The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

Zmirak: “Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival” Under Clinton Presidency


John Zmirak recently penned a short but important article at that hits to the very heart of why every Catholic, Christian, Pro-Lifer, and conservative must vote Trump in November. Why? Because our very way of life and freedom to practice our religion are at stake. They may be lost forever in this election. If you don’t believe it, please read carefully:

Hillary Clinton, whose actions were more destructive than Edward Snowden’s, might squeak her way into our country’s seat of supreme power, which she has just learned she may abuse without any consequences. If so, she has promised her Planned Parenthood financial backers to pack the nation’s courts with the likes of Mark Tushnet, the Harvard law professor who in May proclaimed that the “culture wars” are over, and that Christians and other conservatives ought to be treated as the Allies did the defeated Nazis and Japanese…

Now the left is threatening to tax our churches, close our colleges, force our doctors to sexually mutilate mentally ill patients, and make our pharmacists hand out abortion pills. The people of Massachusetts have just been told that they may not even vote on whether the multiculturalist, dumbed-down Common Core curriculum will be imposed upon their children…

Meanwhile our government proposes to spend our tax money providing sex change surgeries for soldiers and importing unvettable Muslim refugees all the way here from their safe havens in Turkey, while leaving local Christians to die.

A Supreme Court that Hillary Clinton has not yet had the chance to pack has tossed out basic safety laws that briefly made Texas abortion clinics less dangerous to women than Kermit Gosnell’s butcher shop, perhaps undoing similar laws in many other states — the fruit of decades of patient, scrupulous incremental work by the pro-life movement through the democratic process. All tossed in the trash. The icy contempt which British elites expressed for that nation’s voters after Brexit is reflected perfectly here, as the Citizens of International Business Class unite to repress the “racist,” “xenophobic” masses.

The left has made itself not our opponent but our enemy. While its partisans are still our fellow citizens and deserve basic Christian charity, they do not deserve our trust. We are long past the time when it was possible to compromise with the left in view of some agreed-upon common good. They have blasted it into No Man’s Land.

We are locked in a Hobbesean conflict for mere civic survival.


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  1. Hi Catholics4Trump!

    This isn’t a comment about this link per se, but another idea for a blog post.

    As mentioned, I think you’ve done a phenomenal job debunking the myth that Trump was mimicking Serge Kovaleski. Very, very impressive!

    Going forward, I’d like to suggest a little bit of refined strategy.

    It’s been said, given their negatives, if this election becomes all about Hillary Clinton, than Trump will win and likewise, if it’s all about Trump, then Hillary becomes President.

    That explains in part why the media is blowing up every little thing Trump says and trying to keep it in the news cycle. They don’t really care if there’s any more than a kernel of truth to their selective outrage. In fact, they don’t even care if Trump supporters vindicate the man and prove the networks claims to be without merit.

    Just so long as the focus remains on Trump.

    But, we want 100% of the focus to be on Hillary. Specifically, Hillary’s Health.

    Now, as evangelicals (me) and Catholics (you :), we both want Hillary to be healed!
    And, the best way for that to happen is for her to resign from the race and take as much time (and receive as much therapy) as necessary to completely recover from what’s obviously a very serious physical issue.

    But, the Democrats are cynically and artificially propping her up. They’re hoping they can drag this poor woman to the finish line in a desperate attempt to maintain their power base.

    OURS is the compassionate position.

    With that as a prelude, here is a video from another one of our channels.

    The Video Description Box contains an excellent summary –

    It’s 2 seconds worth of UNCONTROLLABLE spasmodic activity. As she recovers, she immediately engages in a few additional seconds of FAKE, deliberately exaggerated, ‘spasmodic’ motion to cover for the original incident. It ends with a shrilly delivered joke about Starbucks cold chai that fell flat.

    The suck up blonde reporter, whose lunging triggered the event, initially reacted as one would expect to an almost DEMONIC manifestation – Sheer horror. Then she flipped, engaged and actually laughed along with Hillary as if this was the most hilarious thing she ever saw. That might be the MOST pathetic part of the incident.

    I would suggest focusing on these issues. You can mollify the critics by pointing out that this is the most caring solution for all parties concerned.

    If you look at this video, you can see she’s starting to have seizures. This woman has no business being in any position of command or authority where high pressure situations are commonplace. Least of all head of the United States.

    Ang 🙂

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