean god, just look at all of the amazing things he’s done, and beautiful things he’s said over the past decade. How could I ever for one moment look at this person and listen to his words and believe he was anything but a true moral savior. Your post and all of its associated links, especially those icky liberal produced removed ones have certainly made me reconsider my views. ALL HAIL TRUMP.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      You’re welcome.

      • Gerald Rak

        I hope you realize the sarcasm in the remarks of AnikaDiva.

    • Thomas

      Seriously? “All hail Trump”? There is only one who deserves that acclamation, and that would be Christ. Perhaps some time spent in prayer and at mass considering who you worship would be good.

  68. Jeanne

    It’s even worse when you mock someone who is not disabled by making them appear physically disabled. It’s like calling them the “R” word, which is an insult to those who are handicapped. I remember this type of behavior from elementary school (I am old enough to remember when this was okay; thank goodness we no longer accept this behavior from children, either). Adults are supposed to have grown up and out of this type of behavior.

    You can condone this behavior in a CANDIDATE for PRESIDENT? Really? I have to ask. Would your Lord condone and encourage this behavior? Or would he gently and carefully change his heart? Would he ask this man to rule the land? Or would he ask him to repent and fix himself? I ask you to examine your hearts. Can you truly say you want the kind of hatred and fear, when you say you follow the Lord of love and trust?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Well, He definitely wouldn’t want Hillary as president so more babies can die & His religion persecuted. So in a choice between Trump and Hillary, yes I think Our Lord would choose Trump.

      • Kristen

        I seriously hope you are no trying to defend a pro fetus argument by hiding behind religion. If “he” did not condone the death of babied, why are babies killed by the thousands every year in America alone. Do you also believe science should dedicate their time to forcing women to stop menstruating? Every time they do, that’s babies lost. Do you believe men should not have sex unless “normally?” That’s a lost baby every time they do. What about women who are raped? How can you truly believe a woman should have to suffer through months of torture to carry the child of her rapist? I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you are man or woman. I don’t care what your religion is. This is not a country where religion should be any part of the government, especially one that feels they have the right to impose their small minded beliefs onto others. You as an individual also have no right to dictate what a woman can or cannot do with her body, else others try to do the same to you. People who are pro fetus are blinded by lies and refuse to accept scientific proof regarding abortion. What if all women who want or need an abortion kill themselves instead of choosing to carry the “baby?” Would that be better? The baby is still dead and another life taken with it. What if women attempted to have it done in an unsafe environment that killed her or didn’t kill the skin tissue and instead damaged it so it lived a life of pain and misery? You truly think that is better?

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          A baby’s body is not the mother’s body. The baby has a right to life from conception. Half the things you describe do not involve a baby after conception. Please read biology textbook and stop reading the pro-abortion propaganda so you can open your eyes.

  69. Carl C

    Nice try! How about the fact that Chump yelled “I don’t remember!!!!” CLEARLY in a voice that a person with a speech impediment would have? How do you explain THAT away?? He was CLEARLY mocking the disabled reporter. Anyone who thinks otherwise should remove their head from their buttocks.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      What? He said “I don’t remember” in a normal loud frantic voice. First time I’ve ever heard someone say this.

  70. Tracy Starr

    This is CRAZY!! A group of Americans getting all fueled up over a remark someone made? Come on people, get over it. If you want to be treated with some normalcy, you’ve got to buck up. This isn’t first grade anymore. The “teacher, he was nasty to me” excuse doesn’t fly anymore. If you want to assimilate into today’s culture you’ve got to take the kid gloves off and start treating EVERYONE equally!! *Before you start cursing me out for my beliefs; you’ve got to know I, too, am disabled!

  71. Mohamed

    Why do you lie? It’s unchristian..!! Here is what Trump actually said:Readers may recall that the controversy started in November when Trump, without any evidence, asserted this claim about the Sept. 11 attacks: “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      The Breitbart comments at the end address that. But the point is that the media kept saying there was no evidence of ANYONE celebrating in New Jersey when the towers came down. Trump proved them wrong and they had egg on their face. Shifting to the “mocking the disabled” narrative helped change the subject though all of the “fact checkers” still absolutely ignore all of the non-Kovaleski evidence that there WERE people celebrating on rooftops in NJ.

  72. Suzanne

    Man-up and admit there was *imitation*. He probably didn’t mean it as mockery… Did not, does not, and never will see that whatever his intention, the perception of mockery existed at the time and reexplaining it now does his campaign no good. I am disabled myself, and I was shocked back in Nov. 2015 when I watched the videos. Trump was right when he said there were celebrations of some sort on 9/11, but his imitation of that particular reporter struck me as inappropriate in a presidential candidate. Inappropriate in any healthy able bodied man in a disagreement with another person to include physical imitation of the others disability …. Which has nothing to do with the point of their disagreement.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      We think he was doing an impression of a flustered reporter, just like he did impressions of a flustered Cruz and a flustered general (see videos in article). It’s simply the way he impersonates flustered opponents.

  73. Michael

    This article doesn’t prove any thing beside Trump has no class. You should not need to do a whole article about how that’s not what he meant… He should be above attacking anyone, and especially someone disabled. Also that’s one of about 100 missteps are you going to explain away all the others… How about attacking a dead war hero’s parents… You got an answer for that one?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      An answer for defending himself against a Hillary surrogate who believes in Sharia law and who attacked him repeatedly? No answer necessary.
      Also Trump didn’t say anything about Kahn until Stephanpolous continually baited him for a response. Steph wanted a response so he gave him one.

    • Jenna Lyonns

      Please explain how Mr.Trump “attacked a dead war hero’s parents…”

  74. Wow you aretheworst

    Wow. How do you sleep at night? You call yourself a Christian?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Yes. We could not seep at night knowing we didn’t do all we could to stop Hillary Clinton from being President of the United States.

  75. babz

    why would you even try to cover for this horrid man? it is too easy to fact check. he knew this man and had known him for years and he is mocking him . he is a lying cheating adulterer. he ruins lives with his bankruptcies, he tells huge lies. this is a bad man.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Says who? Kovaleski? Trump has met thousands of reporters over the years. Not surprising his name didn’t ring a bell to Trump. Trump even said that Kovaleski must think pretty highly of himself if he thinks I remember him from the 1980’s.

  76. Lucifer

    So Trump didn’t bash Mexican’s, Muslim’s, John McCain, fire fighters & a Gold Star Mother. WOW … the Catholic teachings have changed since I went to school !!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      No he didn’t. He loves the Mexican people, has said it 1,000 times, just doesn’t want illegal aliens, many of whom commit crimes, coming into our country illegally.
      He loves good law abiding Muslim Americans and has Muslim friends, he just doesn’t want unvetted people coming here from tourist laden countries like Syria. He admitted McCain was a war hero, argued against a lib fire marshall who kept half of his crowd out of a rally, and defended himself against the constant insults from Mr. Kahn who then hid behind his son (who is a hero) and the media when his attacks were responded to.

      • Jenna Lyonns

        Yes,Mr .Kahn son is a hero.Mr.Kahn also used his son’s foundation for a front for fetish entertainment that would not be ok with Sharia Law.

  77. Lucille Ball

    Why is Trump mocking anyone? How lame is that

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Kaine mocked Trump at the DNC. Mocked his voice and everything.

    • Skitch

      It’s not mockery and its certainly not lame. *Mimicry* is an ancient art. People pay millions per year to see actors and comedians do it. It’s colorful. You may not be colorful, I don’t know. Its the same thing Trump does when he squares his shoulders, and puts his arms by his side and makes his voice staccato: “I dont like your tone”. It’s brilliant.

      What’s happening here is people know Trump has a huge talent stack … and they hate him for it. A stack that Hillary cant touch with a ten-foot pole.

  78. Mother Teresa

    You are truly pathetic! I am ashamed you have Catholic attached to your group supporting an adulterer, racist, misogonist, and hateful human being! Oh! Right! You’re Catholic, not Christian!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      I don’t recall Mother Theresa hurling such accusations. Take the Pope’s advice and say “Who am I to judge?” He’s not racist, misogynist or hateful. He’s a human being with a lot of flaws, but he’s a far better choice for Catholics than Hillary.

      • Jean

        Do not make your choice my choice…you don’t get to choose for me just because we are both Catholic. I choose…I vote for who I want. YOU have nothing to say in that matter nor does the Church. DO NOT assume you have that kind of power…YOU are nobody.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          The Church forbids you under pain of mortal sin to vote for Hillary. It permits you to vote Trump. All Catholics are obligated to vote against Hillary.

    • Roddy

      I debunk all these poo-poo words here:

      Go read then examine your conscience:

  79. Joe

    Good Lord, the lengths one will go to try to dissuade us from the fact that Trump is an ass and has no business being president. Because he didn’t give an accurate imitation of a disabled man that means the whole story is false and that Trump is a great guy? So you’re saying if Trump was REALLY making fun of him, he’d have held his arm stock still, which is the true nature of the reporter’s disability, rather than flailing his arms in the spastic way the people have always made fun of the disabled or the “spazes.” The whole argument is so pathetic.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      You are assuming he knew the reporter was disabled. That’s our point. We don’t think he did. Evidence is that he did the same impression of Cruz and the General and why would he mock a guy with a fixed hand by going spastic?

    • Katie

      THANK YOU!

  80. Shane

    law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks.
    ALLEGEDLY. A number of people isn’t thousands, or even hundreds. I didn’t applaud the attacks, but I can understand them. Attack the centre of out-of-control capitalism, the places where people profit billions of dollars while (mostly) contributing nothing to the produce they supposedly buy and sell. This profit (not earnings) is made on the backs of billions of producers who are barely scraping a living. Then the attack on the centre of warfare in the world, the Pentagon. Where the most aggressive nation on the planet, plans ITS global terrorism.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      The Breitbart article I quote from & show video from at the end points out more accounts. I think all of them together definitely show that there were people celebrating in NJ.

  81. Diana

    You are deluding yourselves. Trump is no Christian and he DID mock the disabled reporter, no matter what he claims he did after the fact. And it matters not whether he flailed and the reporter’s hand is fixed, he made fun of the man’s condition. See it for yourself.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Did you see how he did the same impression of Cruz and the General.

  82. Kim Longley

    If the Catholic church cannot see what a terrible person Donald Trump really is, then you cannot expect to keep your followers or entice new ones. I am completely baffled at the relationship that is going on. He is a bigot to say the least. He also has absolutely no clue how to engage with anyone. Even if you don’t like her, at least she has knowledge on how to handle the country and herself

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      She has knowledge on corruption, lying, and avoiding prosecution. That’s for sure.

  83. Angelo Ortiz

    If one knowingly lies, it’s a sin. If one helps cover up or helps enable a liar’s story, would that be a sin as well?u

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Exactly. You’ve just made the case why Hillary should be in jail.

  84. Tee Romero

    Whoa …. that’s quite the drawn-out, tedious, convoluted defense of Trump you’ve got there

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      This one is more streamlined:

      It is always easier to throw accusations out there like the media than to explain why they are wrong.

      • Tee Romero

        Your article only makes sense if Trump knew the reporter Kovaleski does not move his arms in a spastic manner. Did he? Given Trump’s inability to dig any deeper than the length of hair on the crown of his head or to empathize, I would seriously doubt if Trump knew anything about the reporter except for the photo you’ve shown.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Incorrect. It makes sense if Trump didn’t know who the reporter was or didn’t remember allegedly meeting him 25 years ago along with 100,000 other reporters he met since then. He was just imitating a flustered reporter like he did Cruz and the General. Just so happened the reporter has a disability unlike anything Trump imitated. It’s a non-story.

  85. Bill Gallagher

    “Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” the billionaire businessman and former Atlantic City casino tycoon said during a rally Saturday night in Birmingham, Ala., “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down.

    Not reports “he read”. Not news” he heard”. He began to water it down as he squirmed to find some life preserver to cling to on this issue. The fact someone else saw something does not justify Trump lied as to what he saw.

  86. Mrs. Jensen

    Well I suppose if you’re supporting a blatant liar, blatant lies come easily to you. speaking as a handicapped person, I’m not shocked or surprised – we are often seen as being stupid because our bodies don’t work quite the same as yours. But to condone trump’s abusive nature and make obvious excuses for same… well, it only tells us what a horrid person YOU are. Do you have the footage saved somewhere for an occasional giggle at the gimp?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Mrs. Jensen, I’m not condoning Trump’s mocking a disability because I don’t believe he mocked a disability. And I would never mock a person’s handicap, unless it was mocking Hillary’s genetic inability to tell the truth.

  87. scr

    You guys are really stretching it thin to justify this guy’s behavior. Would you next like to explain how the earth is actually flat and that its the media that have perpetrated a vast hoax on all of us? Maybe a geocentric universe? Come on, its clear you’re up for it!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      This from people who defend Hillary after it was shown she was running an illegal server out of her basement, let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, and colluded with the DNC to screw over Bernie. It’s not a stretch, it’s the evidence. The media should have shown us all of it.

  88. Kevin Harrington

    I feel sorry for you people — is the Almighty Dollar so important to you that your morality may be bought by this sinful, thrice-divorced, loud-mouthed bully, whose every behavior is the OPPOSITE of Christ-like ?– Anyone who has seen the video of Trump’s actions can SEE FOR THEMSELVES the shameful thing he did — Why try to LIE for that egomaniac ?– Oh yes — “Money Talks” — “Blessed are the PROFIT-MAKERS,” is that your new slogan ?– Peace be with you ….

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      The video does not speak for itself, hence our entire article. Please read it. Thanks.

  89. Jean

    This makes me embarrassed to be a Catholic. How can this religion possibly support this poor excuse for a man?

    Perhaps you need to check your facts before posting such drivel.

    (Debunked link removed)

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      This article debunks your link which conveniently ignores all the evidence we presented. Thus their conclusion is worthless. Also the site is leftist.

    • trumpt blast

      what would you say about jerry Lewis ??? He Immettated many handicapped people in his films !!!

  90. Anne

    The first problem is with your name – catholics4trump. If you’re a follower of Christ and believe his teachings you cannot also be a follower of Donald Trump since he is the exact opposite of all that Jesus taught. Go back and read the New Testament thoughtfully.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Christ is God. Trump is the only political candidate who can save us from pro-abortion, anti-Christian Hillary. It’s logic.

    • Shane

      To Jean and Anne : thumbs up.

    • Pete

      say you’re 100% right about trump… who cares? its 4 years…
      elect hillary, she appoints an anti Religion supreme court justice making it 5 religion haters – 3 justices who represent religious morals …oh yeah, that appointment is for life.
      if you care about the bible at all…its a no brainer.

      • Tyler

        Um…I have to remind you that there is a separation of church and state in our country. It’s one of our founding principles. So, this argument is, well, just plain silly. Supreme Court Justices are bound by the constitution to leave their religious affiliations out of decisions.
        So…yea. religion is a non argument here. Hate to break it to you.

        • trumpt blast

          Taylor show me separation of church and state in the CONSTITUTION as I have never seen it there !!!

  91. Sant332

    You only see what you want to see in order to justify his words and actions. Pathetic, Hypocrisy at its best!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      You only see him through a distorted media lens of deceit.

    • kmh

      I think you are seeing what you want to see.

  92. “And it matters not whether he flailed and the reporter’s hand is fixed, he made fun of the man’s condition. ”

    This might make our Top Ten List! Re-phrased, it might say –

    It doesn’t matter if he didn’t mock him; He DID mock him!

    I like it!

    Angie Grover
    Creator of the video series exonerating Donald Trump from malicious and dishonest attacks

    PS The level of DELUSION on this issue is STAGGERING.
    From my experience, when you encounter behavior as head-scratching as this, it almost always means one of two things are at play…

    –Substance Abuse
    –Acute Mental Distress

    Since this is a Catholic site, my best is guess is it’s largely the later.

    You see, you can’t say he’s mocking the man’s disability when the man doesn’t have the disability you (falsely) accuse him of mocking.

    Video has an amazing way of clearing that up.

    But, only if you watch side-by-side video of both parties which, based on the link you provided, it sounds like you don’t want to.

    It’s clear the mental distress and cognitive dissonance you are experiencing is a result of being faced with the fact that what you ‘knew’ to be true, is actually false.

    Very fascinating human psychology case study here that very likely will be researched for decades to come.

    In the meantime, we once again would like to offer our SINCERE thanks to Catholics4Trump for their outstanding and thorough work on this extremely important matter.

    I’m not even Catholic. But, if I was, you can be assured I’d be a….

    …. Catholic4Trump!

  93. Kris

    Stop making excuses for his bigotry. END OF STORY.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Cruz and the General weren’t disabled. Try again.

  94. Carolyn

    (Debunked Link Removed)

    Dear Catholics 4 Trump, please be honest, and FACT CHECK before you circulate something that isn’t true

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      It is true. Our piece completely debunks the regurgitated talking points of the site you posted which was founded by a liberal blogger.

  95. OK, fine, if he wasn’t mocking someone what he did still looked like a 12 year old child instead of a grown man. I’m a Republican and I’m not voting for Trump or Hillary. They both stink. He’s a total embarrassment. Just look at him. How can you take that terrible act seriously?

  96. Sue

    Catholics for Trump, thank you for the article. Mainstream media will do anything to discredit Mr. Trump and barely anything on Hillary. 3 billion dollars in negative campaign adds and negative media coverage would make anyone appear unlikeable. Trump 2016!!

    • Tom

      Sue, 3 billion is a bit of an exaggeration, however I find it very interesting what a huge discrepancy there is between Hillary’s campaign fund and Trump’s. The figures I found on “Open Secrets” as of July 20, 2016 were Hillary: $289 million vs. Trump: $61 million. He has managed to keep his name front and center with only 1/5th of the funding. Who do you want looking after you hard earned tax dollars? The man who knows how to run a successful business or the woman who has to use 5 times the funds, most of which are used to run damage control?

  97. Colin Martin

    For the record, I remember the people celebrating after 9/11. They aired it on the news, and it was on YouTube. They were Israelis. They were detained. The actual footage of them has since been removed from YouTube, but if you go to YouTube and search “dancing Israelis”, you will get a few news reports about it.

  98. Pete

    Trump is a New Yorker (without that “special” something politicians acquire, its his most endearing quality), if you are shocked by some of the things he does, without having any experience around men of his ilk (including both his hometown and line of work) then you have no perspective to understand some of his actions, and yes; many of which have only harmed his campaign but others, which still cause some to cringe, i find to be refreshing.
    It’s amusing to me to hear Trump knocked for not being “what I want in ‘MY’ president.” Haven’t people been following what recent, anointed “Presidential” nominee’s have done after being elected?
    The word “change” has become cliche throughout modern campaigns and in hindsight its been little more than a smokescreen. so put your vote where your mouth was.. Trump unequivocally represents real “change” from political norms.

    C 4-5 quadriplegic here… TY for compiling this detailed and undeniable article. You can lead a ho to water, but you can’t make her think!
    In truth, I’m a little offended myself. Calling this reporter disabled on par with CP or my condition is insulting. Im shocked at the amount of Liberals chomping at the bit to flush their integrity down the toilet for Hillary… she wont win any popularity contests, so what’s on the proverbial table?

  99. Judy Sober

    Even looking at the still pic I can see Trumps wrist turned in a relaxed way with his fingers straight. This reporter s wrist was turned ver tight looking and his fingers bent up tight like he was making a fist. Then the reporter changing his story and his boss denying the first report shows how stupid and dishonest they are. There is not many in media now that I would take seriously about. Yhey are not worth listening to or reading. They are just acting like a bunch of little Hillarys running around.

  100. Rodney Blasingame

    Bejeezers!! Look at how many deaths Hillary Clinton is responsible for already, plus the many recent suspicious deaths of each person that was supposed to testify against her or at least had condemning information against her that have already reached as high as 5 I think. Could go higher. This lady is immoral, corrupt, and deceptive to say the least, not to mention an out right liar. She should have been indicted for her loss of 30,000 emails and miss handling of so many others. We may be limited on our choices, but one thing is for certain. She’s not a viable choice for countless reasons.

    • ray

      You REALLY need to go someplace besides Brief are and the National Enquirer.Despite what Trump has told you this is NOT Pulitzer prize standard of journalism. There is no real proof of Hillary killing anyone , T Ed Cruz’s father did not asassinate Kennedy . Also Hillary did not cheat on Bill with a space alien.

  101. Gary Locke

    Are you serious this is a Catholic website and the name calling that is taking place. I wonder what Pope Francis would say about this site? I cannot see how any devout Catholic can vote Trump or Clinton. Nice little article here you all should read

  102. Crystal Armstrong

    It’s really sad after all trump has said and done…you all being people of faith you still support him. Just shows how sorry godless people you really are. I stopped going to church because the majority of church goers are Nothing but Hippocrates.

    • Shane

      Too many people think that going to church on Sunday is all they need to do to be “Godly” IMO, nothing could be further from the truth. Sunday church is the topping, that confirms, for a few of them, that they live a Godly life, 24/7/365

    • Coco


    • Catholics 4 Trump

      There’s always room for one more.

    • Jose

      But it’s OK for Hillary to praise Margaret Sanger?! WOW! Hypocrites!

    • Alek

      “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.” God back to church and be open to the truth.

      • trumpt blast

        Many times it has been said that Trump did not mock a handicapped reporter yet most AR outraged that this is being said even though a moving image is compared to a still image !! Why did thy not use the live image of the reporter is his disability was the same as what Trump was doing ??? It has been asked often WHAT WAS THE RETURN DOING BEFORE Trump’s little skit ??? Well it seems he was being to take back his accurate account of 9/11 IRAQIS DANCING ON THE STREETS AND ROOFTOPS BY A BIASED MEDIA !!!!

  103. Becky

    Ted and I remember the media talking about the people cheering in some areas of city and towers, came down. So the media is lying about that now. its been a while, but we thought it was a commentary on tv.

  104. Jose

    But it’s OK for Hillary to praise Margaret Sanger?! WOW!

  105. Carmichael

    Thank you Catholics 4 Trump. I for one took the media’s edited version as the correct representation of what happened. I’ve also seen Trump’s denials and didn’t think much of it. Your explanation + evidence, especially on the reporters actual physical condition helps clear a lot for people like me. God Bless.

  106. lynnette

    Trump was making fun of Killery and her little outlandish behavior , she does that crap all the time .

  107. Cat

    Only the corrupt, criminals and the disrespectful vote and support her. This includes the media that ignore her lies and issues constantly- boycott them especially CNN. Hillary’sLiesMatter! Lock Her Up! Go Trump! #ClintonCash

  108. Tom

    Yes, just remember that CNN stands for the ‘Clinton News Network’ and it has been that way since Bill’s first term in office.

  109. Alana Forsyth

    The trouble with your video of the reporter is that you do not include his arms in the picture.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      We added the video of the reporter with arms visible. Check again.

  110. Juan

    The number of lies about Trump, especially from the lying leftist media, is staggering.

    Visit untruthaboutDonaldTrump to see the long list.

  111. A marsili

    People hear and believe what they want. They accept msbc and cnn videos but refuse reason when shown evidence contrary or shedding a different light on the issue.

    Partisan is truly a sorry excuse for thinkinh.

  112. Trumper

    While true that Trump did say “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any votes”, anyone watching the actual video and not being a Politically Correct Social Justice Warrior infected freak (like the National Broadcasting for Clinton and Clinton News Networks, WaPo and NYT are) would realize that it was intended as a joke. In the video, as Trump says those words one can hear the audience laughing; also note that these videos get more negative reviews than positives:

  113. Hey Guys~

    Thanks to you, Ann Coulter is now on the case!!

    Great Job!

    Ang 🙂

  114. Patriot

    The commenters certainly don’t watch this whole article’s videos. Good thing they aren’t running the country.

  115. Patti

    There is no incident in which Trump mocked this guy. CNN strung a few clips together and never showed the reporter in anything but still shots. I have scoured the internet for it. It does not exist. It never happened. How gullible can people be?

  116. Michelle

    I am sure there were thousands celebrating following the terrorist attack. I also saw news reports at the time and remember being disgusted. However I believe it was Iran and not the US. Trump made his point and again it was spot on. Anyone that could vote for Hillary, in my opinion, is truly a traitor to America!

    Trump/Pence 2016???

  117. Why so many cannot see the facts in the videos that prove Trump did not mock
    that reporter amazes me.
    It must be that old consumer syndrome. They see the ads for magic meal makers and run their little butts right out to buy one. Some (not all), and too many Americans can be fooled by snake salesmen.
    That’s it, that’s all there is to it. See you all on


  118. Carrie

    BRAVO !
    Thank you so much for putting in all this effort and finding that old news coverage!
    I don’t know how you did it, but what amazingly REAL and genuinely honest investigative reporting.
    I’m going to share this with as many people as I can and HOPE AND PRAY that people start waking up. Sadly, I am afraid most won’t even bother to watch this 🙁

  119. Robert Hannon

    your all missing the point. Trump proved that the media and deformed reporter are both liars! if you cant see that then its already too late for you.

  120. Robert Hannon

    2 words – Carlos Mencia dehdehdee!

  121. sarrask

    I’d like to make a comment about the claim that “poor guy” was referring to the reporter’s disability. I got hit with this ridiculous claim recently, and hadn’t seen it mentioned above yet. Additional rebuttal of this claim is that Trump has used this phrase about other people. I’m sure there are other examples, but 2 quick examples I’ve found are:

    Bill Krystol:
    From day 1, this poor guy, this poor guy, I watch him. But here’s what I don’t understand, why do you keep putting a guy on television that’s been proven to be wrong for so many years? First of all, he wants the war in Iraq. He wants Iraq.
    All the guy wants to do is kill people and go to war and kill people.

    Jeb! Bush:
    Such a waste of money isn’t it? What is he doing, that poor guy?

    Also, it would be helpful if the various articles on this topic have links back to the main article that contains all the detailed information.

  122. I had seen the same argument, with some similar evidence here:

    I think it’s REALLY pathetic that the media snatched a split second in which his hand is bent downward to claim that Trump is a jerk. Trump was rightly ridiculing the guy for not supporting his own story, for backtracking, for forgetting, –not for being disabled.

  123. Mike Clark

    Great work. I thought this episode was just one of his gaffs. I had never seen anything more than the CNN video. Thanks for showing that he wasn’t directly making fun of his disability. I see from your examples this is just how trump imitates anyone who is flustered.

  124. RWGundy

    The point being made is that Trump’s default mocking arm flailing/voice was deployed in the case of Mr. K. without knowing of his disabilities. Thus it undoes the notion that Trump purposely made fun of a disabled man’s disabilities. It was merely an opportunity taken by WAPO to make Mr. Trump look bad.

    is an snub rather than the mean spirited

  125. sarrask

    It’s very brief, but does time 2:02 count as another case of using this gesture?

  126. Judy

    Sorry, I saw the footage and whatever trump was doing was not in any way compassionate, kind hearted nor humane!!!!!!! And no, don’t bash me. No matter who I am for in this election, this would still be wrong. I like trump, I am just having a hard time respecting any of the things he says.

  127. Judy

    I like trump, I am just having a hard time respecting any of the things he says and am disappointed when he does stuff like making fun of everybody!

  128. Adam Stiles

    Ha! Your proof is several more examples of Trump mocking other people! Sure, now I’m going to vote for him! This is seriously starting to resemble a cult, willing to defend your leader no matter how horrible he is, and no matter how weak the evidence. Your evidence further proves the point: there has never been a presidential candidate more unfit to be the leader of a nation.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Incorrect. Proof that the reporter has no disability that Trump in any way imitated on top of evidence he imitated himself and various other non-disabled people the same way. Slam dunk. In no way was he mocking the reporter’s disability.

    • Oll

      LOL now he’s the leader 😉

  129. Stephanie

    I have a question if Hillary would have done this would you say the same thing or would you say she was mocking him?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Exact same thing because you can’t mock a disability that locks your arms in place by flailing your arms all over.

  130. Bart

    Just as a side note pertaining to people cheering as the World Trade Center fell. I was standing directly across the Hudson from the towers at Newport Towers where I live. I watched in Horror that day standing at the waterfront hoping my wife made it Through the center on the path train on her way to work that morning. People were cheering as we watched the 2nd jet slam into the 2nd tower. Hillary’s minions in the media are all liars and we are sick of it.

  131. Chris

    So acting like a spastic person, similar to someone with Cerebal Palsy, is ok with you people? Nice Catholics ?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      He did not imitate someone with cerebral palsy. The media led you to believe the reporter had a disability like cerebral palsy, but he did not. They still refuse to sow video of him to this day. Why? Shouldn’t we all be able to make our own conclusions? Instead, they hide it. Trump has repeatedly done the same impersonation of flustered people. Every other person he impersonated in this same manner, including Trump himself, did not have any disability. Mocking a man who can’t move his arms, by flailing one’s arms makes no sense. Trump isn’t stupid.

      • Susan Post

        This article and the comments following made me feel the saddest I have felt throughout this very horrifying election season. Catholics4Trump, come forward and show yourself – you have GOT to be on Hillary’s team in real life. No matter your tiny little point, you must be able to see that your article does not show Donald in a flattering light. I don’t remember ever seeing any other top US officials or those from any other nation mocking or imitating his or her opponents like a spoiled fifth grader. My heart is very heavy indeed having read this article and the comments. I will be praying for you and for our country.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Tim Kaine mocked Trump at the DNC. The point is that Trump did not mock the disability of a person which is very important. Many people have refused to vote for Trump because they have believed this media lie.

          • trumpt blast

            As the trumpet blast sounds a call to prepare !!either for battle or worship !! I call for enlightenment of the masses we are at war !! Not with men but Satan and his demons !! And true knowledge of God’s Word is the only defence !! But even the catholic church has many dark hidden secrets that are not of God !! Despite that many are those who find Christ but a revival is need in the land !!!Those of true faith need to arm up in prayer put your spiritual armor back on and keep it shined up with prayer and studying God’s Word seeking enlightenment now before it’s to late !!! The horn is sounding open your ears and hear the call !!!

          • John

            Thanks for clarifying. Trump did not mock the disability of a person. He only appeared to mock the disability of a person. He just mocked a disabled person. Or to put it more clearly, he just mocked a person who happened to be disabled.

            And he never apologized for it, in case the person had been offended.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            He impersonated a backtracking lying reporter. Kovaleski deserves no apology because Trump was accurate & Kovaleski was trying to hedge.

          • John

            Do you also have a similar explanation for why he insulted the gold star parents by implying that the mother was silent because she had not been allowed to talk?

            You’ve still got plenty of work to do if you’re going to be defending every single sin that Trump has committed and not apologized for.

          • Catholics 4 Trump

            Kahn attacked him and Kahn’s son would be alive today if Trump had been president because he opposed the war. Hillary voted for it.

        • trumpt blast

          Susan I see a post by a young person that has not seen many election campaigns as there have been many instances of mocking over the years and even h robinghood Clinton is guilty of doing it !!!!

          • Tom

            That’s right trump blast, and anyone old enough to remember when Bob Dole ran for president surly remembers how the MEDIA mocked his disability.

  132. Kim

    Wow! I thought that the Dems had reached lows before. How wrong can I be, they just have to point to some bright shiny delusional item and dance a little sidestep and voila’ the Republicans are at fault again. Do any Dems do their own research? Or do they have to listen to the liberal media because they’re too lazy to read more than a factcheck from Snopes?

  133. John

    Exceptional journalism. Very well done.

  134. Sam

    There’s a quote I came across…and in my experience and reading through comments it seems true…

    “To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.”

  135. JohnFornaro

    New to this forum. Love how one stumbles across things on the internot from time to time. Anyhow, Catholics4Trump posted a thingy along these lines:

    “If Trump shot me, I would at least be undecided.”

    THAT was hysterical! Thanks for this morning’s chuckle.

  136. Lorraine Smith

    Aaah…while this is all very interesting, I believe these issues are why Trump is our only choice:
    1. Abortion – from experience, I know that the mass killing of infant human beings must stop. We must put some restrictions on the entire thing. It’s not only the killing of one person, it’s the emotional killing of the mother. For the rest of the mother’s life, she lives with a huge regret, shame and guilt. Suicide has even been a factor.
    Instead, we need to make adoption easier for both the mother, father and the parents that adopt a child. Trump has indicated that. Why can’t the gov’t put money into that? Please believe me, he’s right.
    2. The supreme court justices that will be placed by this coming president. We cannot have anymore judges that think they can take their own opinions and turn them into law. It seems that is what has happened. We must get conservative judges that will not only hold up the constitution, but also the values of our wonderful America, including the return of religious freedoms for everyone !
    As Christians, Trump’s our only choice.

  137. Daniel-Francois Chenette

    I’m a Catholic and Trump is the ONLY one standing up for Christians. A vote for Hillary is a vote for further religious persecution of Christians. A true champion and crusader for Christians!
    Vote Trump!

    • Lorraine

      I’m also a Catholic and I agree Trump’s the one to bring religious freedom back to America.
      Worse than anything, are the Clinton emails bashing Catholics, Evangelicals and all Christians and their AGENDA (clearly stated in the emails) to remove Christianity completely from our country. If they remove Christianity, the defender of democracy, and remove the guns from good people, then there are no defenses when socialism/communism is shoved down our throats. God help us. God help America.
      We pray daily for Trump to win this critical election of good vs evil.

  138. Suzanne Miranda

    At this point in the election if you don’t do everything in your power to keep Hillary out of the WhiteHouse I guess you will NEVER understand.

  139. Suzanne Miranda


  140. James Petersen

    Yet another demonstration of the propaganda crap that the progressives send out to make a competitor look bad. Politics is getting so very dirty, it’s really so very childish and unbecoming both sides, really. Can we cancel this election and start all over again????

  141. Peter Rutt

    We don’t need to relive the past eight years with Obama.

  142. Alisha McDonal

    Donald Trump is an idiot. Hillary is going to be a great president. We can’t let some scum bag become our president.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Hillary is now lucky if she doesn’t end up in jail.

    • trumpt blast

      Alisha you obviously never did your homework in school as you based your opinion on what the media told you !!! So if your not out in the streets protesting h robbinghood Clinton’s loss then you will now have time to actually do some research on this matter of calling a successful business man an idiot !! And it would be nice to know the facts about your new president !!! :-D. 😀

  143. Oll

    and now he’s president 🙂 and won South Carolina as well, hehe

  144. dj

    It wouldn’t matter if the media told everyone they did this, they aren’t going to believe anything now, they have been so brainwashed by the media and clinton it is too late. I pray for this country as I see them protesting in the streets, this country has been divided by this election and it won’t be fixed easily. I thought when the election was over thank god, now I only see this as getting worse. If Clinton had won there would not be protesting in the street. Trump supporters would have gotten over it. The people have been poisoned by the media, they are saying the are afraid. Afraid of what? Nobody is going to send an american citizen away.

  145. Patricia Overbey

    Hillary is such a liar. The best men won God bless Donald Trump. D’nesh D ‘Dousa mad a DVD/blueray “Hillart’s America” absolutely terrific a must see. Sold on Amazon under $20

    • Shane

      Most of the people who voted for Trump will suffer income reduction, loss of job security, increased pollution, and increased violence. People generally are considerably better off now than when Obama entered the White House. Most of that will be reversed as the 1% call all the shots.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        Correction, this all happened already under the Obama regime. The 1% are the paid thugs rioting in the street right now turning America against your side while your president does nothing to stop it. Luckily he is out the door soon. Can’t come quick enough.

  146. Peter Rutt

    Hillary was “strictly” running a a Women’s Liberation Organization (WLO) candidate! She just intended to continue the political policies set by Barrack Obama! Did she ever “make public” ANY policies that “she” has conceived?

  147. Ryan McElmurry

    Liz (whatever her last name was) is not an object. She’s a person. It’s “Liz, WHO did whatever she did for Trump”, not ” Liz, That did whatever she did for Trump”. You don’t say “Liz Scatpole, that wrote a story for Trump”. Amateur.

  148. Steve

    I am a STAUNCH democrat/Hillary supporter, but this does open my eyes. I have some questions. Did he use those arm movements to describe Ted Cruz AFTER he did it about the reporter? That would essentially invalidate this theory as he obviously would just be doing this to save face and to “plant” this theory he does it to everyone. Also, if this was the case, why didn’t (that I recall at least) Trump simply say “I wasn’t mocking the reporter, I do that arm movement all the time when I talk about someone who is flustered.”. I never heard that…

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      He did similar hand gestures when impersonating himself in 2005 and a banker a few months before the rally in question. The general impersonation was at the same rally. The Ted Cruz and Donna Brazile impersonations were later. Look at our article “Even MORE evidence..” for all of the videos. The most important is the last one which actually shows the reporter. He is not spastic and is incapable of flailing his arms and hands even if he wanted to. Thus, it is impossible for Trump to be mocking his disability since he has no such spastic disability.

      • AMC

        Only Mr. Trump knows if he was mocking the reporter. He said in the video, the “poor reporter was acting like” and started flailing his arms around. The video of the reporter had nothing to do with his account of events that took place after 911. He was talking about something completely different. People with the rare medical condition AMC do not have control of some portion of their muscles, but can certainly flail their arms. My niece has AMC and she cannot move her hands. Her hands and arms look similar to the reporter. However she does flail her arms around with her hands flapping when she gets excited or upset. I have no respect for anyone who would make fun of a person with a disability, especially someone who is supposed to be pro-life.

        • Catholics 4 Trump

          Mr. Kovaleski doesn’t flail his arms around. Video proof. Case closed.

  149. Mima

    I am Catholic; a democrat that voted for Mr. Trump. I COULD NOT bring myself to vote for Mrs. Clinton, due to her stance on abortion. After watching “Hillary’s America”, she praised the woman (who was a democrat) that planted Planned Parenthoods in poor minority neighborhoods. I had my son at 17, forty one years ago. Abortion was NEVER an option. As a single mother, I took responsibility and we beat the odds. I married a wonderful husband. Our son served in the military; has a great job; and a beautiful family. I thank God for the Evangelicals for their beliefs and strategy in getting Mr. Trump elected.

  150. Shane

    You are one of the lucky ones. Do you ever think about the people who get pregnant with a violent partner, and can only see a child as further dependence on him ? Where a child would eliminate all chance of escape. You are welcome to your own choices, just don’t force it on others. Have some compassion for people who can’t see any other way than a termination. Isn’t compassion something that all Christians are supposed to have ?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Killing an innocent child is never the answer to any situation and never compassionate for the child or the mother. All help should be given for the child to be born and to solve the problem by other means.

  151. Shane Kennedy

    a child is self aware. A 3 month old fetius isn’t. A child deserves a decent quality of life, not to grow up in poverty. Anti-choice people lose all interest in it’s welfare once it is born

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      People who are sleeping aren’t self aware? Is it ok to kill them as well? If a child is better off being killed than living in poverty liberals should advocate exterminating children in third world countries. Pro-Life organizations and Christian charities are some of the most active offering assistance to unwed mothers and the poor.

  152. diane yetts

    I believe to much mudslinging during campaigns should stop and media should face a hefty fine for false reporting since it effects how people vote which is not fair to either party running and now look what is going on with all these riots,protests and now even more racial profiling with our children in the schools it is such a disgrace in our country the hate and violence that is going on because of lies and not truth.

  153. Judy

    i am a nonreligious person, i have my spirituality, i have strong morals. in this election, i have mainly been a one issue person. Hillary Clinton is a war criminal. I don’t understand why her supporters don’t realize that. She advised Obama to order the US to impose a no fly zone on Libya so that it could not defend itself and could not put down armed rebellion. All governments put down armed rebellion. The US incinerated the Branch Davidians under Bill Clinton in 1993 or around that time, because those people had such a big stockpile of arms. They didn’t fire a shot but the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms came to their door and demanded entry. They said no, and then there was a long standoff, and finally, the US incinerated the place, men, women, children, babies. to hear the accounts of those who escaped is chilling. But that is what governments do. They don’t allow groups of people to take up arms against the government and they believed or said they believed that the Branch Davidians were preparing to do that. First, as Hillary advised , the US imposed a no fly zone for the Libyan military, meaning they would shoot down their planes if they took off, then the US “led from behind” committing most of the atrocity against the Libyans, by destroying their functioning stable government and leaving them with no government , just armed groups claiming different pieces of territory with the people living there just having to live under these people, no law, no government or police protection, their lives ruined, so many had to flee, fleeing to Europe where they are unwanted, Europe, NATO, destroyed their governemtn and made their lives unlivable in their homes, that they once loved, where they had jobs and family and schools for their kids, the US and to a lesser extend other NATO countries destroyed that, funding and arming any group that would take up arms against the Libyan government and its many supporters, and then providing “air support” by bombing the hell out of areas where supporters of the government were, which was all over the place—it was a crime against humanity which left a power vacuum which has been filled by Islamic fundamentalist militants, with ISIS predominating. US military aggression in Libya was destructive, killed and harmed many and drove many more from their homes for generations, their lives destroyed. i wonder if Americans ever think about what this would be like as they go about doing this to other people, people who are no threat to us, who are not provoking the US, but, the US has goals. In leaked email from Hillary’s top aide Sidney Blumenthal, to her, he tells her what the objectives in Libya for the Americans are. They are all objectives in service to the interests of the French government of Sarkozy, to enhance his domestic and foreign power, it’s all detailed int he email which can be found with google, early 2011—for these greedy power mongering goals , the country of Libya was destroyed. I would love to see these people tried for war crimes. I certainly don’t want one of them in charge of the US, these people who have put ballistic missiles in Romania, they are reckless destructive power hungry people who lie and are spoken for by the mass media which cultivates support for these atrocities form the US public, cultivating blindness to the evil that is being done. They moved on to their next target, Syria, with the same media disinformation, and proceeded to pour arms and money into the hands of groups who were opposed to the secular government in that country. They, the US , went through the Saudis, who are corrupt religious extremists, an absolute autocratic police state, armed by the US, and they have the nerve to justify “supporting the Syrian rebels” on the grounds that Assad is a “brutal dictator?” why can’t Americans see through these lies and manipulation? Why are americans the kind of people who support the destruction of secular government , leaving the people to live in violence and lawlessness, where once they had a functioning government and laws and jobs and cars and schools and safety, why support destroying this, in a country that was no threat to Americans? Don’t people remember in school how we were taught to not be bullies and to only fight in self defense? The US is way of the rails on this. I don’t support them, i don’t support any government that commits crimes against humanity. The only regime change i want to see is in the US, and that was not going to happen with Hillary as president. She said int he last debate that her plan for Syria was to impose a no fly zone. This would of course, make it impossible for the Syrian government to take back its territory from the armed groups that foreigners have armed and funded, prominently ISIS. Amercans should be on the side of Syria, not ISIS. They should help an support the Syrian government in regaining its territory. Trump has shown signs of real regime change in the US, something he has talked about throughout his campaign, he called Putin and made a connection there, as the ground work for working together to disarm ALL the anti government groups trying to use violence instead of the political process to get more power in their country. This s the clearest way that Syrans can get back to a normal and safe life. I just don’t see any higher priority than stoping the action in the US that believes in committing violent destructive atrocities against other countries.

    • Will H

      I am by no means an HRC supporter but it is very clear why many people supported her and why they supported Obama – half truths, exaggerations, and lies. Repubs made many accusations but could never prove any of them; even FoxNews couldn’t prove any of them. The more the Repubs investigated without an arrest, the less trustworthy they became. Many people simply quit listening. Take your monologue for example, you want to charge someone as a war criminal based on advise that they and many Repubs gave the POTUS but don’t mention charging the Repubs. You also don’t mention that Trump has stated he has not ruled out a no fly zone. Your opinion on the BranchDavidians is heresay but you state it as if you were there – you weren’t. The rest of your statements are similar, Try to focus on on one thing and pursue it. Otherwise, people will stop believing any thing you say because of the pollution.

  154. Audrey Barberi

    Many times, when I am relating the story of someone who was “discombobulated” by something I said or did, I throw my arms or hands around IMITATING what was going on in the other persons BRAIN! Addled! Confused!
    I never did think Donald Trump would do that–unless he was demonstrating the “confusion” of the person.

  155. Merryl

    Why is it whenever anyone talks about Trump they always have to make a remark like “he’s no angel”, etc. but not when they mention Hillary? MAINSTREAM MEDIA BRAINWASHING/PROPAGANDA.

  156. JACK

    You’re not like any Catholic I’ve ever known and I’ve grown up Catholic. Baptized, First Communion, Confirmation and married in a church. All you are is a bunch of hypocrites with no compassion for others and you couldn’t pay me to join your Trumped up company. You’re not an organization for the church and I’m thankful for that at least! Go spew your hate and bigotry right along with Trumpf!

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      I take it you are not currently Catholic? Catholics put human life first when voting. If you don’t even have a right to life, what is the point? Any political candidate or party should be expected to at least get this fundamental principle correct.

  157. Bambino

    “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

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