The Catholic Case for Donald Trump

Cardinal Ratzinger’s 2004 Letter Forbids Catholics to Vote for Hillary Clinton Under Pain of Mortal Sin


There are currently dishonest self-professed Catholics who are shamelessly distorting an out of context footnote from a letter by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004 to promote voting for pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election.

The letter clearly states the following Catholic moral teaching, which all Catholics who continually vote Democrat (pro-abortion) ignore at their own peril:

The Church teaches that abortion or euthanasia is a grave sin. The Encyclical Letter Evangelium vitae, with reference to judicial decisions or civil laws that authorize or promote abortion or euthanasia, states that there is a “grave and clear obligation to oppose them by conscientious objection. […] In the case of an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law permitting abortion or euthanasia, it is therefore never licit to obey it, or to ‘take part in a propaganda campaign in favour of such a law or vote for it’” (no. 73). Christians have a “grave obligation of conscience not to cooperate formally in practices which, even if permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to God’s law. Indeed, from the moral standpoint, it is never licit to cooperate formally in evil. […] This cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it” (no. 74).

Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. For example, if a Catholic were to be at odds with the Holy Father on the application of capital punishment or on the decision to wage war, he would not for that reason be considered unworthy to present himself to receive Holy Communion. While the Church exhorts civil authorities to seek peace, not war, and to exercise discretion and mercy in imposing punishment on criminals, it may still be permissible to take up arms to repel an aggressor or to have recourse to capital punishment. There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.

After laying down these principles in the body of the letter, Cardinal Ratzinger then attaches a footnote. The purpose of the footnote is to distinguish between Catholics who know the Catholic teaching on abortion, yet vote for a pro-abortion candidate over a pro-life candidate anyway, and Catholics who are faced with two pro-abortion candidates and are permitted to vote for the lesser evil for proportionate reasons. The Cardinal states:

[N.B. A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.]

The second sentence above is the one certain shameful Catholics misinterpret and use as a pretext to try to justify and rationalize the blatantly immoral act of voting for Hillary Clinton in this year’s election (as well as pro-abortion Democratic candidates in every election.) To be clear, the ONLY circumstance where a Catholic could EVER vote for a pro-abortion candidate and not be guilty of grave sin would be something like the following:

1.) Only two candidates, A & B have any realistic possibility of winning an election.

2.) BOTH of these candidates support intrinsically evil positions on a grave matter (abortion).

3.) Candidate A ALSO supports Euthanasia.

In this scenario Catholics would have a proportionate reason to vote for candidate B. Although it would be remotely cooperating in evil, it could be tolerated in this case, because candidate B would represent the lesser evil as he or she would cause less harm on a non-negotiable Catholic moral issue of equal weight to abortion.

This rationale DOES NOT APPLY  to the 2016 election. In this election Hillary Clinton is committed to abortion up until the baby’s due date and has vowed as recently as the last debate, to only appoint pro-abortion judges. Trump, on the other hand, in the same debate, committed to appoint justices like pro-life Catholic Antonin Scalia and has also promised to choose his Supreme Court nominees from a list of pro-life judges.

Thus, in the 2016 election, proportionate reasons do not exist to ever vote for Hillary Clinton. As Cardinal Ratzinger made crystal clear, “There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.” (Ironically, in this case, Hillary is more pro-war than Trump, who adheres to a non-interventionist foreign policy and both candidates are for the death penalty.)

Thus, Cardinal Ratzinger is saying the exact opposite of what these dishonest Catholics keep publishing and promoting in the media. In the 2016 election he is saying that if you as a Catholic, knowing what the Church teaches on abortion, vote for pro-abortion Hillary Clinton anyway, you are not to present yourself to Holy Communion and are therefore in a state of mortal sin. This jibes perfectly with what  Father John Lankeit said in the following homily:

Likewise, Fr. Jay Scott Newman after the 2008 elections stated:

“Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exists constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil, and those Catholics who do so place themselves outside of the full communion of Christ’s Church and under the judgment of divine law.”

In addition, none other than Priests for Life pointed out the hypocrisy of Catholics who were trying to distort Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter as soon as it came out in 2004:

A Further Explanation of the Memo

The memo of Cardinal Ratzinger was included with a letter to Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, and the memo became public at the beginning of July…

All six paragraphs of the letter plus half of the footnote make it clear that Catholics who support abortion by voting for pro-abortion candidates are cooperating in evil and may not receive Communion.

The second half of the footnote addresses cases where a person who opposes abortion could cast a vote for a pro-abortion candidate, in the presence of “proportionate reasons.” The single sentence of the Cardinal simply applies a standard Catholic moral teaching about “remote material cooperation.” Again, this is a brief reference to terms that carry centuries of reflection by Catholic (and other) ethicists.

It would be a mistake to interpret this teaching to mean that all issues are equal, and that a voter can choose a pro-abortion candidate because they don’t like the pro-life candidate’s position on capital punishment or war. Cardinal Ratzinger, in the same letter, stated, “Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. …There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”

An example of the “proportionate reasons” that would justify voting for a candidate who approved of some abortions would be the case when the only two candidates able to win an election were both in favor of abortion. It is morally permissible to vote for the one who supports fewer abortions than his opponent.

The Pope and bishops have indicated that other human rights issues, like health, education, and poverty, are not proportionate to abortion and euthanasia. Click here to see various quotations that emphasize this point.

And to top it off, the head of Priests For Life, Fr. Frank Pavone, whose pro-life credentials are beyond dispute, recently revealed that he is voting for Donald Trump, as should all Catholics who are serious about Catholic moral teaching on abortion and preserving the very rights of the Church and Christians to functions as full citizens of the United States in the future. For our country as we know it, is at stake in this election. As Fr. Michael Orsi put it:

“We are in a battle for the soul of America…Somehow, [Christians] have come to buy the story that you cannot be political in church. Let me tell you right now, oh yes, you can, and oh, yes, you better be. Because you might not have a church to go to if you don’t vote the right way in November.”


Listen to This Homily Before You Vote


The Only Logical Catholic Position in the 2016 Election


  1. Sandy

    Thank you for this powerful message. It is about time we get some direction from our priests!

  2. Betsy

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you!!!

  3. then why are 90 % of the clergy including cardinals and bishops not speaking at Mass regarding these issues Silence is strong this year

  4. Fred Frank Chigbata

    The head of Priests For Life, all priests, religious, Catholic lay faithful must recall that sins of omission and commission are, all the same, sins punishable by God who knows even the innermost thoughts of man. AND IF WE CONFESS CHRIST BEFORE THE PEOPLE,HE MUST CONFESS US BEFORE HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN. But HE will deny us if we deny Him.

  5. john

    the problem we have with the church not speaking out about voting pro life which in this instance is Trump is because they are afraid they will lose there tax exempt status which would destroy the church financially, this statement is fact why do you think the church went along with universal health care (Obama Care) 90 percent of church bulletins had a statement written by the local bishop in support of Obama Care and that we as Catholics should support it because everyone deserves health care, prior to there support the Obama administration was looking to revise the tax code for religious institutions , Hillary has already said that Catholics have to change there religious views on same sex marriage homosexuality and other traditional teachings because the are offensive and hurtful, watch what happens to your religious liberty when she gets in. I choose God Before Mammon

  6. Karen

    I was always under the belief that Catholics believed abortion was very wrong. Also, under the Obama and Clinton administration people can abort a full formed baby, people can abort all the way up to their due date. I am not a Catholic, but do believe that abortion is murder. Women having the right to choose to me, means prevention. There are a million different types of birth control and women who believe in the right to choose believe that murder is an option. That is not true or right, and is outwardly disgraceful. When women perform in the act of sex, they are very aware of the very possible consequence of pregnancy, its called prevention, not murder.
    So Catholics, as myself, Never Hillary, Vote Trump!
    Hillary is not only a murderer, a liar, a thief, saling America to highest bidder, but if elected, regardless of our type of Faith, it will be demolished. She serves the devil himself. Trump is the answer for America

  7. Wikileaks: Team Clinton Mocked Conservative Catholics

    Some members of the Clinton campaign take a very dim view of “conservative Catholicism” (otherwise known as “Catholicism”) a newly exposed email exchange revealed. In hacked emails released this week by WikiLeaks as part of the “Podesta emails” cache, Clinton campaign communications director Jen Palmieri and Center for American Progress fellow John Halpin shared their deep thoughts on the “backwards” religion.

    The email chain from March of 2011 is titled “Conservative Catholicism” and begins with Halpin sending an email to Podesta and Palmieri ridiculing News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch and Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson for being Catholic.

    “Ken Auletta’s latest piece on Murdoch in the New Yorker starts off with the aside that both Murdoch and Robert Thompson, managing editor of the WSJ, are raising their kids Catholic. Friggin’ Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus,” sneered Halpin. “It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.”

    Palmieri, who was with the Center for American Progress at the time, wrote back, “I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”

  8. Paul

    So who can I vote for then ? A crazed sex addicted narcissist ? Would Benedict forgive you for that ?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Bill Clinton isn’t running.

    • Thomaspj Poovathinkal SSP

      Any person with a good CONSCIENCE will Choose a comparatively better person. THANKS. God bless you.

      When in between the deep SEA and the DEVIL, I jump into the SEA with the name Jesus in my heart and on my lips.

  9. Pat

    All I can say is God help us if that evil woman gets in there!!

  10. Agustin Ayuso-Lamadrid

    It is very sad that I hear absolutely nothing in relation to this statement from Cardinal (Pope) Ratzinger either from my bishop or from my parish priest. Oh, how I wish one day to walk into mass and hear a homily addressing this subject according to the mandate we got from the Lord! God Bless priests like Father Pavone and others that clearly state what the Lord said!

  11. William Glenn Johnson

    Since there is great concern on this thread about who to cast votes for in the Presidential Election, I am repeating my opinion column for Roman Catholics. As in the past two presidential elections, many parish priests and unfortunately too many bishops lack the spine and conviction of their principles to speak out in defense of Church teaching and historical doctrine. As a former diocesan Theology teacher (and still certified by the bishop), I am not reluctant to speak out in defense of the Unborn.
    – William Glenn Johnson, Cleveland – October 2016

    Can A Catholic Vote For Clinton/Kaine?

    Attention Catholics: A vote for Clinton/Kaine (with full knowledge and approval of their declared pro-abortion platform) is a grave mortal sin and would in-effect be an action of self-excommunication.

    This is a very serious matter for Catholics and may even require direct confession and absolution from a Bishop.

    A Catholic cannot vote for, and in effect participate in, intrinsic evil. The Clinton/Kaine position and documented policy on ABORTION is intrinsic evil. Voting for Clinton/Kaine is approval of these heinous acts.

    Just to set the record straight: Kaine is confused on the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on Capital Punishment. Kaine has professed that the Death Penalty is the equivalent of Abortion. This is FALSE!

    Roman Catholic teaching and doctrine on ABORTION is the equivalent to the murder in the highest degree – the murder of a helpless innocent child.

    The Church teaching on the Death Penalty is eloquently explained here in the writings of Saint John Paul the Great:

    “It is clear that, for the [purposes of punishment] to be achieved,the nature and extent of the punishment must be carefully evaluated and decided upon, and [the state] ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today however, as a result of steady improvements in the organization of the penal system, such cases are very rare, if not practically non-existent. —Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 56, emphasis in the original.”

    Mr. Kaine is confused and creating scandal by espousing an intrinsically evil philosophy and policy.

    Sen. Kaine’s claim that while he is personally against ABORTION, he must bow to the law of the land.

    What if we applied Kaine’s argument to NAZI Germany? Could we condone the actions or inactions of NAZI officials who were personally opposed to the Death Camps and Gas Chambers but participated in the genocide because it was at the direction of der Führer – Adolph Hitler?

    It was the law of the land – yes?

    The Church considers ABORTION as the most serious of murders very much on the level of the Holocaust.

    Roman Catholics must give this the most serious consideration before voting for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. It could very well be their ticket to Hell.

    – William Glenn Johnson

    • Sharon and Mark Gray

      You stated Kaine is “confused”, this is a man who could potentially run the country, he knows what he is doing. Him and his running mate are suffering from one of the seven deadly sins. Greed for power and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to achieve their goals. Trump is our only hope that our country will survive, if the other two get in it will be like Russia at the time of the Red revolution.
      People should watch Dr. Zhavago for the history, not the love story, they will see just what socialism really is.
      God Bless our country and let it go back to God’s country.

      Sharon Gray

      Sharon Gray

  12. It would appear the only catholic choice is to refrain from voting in this election

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      Would be a sin of omission.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      That would be a sin of omission.

    • No, this just means that, as a Catholic, you are PROHIBITED from voting for certain candidates, particularly those who will support and defend abortion “rights”: Hillary Clinton is chief among them, but this also eliminates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson from consideration as well.

      There are still legitimate, moral choices that can be made, according to your conscience. Some have made the prudential judgment to vote for “the lesser of two evils”; others have decided to look further down the list of candidates than merely those of the 2 major parties.

      For my own soul, I am going to vote for either Evan McMullin or Darrel Castle (currently, leaning toward McMullin, even though he is only a write-in candidate in my state, while Castle is actually on the ballot).

      At any rate, my prayer group and I have been praying multiple novenas, not for a particular candidate to win, but for God’s will to be done and that we – Americans and particularly, the Church (the faithful, devout, authentic Catholics) – will be equipped and prepared for whatever does come our way *after* Election Day. Being a faithful citizen is more than simply casting a vote once every 2 or 4 years.

      • Catholics 4 Trump

        Incorrect. No matter who you vote for only Hillary or Trump are winning. A vote for any third party is wasted and helps Hillary. Your views (Catholic views) align with Trumps positions & GOP platform and judges. More importantly you have a moral obligation to stop her from becoming president due to her radical abortion and anti-religious liberty views.

    • E W

      Voting is a right we need to use it before we lose it. Don’t be deceived. You are voting for Hillary if you choose not to vote for Trump. Do your duty. Vote. Hillary kills babies. Please speak out for unborn babies if for no other reason. God knows your heart. God is the only true Holy Father who is the Judge of all.

  13. Clara

    I did and early voted for Hillary. I know she is not perfect. However after to much prayer I realized Trump is the diablo for us. He will start the nuclear war.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      You just committed a mortal sin and contributed to the death of the unborn and oppression of the Church. You also unwittingly voted for war on top of it all as Hillary is the war candidate. Russian official has warned that a Hillary win could mean nuclear war. You failed to do your research or listen to the Church and now we all may suffer because of it.

  14. John Panicker

    You cannot pick and choose from the Ten Commandments or the teaching of the church to suitable to your beliefs. If you don’t believe in the teaching of the church whether Catholic or Orthodox you are not a member of the church. There is no reformed Catholics. Don’t try to reform us.

  15. William Glenn Johnson

    Here is an Op-Ed column that I wrote in 2008, that still applies today but the names have changed:

    Catholics in Electoral Chaos

    By William Glenn Johnson
    © 2008 by W.G. Johnson

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    “Lord, I’m asking for courage, Lord, I’m asking for strength.” These are the words of a hymn that I sing with my church choir every so often during Sunday Mass. Today, I’m asking for courage and strength not for me, but for parish clergy and our bishops. Most seem to lack both qualities when it comes to speaking out on the abortion issue during this critical time. The national election is just a few days away and it is time for our religious leaders and teachers to make their voices heard.

    Officially, the Roman Catholic Church has always opposed abortion and it is joined by many Christian fundamental denominations. Does not the Catholic Church have a moral obligation to actively speak out against abortion? The answer is a clear and unequivocal yes. The Catholic bishops have a grave obligation to speak out clearly and loudly. At this urgent time, Catholics have been given only an ambiguous letter from the bishops that equates abortion with much less urgent issues such as immigration reform and economic inequities. There seems to be an inability, or perhaps an unwillingness, to recognize that abortion, the intentional and oft times casual taking of a human life, is not on par with the plight of illegal aliens or the minimum wage. The right to life, however, is the most basic and essential freedom.

    In my parish there are practicing Catholics who faithfully believe that abortion is an acceptable alternative albeit sometimes distasteful. Catholics are confused, conflicted and in many cases in chaos about abortion. As well, there are pastors who are uncertain about their presidential vote. I am waiting for someone in authority to stand up and speak with certainty on this issue.

    There seems to be a chilling parallel between today’s silence of the bishops on abortion and the recent pedophilia and child abuse scandal in the church that drove so many of the faithful out of Catholic congregations. One of the common complaints then was the apparent connivance of many Catholic bishops who closed their eyes to the misdeeds of abusive clergy and simply reassigned offenders to other duties and other parishes. The same dereliction to duty is happening today and the victims are the most helpless of society, the yet-to-be-born children.

    I am always reluctant to cite scripture, however, this is an exceptional time. Jesus in Matthew 18:6-10 warns that children should be respected and protected, “it would be better for you to have a great millstone hung around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    There are some Catholic bishops speaking out with conviction and courage. At this writing, some 55 bishops and one cardinal have issued strong letters, but that is out of nearly 500 in the U.S. Just a few days ago, Bishop Rene H. Gracida of Corpus Christi, Texas, issued a statement that was unambiguous.

    “A Catholic voting for a pro-abortion candidate is in mortal danger of falling into serious sin, and a Catholic who publicly supports and endorses the erroneous teaching of a pro-abortion candidate is in danger of incurring a canonical penalty, even the most severe: excommunication,” according to Bishop Gracida.

    “Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) informed Catholic bishops in 2004 ‘When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favor of abortion and or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons. The key that is necessary to vote for a pro-abortion politician and remain in good enough standing with Our Lord to be worthy to receive Him in Holy Communion is that one must have proportionate reasons’. But, what can be considered proportionate? Cardinal Ratzinger stated that a candidate’s supporting capital punishment and war while opposing anti-abortion legislation does not provide proportionate reasons to justify voting for the pro-abortion candidate.

    “It seems clear that proportionality cannot be considered as applicable where both candidates for an office support legalized abortion. If one candidate supports legalized abortion and the other does not support legalized abortion there is no way in good conscience that a Catholic can vote for a candidate who does support legalized abortion. If a voter voted for the pro-abortion candidate that voter would be guilty of a grave sin because: (1.) He takes part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, (2.) vicariously votes for it, and (3.) collaborates in its application.

    “The only moral justification, invoking the principle of proportionality, to vote for a pro-abortion candidate would be if the other candidate also had a pro-abortion voting record and further promoted infanticide, embryonic stem-cell therapy or some other intrinsic evil that the preferred pro-abortion candidate did not,” according to Bishop Gracida’s statement.

    It is ironic that Barack Obama is the strong proponent of abortion that impacts the African-American community most. According to the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research arm, black women have abortions at five times the rate of white women. Bishop Martin D. Holley, auxiliary bishop of Washington, D.C., in a statement last week outlined that, “since the Roe vs. Wade decision, the number-one cause of death in the African-American community has been abortion, 13 million or one-third of the present population have died. Since 1973, twice as many black Americans have died from abortions than from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer and heart disease combined,” Holley said.

    Sen. Obama has said time and time again that he is a devout Christian and upholds Christian principals. The record shows that he supports the principles that agree with his political agenda and conveniently ignores the rest. In a major policy address to Planned Parenthood, Obama pledged that the first thing he would do in the White House was to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA, S.1173 and H.R. 1964).

    FOCA should be the topic of a whole other commentary but suffice to say that if it becomes law, it will wipe away all state regulations on abortion including parental notification and any public tax fund restrictions. It will allow the grisly killing of partly-born children at any time even up to nine months with state and federal funding. The National Organization for Women (NOW) has declared that FOCA will “sweep away hundreds of anti-abortion laws and policies.” In a September 19th letter to congress, Justin Cardinal Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia, urged all members of congress to oppose FOCA.

    Many of the Catholic bishops and priests just do not get it. U.S. bishops are scheduled to discuss abortion and politics at their November 10th assembly in Baltimore, a full week after the election. How timely is that?

    You cannot be a Roman Catholic and cast a vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Simple and blunt: Obama and Biden are in direct conflict with 2,000 years of Catholic church and in fact Christian teaching and tradition, period. Catholics who vote for them are participants in their deeds.

    William Glenn Johnson of Chagrin Falls, Ohio is a public affairs consultant and former Catholic high school Theology teacher. He studied Theology at John Carroll University and broadcast journalism at New York University. He is the former editor and publisher of The Ohio Motorist magazine and was a senior administrator at Cleveland State University. He was also Managing Director, Public Affairs for AAA. Johnson has been active in both Democratic and Republican politics throughout his career.

    • John Browne

      So, are all the Catholics who voted Obama/Biden in that last election currently excommunicated? Is anyone checking to see if they are receiving the Holy Eucharist? How can this be addressed? ^..^

      • William Glenn Johnson

        John, That would be best addressed by your participation in a remedial course, Logic 101 or, in the absence of that perhaps a primer in basic Ethics would resolve your question.

  16. Randy P

    I understand how as Catholics we can forgive Donald Trump’s views on sexual assault. As our church has been condoning sexual assault for the past 65 years. But the mental gymnastics and leaps of faith that Donald Trump is anti abortion are worthy of gold medals.

    This is a man who has made a lot of vows – 3xs he’s vowed to be true to his wife — he’s broken that vow twice all the while bragging on record about extramarital affairs. When asked if he had ever been involved with someone who had an abortion he responded “that’s such an interesting question. Let’s move on”

    Hillary’s no gem, I’ll be the first to admit it and I get that as a catholic I’m supposed to view her as the devil incarnate- but she’s got my vote. If that’s a mortal sin than I guess it will be one of many things I have to answer for.

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      You will vote for legal abortion up to birth and oppression of the Church in America and generations of judicial tyranny under her court appointees as well as possible war with Russia not to mention proof that she is for sale to highest bidder? You are correct. You will have much to answer for.

  17. Byron Banks

    Need new White Smoke at the Vatican and that right soon.

  18. David

    Hillary’s e-mails and share the word: Hispanics Taco Bowls, Catholics Bastardized, Millennials Basement Dwellers, Blacks Super Predators, Whites Deplorable’s, Women Bimbo Eruptions, Democrats Plain Stupid, Supporters Bucket of Losers, Muslims Sand Ni*****, is this someone we want in the White House? Do you know what Trump had the nerve to call these people? Americans…..

  19. Calis Sims

    And when will the IRS wise up and take away the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status?

    • Catholics 4 Trump

      If Hillary wins, she will. She’ll also try to silence all dissenting religious voices in other ways. Which is why we oppose her.

  20. Loren

    I’m not a Catholic but I am definitely Pro Life

  21. Roberta Hallquist

    Not only that, but there seems to be a trail of dead bodies following the Clintons all the way from Little Rock to DC to Benghazi! Murder is…. murder is….murder, and by any other name would smell as foul as the stench of hell!!!

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