The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

Fr. Orsi & Catholic Millennials: Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump

A very important video from Fr. Michael Orsi & Catholic college students entitled, “Election 2016? Who Will They Bring with Them in to Power?”

“Father Michael Orsi, host of ACTION FOR, joins millennial college students in discussing the presidential election. Focusing on the question; ” who will they bring with them in to power?’, and how that could affect America’s future. PLEASE VOTE!”


As Hillary Heads for War, Trump is Criticized for Talking to Putin


The Extraordinary Courage of Donald Trump


  1. Hi I very passionate about my faith and I will vote for Trump, for life issues are extremely important and Trump is the best candidate.
    Best Regards.

  2. Sy Fisher

    “Let he who is without sin, be the first to cast a stone!” We are all sinners and have done things we are shameful of. Mr. Trump is no exception. However, as Christians we must forgive and support those who are willing to stand against the evilness in our society. All life has a right to live even those unborn who can not defend themselves! We must live according to The Creators words, Thou shall not kill! Pray brothers and sisters that our free will, will allow us to choose the candidate that supports the Word of the Lord! Amen! Vote your conscience, Vote Mr. Trump!

  3. Alekzandra Fanarova a,k,a, Sandy Acosta

    You know what a Rino is? How about a Cino? HInt: Pelosi, Kain, Biden, etc., etc., etc. CATHOLIC IN NAME ONLY. AND Cino SOUNDS LIKE SINO WHICH SOUNDS LIKE SIN. I am a CATHOLIC who notices that Trumps enemies are also in many ways my enemies so I am supporting him 100 per cent, We all persons of good will pray and support him daily as “God governs the world but prayer governs God “. Heaven is TRUTH. Hell is LIES. Free Will, make your choice.

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