The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

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Why the Nevertrumps Were Wrong

Photo: George Weigel

I recently came across a column by Dr. John Crosby, titled “Trump: On Counting the Cost,” in which he shared his perspective of the election particularly as a challenge to Catholic supporters of Mr. Trump. Other prominent Catholic writers such as George Weigel and Dr. Robert George raised similar concerns in the past. While Dr. Crosby raised some legitimate observations regarding the now President-Elect, I found his presentation to be incomplete in several areas.

First, Dr. Crosby inadequately represented the position of Catholic Trump supporters as mere hoping for “possible pro-life judicial appointments” due to Mr. Trump’s “half-hearted indications of making” such nominations. But is this an accurate presentation of either Mr. Trump’s commitments, or the broader reasons he was supported by so many conservatives?

Victor Davis Hanson: Ten Reasons Why Trump Can Win


If you listen to Glenn Beck and other #nevertrump conservatives, you would think there is an ironclad guarantee that Trump will lose. As it turns out, this is wishful thinking on their part.  On July 19, Victor Davis Hanson penned a piece in The National Review. In it he explains why Trump can win. Here are some highlights with a link to the full article below: 

Jack Kerwick Responds to #NeverTrump Criticisms


Jack Kerwick over at beliefnet wrote an outstanding response to some of the repeated unfair criticisms of Trump bandied about by the neoconservatives. Sadly many conservative Catholics have been fooled by them over the past year Mr. Kerwick’s piece was in response to George Weigel (pictured above) and Robert George’s National Review piece which condescendingly lectured all Catholics that voting for Trump is immoral. In reality, voting for any non-establishment candidate is immoral to these men since they make a living off of establishment funding.

The piece deserves a full read at the link below, but here are some highlights:

NRO: Nine Reasons Why Beating Hillary Clinton Trumps Ideological Purity


Although we disagree with Prager’s situational-ethics analysis on certain points, he makes other good points as to why conservatives on the fence should vote Trump in November:

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