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Washington Post Deletes Video Evidence Showing Trump Didn’t Mock Reporter’s Disability


On August 10th the Washington Post’s Callum Borchers wrote a particularly dishonest piece called, “People love it when Donald Trump makes fun of journalists — except one in particular” . It reported on a recent Bloomberg poll that asked respondents what statement/action of Trump’s bothered them the most. Still waiting for the Hillary version of this? You’ll be waiting along time.

Of course, one of the actions the poll asked people to rate was “Trump’s criticism of a reporter that was seen as mocking the reporter’s physical disability.” Note “that was seen as…” Don’t you love it? Who saw it that way? People who watched the video of Trump with the media caption “Trump mocks disabled reporter” plastered on it? The media created the impression that Trump was mocking the reporter’s disability when in fact this was not the case as we have shown:


See also:

Now the media is polling to see how outraged people are over a false narrative that they themselves created. Pretty neat.

Borchers does all of the misleading things we point out in our linked pieces above. He has the video of Trump freeze framed at the precise moment that Trump’s right hand is flexed down. Then he has the obligatory still photo of Kovaleski with his right hand flexed, giving the impression Trump is mocking a fixed flexed right hand. Predictably, Borchers does not have the courage to show the public video of Kovaleski, because then it would be obvious to his readers that Kovaleski is not spastic and Trump could not possibly have been mocking his disability. Also, Borchers does not show video of Trump impersonating a flustered General at the same rally he imitated the flustered reporter. Nor was Borchers honest enough to show video of Trump imitating a flustered Cruz with the same type of arm and hand gestures. But the most egregious falsehood Borchers tells is what follows:

Nine months after a rally in South Carolina where Trump contorted his arms in a way that was clearly meant to imitate the effects of arthrogryposis, which visibly limits flexibility in the arms of journalist Serge F. Kovaleski, voters say the incident still disturbs them.

Note: “that was clearly meant to imitate the effects of arthrogryposis.” It’s remarkable how Borchers can read Trump’s mind. But it’s even more remarkable how he begs the question. He simply expects us to take his word for it, that Trump falling his arms and hands was “clearly meant” to imitate the effects of a condition that results in fixed joints that can’t be moved very well at all. As we demonstrated in the above links, video of Kovaleski proves that his disability in no way causes him to move in any way similar to Trump.

A comment was then placed in the comments section of the article on August 15th, explaining these facts and linking to the two above articles on our site with video evidence giving an alternate explanation for Trump’s actions. It was first allowed to be posted and then quickly deleted. This demonstrates that the Washington Post is aware of evidence existing that contradicts their conclusions, and that they are willfully attempting to conceal it from their readers. If Borchers and WaPo were honest and truly wanted to report ALL of the evidence for and against and let the readers decide, they would have to include the video of Kovaleski and the video of Trump impersonating a flustered General and a flustered Cruz. Any objective report would include both evidence for and against a certain interpretation of the Trump video.

However, as we have seen, WaPo is not interested in the truth or being objective. The have one sole objective and that is to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. They will apparently stoop to every level of dishonesty including the hiding of facts and evidence from their readers to create the appearance of a story that hurts Trump’s chances among voters. Fortunately, for the public and for the sake of the truth, we are here to expose WaPo’s dishonesty and provide the public with ALL of the facts and both sides of the story so they can decide for themselves.


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  1. “Any objective report would include both evidence for and against a certain interpretation of the Trump video.

    “WaPo is not interested in the truth …They have one sole objective …stop Donald Trump from becoming president.”

    Yes, the long-ago discredited SNOPES as well…


  2. Susie

    Where is my comment, after reading your site I conclude you deleted it because you don’t agree with it, that could be the only reason, it’s obvious you people lie and have no shame #youreallgoingtohell

  3. Farmer

    If media would step out of the picture we could get a better understanding who to vote for.

  4. Fran Piunno-Brooks

    I was so sick of listening to the negative commercials about Donald Trump especially the reported disrespect for people with disabilities I wanted to find out the truth. So I questioned and found your site. Now I ask you, how can we get your information OUT to everyone who want the true!

  5. Texasranger

    This is just another example of how crooked Hillary Clinton and her corrupt campaign are collaborating with the media to smear Trump.

    Here’s Proof – see video linked below.!

  6. Enrigque


    Hillary Clinton wants to allow KILLING unborn babies with down syndrome. Trump DEFENDS their lives. VOTE TRUMP. HIllary is evil. A sociopath. Clinton is a typical lying scumbag who would smile and pose for a picture with your child with Down Syndrome, and then go into a room and vote to allow doctors to KILL your child with Down Syndrome. Do NOT be fooled by this evil woman. vOTE TRUMP.

    Anyone who votes for Clinton secretly hates disabled people…so don’t for MOMENT TRY TO FOOL US ANYMORE…YOU ARE EXPOSED.

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