The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

Words Will Never Hurt Us. Hillary Will.


“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.”

Disarming the police will leave us unprotected and defenseless against danger, but words will never hurt us.

Limiting the right to free speech by citing, “political correctness” stunts intellectual growth and will catapult us into a totalitarian regime that our country has never seen before, but words will never hurt us.

Agitating a race war will tear our country apart and cost countless innocent lives, but words will never hurt us.

Our second amendment rights are fundamental in preserving the balance between government and the people and taking away our right to bear arms will absolutely lead to the loss of the rest of the rights we have, but words will never hurt us.

Treating the economy as anything other than a “business with heart” will take money out of our pockets, leaving us weaker and less financially prepared and secure for our future, but words will never hurt us.

The absence of voter identification laws will invalidate our voices as law-abiding citizens, but words will never hurt us.

Increasing the welfare state will cripple recipients by taking control of their lives away from them and placing it in the hands of the government, but words will never hurt us.

Allowing the desecration of our citizens by radical Islamic terrorism will result in the loss of our sense of security in our schools, at our jobs, in our homes and in our minds, but words will never hurt us.

Open borders will leave us vulnerable to attacks and robbed of opportunities that should’ve been allotted to us as a legal citizens rather than someone who is in our country illegally, but words will never hurt us.

A Supreme Court bench of progressive justices will annihilate the Constitution and leave us to fight against laws that they themselves deem and declare lawful and just as they please, but words will never hurt us.

Turning over military secrets and confidential information to our enemies either intentionally or carelessly, will leave our country unprepared and unarmed against a plethora of threats that are sure to be brought against us, but words will never hurt us.

Planned Parenthood takes our money in order to murder the unborn and consequently increase women’s risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide, but words will never hurt us.

Free college tuition will decrease the value of a college degree, increase dependence upon the government and less upon ourselves—the individual citizens, as well as halt social mobility, but words will never hurt us.

Providing financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear program literally places the most deadly weapon in the hand of one of our greatest enemies, but words will never hurt us.

Refusing to address the term “radical Islamic terrorism” and referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as ISIL rather than ISIS, empowers the very groups who threaten us by subliminally stating, “We will not oppose you, because we cannot even acknowledge you for what you are,” which consequently puts our nation and the rest of the world in grave danger, but words will never hurt us.

Dismissing trickle down economics as foolishness means adopting a trickle up poverty policy which will shrink our economy, our jobs, and our wallets, but words will never hurt us.

We are one election away from making or breaking this country. What happens in this coming month could put an end to our lives as we know them. I hear so many people, especially my fellow millennials, saying that because of the two choices they face, they just don’t care anymore. Many are turning to a third party candidate, Gary Johnson, because they are so put off by Hillary’s past actions and Trump’s arrogant discourse.

This is extremely dangerous, given everything that the American people have to lose. Gary Johnson will not win. Therefore, a vote for Johnson may as well be a vote for Clinton. Considering what is at stake in November, we must focus on what will happen if we make the wrong choice at the polls. Casting your vote for a third party is a wrong choice and a wasted vote.

As for Donald Trump, he does not need the presidency; he wants the presidency because he believes that it will be best for the country. Hillary Clinton doesn’t want the presidency; she needs the presidency because she believes that it is best for her and the people who own her. Yes, Trump can be blunt, crass and insensitive, but words are words at the end of the day and actions speak much louder. A vote for anyone but Donald Trump in this election is a vote for sticks and stones. Don’t vote for broken bones this November.


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  1. Lisa Rose Perry

    I thank God he lead me to Catholics 4Trump, God has opened my eyes to many things this year.
    I have posted all I can in hope to help all the American people.

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