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What You Need to Know About the Anti-Trump “Protests”


As left-wing protests riots continue throughout the country, here two things you should keep in mind:

Why the Nevertrumps Were Wrong

Photo: George Weigel

I recently came across a column by Dr. John Crosby, titled “Trump: On Counting the Cost,” in which he shared his perspective of the election particularly as a challenge to Catholic supporters of Mr. Trump. Other prominent Catholic writers such as George Weigel and Dr. Robert George raised similar concerns in the past. While Dr. Crosby raised some legitimate observations regarding the now President-Elect, I found his presentation to be incomplete in several areas.

First, Dr. Crosby inadequately represented the position of Catholic Trump supporters as mere hoping for “possible pro-life judicial appointments” due to Mr. Trump’s “half-hearted indications of making” such nominations. But is this an accurate presentation of either Mr. Trump’s commitments, or the broader reasons he was supported by so many conservatives?

Trump SURGE Video for Nov. 8th! Please Share & Get Out The Vote!

The song is “American Heart” by patriot Jon David Kahn and can be purchased here:

Clinton Allies Created Narrative of Catholic Support to Help Pass Disastrous Iran Deal


Full E-Mail can be seen here:

From Fred Rotondaro of “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” to John Podesta:

John, I thought you might be interested in this report from the CACG exec director Chris Hale on efforts to have the Catholic org community promote the Iran Treaty. There is a tremendous amount of potential in these inter Faith orgs including the ability to reach so me working class voters, Fred

Excerpts of E-Mail from Christopher J. Hale,  Executive Director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (emphasis added):

Trump Praises Mother Teresa in Video; Hillary Loving Press Bashes Her

Yesterday, Donald Trump posted a very classy tribute video to Mother Teresa on her canonization day.

In contrast, Hillary’s surrogate newspaper, the Washington Post, took the occasion of Mother Teresa’s canonization to publish a disgusting attack piece against the Catholic Saint:

In India, where Teresa carried out the majority of her work, that legacy was called into question last year, when the head of the Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) sparked outrage by criticizing her intentions.

“It’s good to work for a cause with selfless intentions. But Mother Teresa’s work had ulterior motive, which was to convert the person who was being served to Christianity,” RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said at the opening of an orphanage in Rajasthan state in February 2015, the Times of India reported. “In the name of service, religious conversions were made. This was followed by other institutes, too.”

Maureen Mullarkey: A Catholic Case for Donald Trump


There is an excellent, thoughtful, and well written review of Catholics 4 Trump by Maureen Mullarkey over at

Mullarkey writes:

Jackson’s initiative is addressed specifically to Catholics because so many of us are invested in the theater of ourselves as high moral theologians. Catholics twist themselves into hangman’s knots with deliberations on the lesser of two evils. Which is the lesser, Trump or Clinton? Catholics are enjoined from choosing any evil. If Trump is as horrid as Clinton, the principle of double effect does not apply. Should not commitment to right behavior keep us home and away from the shabby compromises of the voting booth? Do we not put ourselves in moral jeopardy voting for Trump?

Oh, please! There comes a time to grant a bit of credit to Mae West: “Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven’t tried before.”

The Catholic blogosphere is sodden with Prufrockery: Do I dare to eat a peach? Do I dare descend the stair? Dare disturb the universe of my own fine preferences? It is a masturbatory game destined to finish with the election of a vile, traitorous woman greedy for power and money. A woman with a squalid history of shady dealings, evidence gone missing, and lies with calamitous consequences.

Jackson is making the point that refusing to choose is, in fact, a choice. It is a self-admiring one that permits the chooser to gaze on his own clean hands instead of on the outcome of his decision-by-default. Abstention from this election is the vain choice of moral cowards.

A Time for Choosing

Trump Hillary

This is the most critical presidential election in the history of the United States. Hillary Clinton, a corrupt, radical pro-abortion,  anti-Christian  career politician threatens to change the face of America forever. If elected, she will name three to four Supreme Court justices, cementing Roe v. Wade into the Constitution and losing the court for generations if not forever. Hillary Clinton opposes home schooling and believes it is the government’s right to educate children and not the parents. She will restrict religious speech and persecute Christians who refuse to support her radical social agenda. She will promote illegal immigration and allow millions of unvettted illegal immigrants into our country. The illegal population will vote democrat far into the future so that no conservative can have a viable chance to be elected president. All Catholics have a moral obligation to vote for the only viable alternative to Hillary Clinton in this election: Donald Trump.

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