The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

Yes, Catholics Can Vote For Trump


AW Morgan writes:

I asked a friend who is a Catholic priest whether a Catholic can vote for Donald Trump without committing a mortal sin, given his political shifts, shakiness on abortion and the things he has said and done.

Answer: Yes, a serious Catholic can vote for Trump. And given what my friend said, I add this: anyone who cares about the unborn can safely vote for Trump because he will attempt to stop the immivasion of pro-abortion Democrat voters…

In a homily about papal infallibility, a priest at a distant church I attend occasionally said Donald Trump,not Pope Francis, held the true Catholic position on immigration. Catholic teaching does not demand open borders or unlimited immigration, as the pope and the bishops suggest, and the details about immigration policies are matter on which Catholics of good faith can disagree.

Anyway, more immigration means more abortion because immigrants vote for pro-abortion Democrats. But perhaps because so many of the bishops are leftists, as the story about the Reagan-Helms bill shows, that is fine.

Bottom line: If you’re Catholic and you care about the unborn, you can vote for Donald Trump.

Read the full article below to learn how despicable the US Bishops were in thwarting a pro-life personhood bill under Reagan that would have turned too many Catholics into Republicans!


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  1. Ted Seeber

    You can’t if you don’t trust Trump and his puppet VP to stay pro-life. Like Republicans for the past 20 years, pro-life is just a talking point that they never do anything substantial about. Same with the Democrats and the poor. I no longer believe anything the major parties have to say, and I believe both should be disbanded for fraud.

  2. Stephen J

    Wait a minute! The pope stated that Christians don’t put up walls? So when is he going to have the walls around the vatican remove? I’m tried of listening to this hypocrite. Remove him!

  3. BethanyCenter

    I’ve worked for years at a Catholic retreat / convention center in Lutz, Florida, named the “Bethany Center”. Let me tell YOU about the hypocrisy, misconduct, lwed / vile jokes, inappropriate / gay activities (flamboyant clergy exhibiting gay pride, priests SHARING a bedroom which is against Catholic policy), drunkenness / alcohol consumption (we’re talking CASES upon cases of $140-per-bottle wine being consumed by visiting male clergy, talking to other workers as if we’re beneath them, etc. Point being: don’t sell me this “Catholics shouldn’t vote for Trump” garbage. Where’s your examination of the OTHER candidate, because NOT voting for Trump *IS* a vote for Hillary Clinton – the enabler of Bill Clinton the RAPIST. Shame on you hypocrites including Makes me sad that I am a Catholic.

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