The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

A Time for Choosing

Trump Hillary

This is the most critical presidential election in the history of the United States. Hillary Clinton, a corrupt, radical pro-abortion,  anti-Christian  career politician threatens to change the face of America forever. If elected, she will name three to four Supreme Court justices, cementing Roe v. Wade into the Constitution and losing the court for generations if not forever. Hillary Clinton opposes home schooling and believes it is the government’s right to educate children and not the parents. She will restrict religious speech and persecute Christians who refuse to support her radical social agenda. She will promote illegal immigration and allow millions of unvettted illegal immigrants into our country. The illegal population will vote democrat far into the future so that no conservative can have a viable chance to be elected president. All Catholics have a moral obligation to vote for the only viable alternative to Hillary Clinton in this election: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate for president to publicly offer a list of Supreme Court justices he will pick from. All of the names have been vetted by undeniable pro-life organizations such as the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society. Neither Mitt Romney nor John McCain offered such assurances. Donald Trump has also promised to ensure protections for religious free speech and against punitive governmental action for citizens acting out of sincere religious conviction. In addition, he has just named Mike Pence, a pro-life leader and champion of religious rights as his running mate. There is absolutely no moral justification for any Catholic to vote for Hillary Clinton or to assist Clinton in winning the presidency through not voting or voting for a non-viable third party candidate. The stakes are too high. The price of defeat this November means an anti-Christian executive and judicial branch with no opposition party in congress to offer any effective resistance into the foreseeable future. In other words, not voting for Trump in this election is choosing to commit suicide for our nation and our families.

This site is dedicated to exposing the lies that the left and establishment Republicans have spread about Trump to further their own self-interest that have turned many pro-life and conservative Catholics away from voting for him. The man they refuse to vote for is a phantom. A scarecrow made up of selective soundbites and selective outrage meant to manipulate their vote by people who do not have their best interests in mind. When any Catholic or serious Christian looks at the facts, they will see that there is only one possible choice in November to preserve our faith and way of life in the future.


No Place to Escape To…


  1. Theodore M Seeber

    Can you give me any assurance at all that Donald Trump is not scamming all of us? 18 months ago, he was pro-gay marriage and pro-choice. 36 months ago he was a Democrat. So far, everything he has done, including the list of judges, is just advertising and window dressing: no personal repentance for fighting against pro family, pro life, and living wage issues for 45 years in his business ethics.

    I want to believe we can recapture America for Christians, but I do not think we can rescue a government from Satan by electing minor demons under the false doctrine of the lesser evil. Voting for evil only gets you more evil, lesser or greater. You would do better to stockpile food and arms than vote for either of these two Satanic Candidates.

    The only thing that can make me change my mind on this is if Mike Pence returns to the Catholicism of his birth, and gets Trump into RCIA.

    • Broadway Joe

      Very well said !!!

    • Who are you going to vote for IF you don’t get what you want? Hillary? A 3rd Party? A Write-in? That’s kids stuff! I am 100% Pro-Life no exceptions. My conscience will not let me vote for Hillary even if I wanted to. I don’t of course! She will destroy Catholicism and the family as we know it. Just as Hilter did. Notice they both start with an “H”? More people besides unborn babies will die under her watch. The worse part is, SHE DON’T CARE! Even if she were my only option as a Roman Catholic I can not do it. I would have to step back, but there IS another option. Trump! Trump is my only option. We are not in a position to make demands, otherwise we will lose everything and more. We can not through our own country and its people under the bus, because of our pride. We are not going to get the whole enchilada, and I knew this from the getgo. At the same time, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. God answered my call, Trump picked someone for the VP who is Pro-Life. -Amen. Doesn’t that mean something in itself? The Holy Spirit is moving. It has been since Pope Francis was here in the States. Everything that Hillary openly stands for, should be enough to slam her door in her face, and leave her in the dust, even if you don’t like everything or anything about Trump. He rightfully is our only option. If Trump does us a dirty deal, It will rest squarely on his shoulders. Not ours. I did what Jesus would expect me to do…TRY. If we protect his children first. He will not forget us. You are a Catholic, you know this already. Look for the light, Theodore M Seeber, and follow it. God bless and at least pray on it, OK?! 🙂

      • Lisa

        Well said, Jan. TRUMP 2016! The Holy Spirit revealed Cruz was a Freemason (hand under jacket during two debates while national anthem played). Too bad other Catholics didn’t see it – there would have been less division in the Republican Party. Cruz is The Establishment. God will use Trump for His will. Have mercy on anyone who sits home… It’s a vote for KILLary!

      • Ted Seeber

        There is no light from either Trump or Hillary. Every time I pray on it, I see more fires and tribulation coming for voting for evil.

        • I think to wrap it up and this only my own opinion as I’m not American but if I was but if I was to me trump is just the best of a bad bunch unfortunatly not much of a choice but I wish the American people the very best of luck .

    • ssoldie

      There are no assurances that he is scanning us, but we do know for certain the scan for the last 8 years of B,S. aka B.O. which so “many’ catholics fell for will definitely continue and most likely become worse if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

      • Ted Seeber

        Yes, Barak Obama- who Donald Trump gave money to for his campaign chest.

  2. Kathy Knox Hatch

    My husband and I are Catholics for Trump. Glad I found you.

  3. Michael Dowd

    Congratulations Chris on this most essential effort. A Hillary Presidency will be a catastrophe for Catholics and the world at large. This cannot happen. Vote for Donald Trump who unquestionably superior to Hillary in every way, beginning with: he’s not evil.

  4. Ted Seeber

    I am in Oregon. I have ZERO hope of anybody other than Hillary getting my state’s votes. 65% of this pot-smoking culture of death will vote for her.

    Therefore, I must preserve my conscience. Right now, that means I will vote for Darryl Castle as the ONLY pro-life voice on my ballot.

    Give me a reason to vote for Trump. If you talk to him, tell him he needs to do something splashy and expensive as repentance for his sins. A floor of Trump Tower and a year’s operating expenses for a Pregnancy Resource Clinic like Stanton Healthcare would just about do it.

    • @Ted Seeber “”If you talk to him, tell him he needs to do something splashy and expensive as repentance for his sins.””

      Ted, what are you going to do that is splashy and expensive to repent of your sins and for judging the heart of Donald Trump up here in the public forum? You take the beam out of your own eye before picking at the splinter in Trumps!


      • Theodore M Seeber

        I gave 5% of my income to Pregnancy Resource clinics last year. Can Trump say the same?

        You are voting for evil if you vote for that Democrat. His wife and principle speechwriter are Democrats who like Michelle Obama so much that they copied her.

    • I know you’re weary of Trump. But how can we vote a third party and let Hillary win. Unthinkable to even consider her a president. It scares me to the very core to think she could be our next leader.

      • Ted Seeber

        Trump, Clinton, there’s no difference. As soon as the vote takes place, that list of judges is out the window- it’s just window dressing.

  5. greg prom

    I agree that we MUST vote for Trump. He has selected a pro-life VP, and is running under a pro-life platform. Hilliary , who has said Catholics MUST support abortion when she becomes President and has a pro-abortion VP candidate would cause all pro-life Christians to be persecuted as never before. I would consider voting for Hilliary a MORTAL sin!

  6. Grace Clark

    Cheer!!!! Applause!!!

  7. Rosemary McCloskey

    There does not appear to be a decent leader anywhere in the world of today! WE are extremely limited by those who are standing fr elections. and those who are running the world. WE really need to pray that God will raise up decent honourable leaders all over the world People who will promote peace and God’s laws and not those of the other fellow who has been unleashed in the world of today The Rosary is our best weapon against the wiles of Satan!

  8. Robert Staley

    Hello fellow Catholics,
    I belong to the Johnson County Republican Central Committee. Johnson County has about 60 % Democrat voters and about 15% Independent voters that vote for the Democrat candidates. In the Iowa Caucus Primary I supported Rick Santorum. When Rick dropped out he endorsed Marco Rubio. When Marco slandered Donald Trump, I withdrew my support from Marco. I purchased and read Trump’s book: Crippled America. I recommend that you read the book to get an idea of who Donald is. When it became obvious that Donald had gathered the necessary delegates for the nomination I began to support him. I ask that Catholic voters pray for him that he be given the graces needed to be an outstanding President. Let us show him our love, and vote for him. Pray that God hears our prayers for Donald. Hilary, Paul Ryan, and Justice Roberts also need our prayers. Catholics must wake up and engage themselves in politics as Faithful Christians, surrounded and often outnumbered by atheists in the secular culture that surrounds us. In the end, Truth will triumph.

  9. Theodore M Seeber

    You actually believe the pro life rhetoric and VP is anything other th Han window dressing, to be dumped when the election is over?

    Trump and Clinton are philosophical clones. Until I see either one follow the advice of Acts 2:38, neither is fit to lead this nation, and I for one will NEVER obey either one.

  10. Theodore M Seeber

    I do splashy repentance all the time, that is why I chartered Knights of Columbus Council 15485.

    Give me real prolife, not fake advertising. I gave 5% of my income to pregnancy resource clinics last year, can Trump say the same?

    • SIMON

      You “must” vote for TRUMP if you are Catholic? That’s absurd. Find yourself a third party candidate with a genuine record of opposition to abortion and euthanasia. Find yourself a third party candidate who implements RC values regarding the care for the poor and respect for our immigrant brothers and sisters (ask the Holy Father what this care might involve — I’m not being sarcastic, but Pope Francis was clear that wall-building of the sort TRUMP proposes is not a Gospel admonition). Next, notice Mr. TRUMP ‘s worship of Mammon. His definition of success is almost entirely financial.

      So, no, no Catholics for TRUMP as some kind of mandate. But if your conscience allows you to do this thing,, give him your vote.

      • But how can you not vote for Trump and have the possibility of Hillary winning?

        • Ted Seeber

          It doesn’t matter who wins, the cullture of death has both parties now. Vote for the Ass, vote for the Manchurian Ass, this is now the country of Satan.

  11. Michael Dowd

    Not voting for Trump is a death wish.

  12. Ok, to me the ones not voting for Trump at scared. I get it. But, how can you in good conscience not vote for him and let Hillary win?? She tells you straight up what she’s going to do. We can’t let her win!!! Shes already said she will try to force her opinions on Catholics!!

  13. Ted Seeber

    You cannot affect whether Clinton wins. You cannot affect whether Trump wins. You are one in 300 million, maybe 50 million of which will even bother to vote. And no matter what the vote turns out, the electoral college will just pick whomever they want anyway.

  14. Michael Dowd

    Every vote counts. Get out the Trump vote. Trump will triumph.

  15. Theodore M Seeber

    And then Trump will treat Catholics like he has the Polish Brigade, the Old Post Office construction workers, and the Trump University students. When winning is your only virtue, it makes it hard to be ethical

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Trump University students who later sued to get money back, gave the course rave reviews. The case was brought by class action trial lawyers to make $$. I wish the Trump cynics would look on all sides with the same cynicism. Instead it seems to be only reserved for Trump for some reason.

  16. Theodore M Seeber

    I look on queen Hillary the same way. In fact I look on all their too big to sue peers the exact same way- as the crooks and liars who are Above The Law and hate the rest of us.

  17. General Patton

    I have already voted for Trump and I’m so glad that I did.

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